Should I buy gold and silver?

Should I buy gold and silver?

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that shit is a long ass play.

buy it on the side.

no its shit

It’s ok to have some but it’s not going to make you money.

so instead I should buy mutual funds?

can't find gold or silver on bittrex, probably a scam.

yeah thats historically better

meh, I bought like 8 oz of gold last year. on the one hand, I'm glad I have it, but on the other hand if I had just gotten cash I'd be able to buy back in easier. all in all though it's nice to have in addition to my nonprecious metals collection of steel brass and lead ;). great peace of mind.

Yes, but only a little. Precious metals are a hedge for if you need to access your investments when everything else goes tits up.

When the stock market crashes, normies move their money into gold for 'safety'. Precious metals go up when everything else goes down. It's worth having a little around, but it ain't the grower that'll make you rich.


After the next crypto bubble I plan to.

The US dollar is gonna collapse and people will flock to metals.
Currently the price is manipulated you can ugnore it.
Buy silver.

Gold/silver are valued so highly mainly because of it's historic use as a store of value. If it only had the industrial/luxury demand it would probably be 1/10th the cost.

Bitcoin is a new asset that's starting to eat into gold/silver's marketshare as a store of value. It'll only get worse for gold/silver in the future.

yes, Peter Schiff in unronically right this time. hyperinflation is coming

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Physical gold & silver 5% of assets

gold-pressed latinum

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Buy some, it's a great way to store some wealth, and in a societal collapse the people with gold get through the easiest.

nah, people with guns and pharms do

Gold is a huge bubble, which will collapse when the economy does, because you can't eat it, hunt with it, defend your home with it.

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For city people at least. In Venezuela families are selling wedding/ engagement rings to escape to Columbia.

except gold's marketcap is going to compete with BTC this time around so just buy BTC dips instead

you can buy guns and farms with gold, as has happened multiple times through history

when shtf you can't really buy anything with gold without already having guns

I guess... but the world isnt going to be in SHTF mode forever. at some point people will need to trade shit

But why are you assuming gold retains its "value" through this? Especially when people remember who it was that held all the gold before and how much they hate them now.

The intrinsic value of gold is less than copper.

sure, but surviving the first months, or years is more essential. And assuming that gangs of wild nigs will roam the country as rests of the armed forced plundering, having some guns seems relevant, especially if you have gold

No. Waste. Crypto. And I’m a boomer. We can tell the next gen doesn’t give a shit about precious metals.

because it has countless times throughout history

look up bosnian war. People traded their gold for guns and bullets and vice versa

People with guns will just rob people with gold, and they won't even touch their shiny metal. Instead, they will feast on their newborn carcass

Obviously you should have tools to defend your stack. You don't have anything which you can not defend, Im not arguing against that. But we're talking about money here, and gold is the best store of value/medium of exchange, which solves the issue of bartering say bullets for beans or whatever

Go to a coin shop and hold a gold coin in your hand.

If you get an overwhelming urge to have it, than buy one.

Until their godz stop producing slave toys...then they will notice it.

It will be too late.

You should buy fucking Bitcoin you mongrel. BULL CONFIRMED

Historically gold has always held it's value, silver is relatively recent comparatively.
Also at the point that shtf and people in the US are shooting at each other over food the world will never recover to the way it once was, there's no point in worrying about that. Much more likely is a great depression scenario, when...
gold and silver where still valuable

I'm trying to hold a bit of both, can't do worse than a savings account.

Also bitcoin does have the huge advantage of being able to move across borders very very easily.