Well Veeky Forums what are we going to do with our AMB?

looks like our chad CEO is a fucking doucebag


wonder if kimchiwhale/pharmaphag/swissbro were all larpers and were looking to dump their bags on us


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I’ve been telling these AMBlets that this is company smelled like a simmering cauldron of scam in the beginning.

I also told them that modum is the best supply chain project out there. Up 16 percent in one week like AMB bleeding sats all day

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Of course they were larpers dumping their bags lol.

OriginTrail and Modum is beating them like a drum LMAO

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Wait out the fud storm. They have had some issues, but their team is stacked and they can recover

I didn’t know they stacked a pile of shit that high

goddamnit. should i go back to trusting the chinks again? damn europaen can't trust them too?

meh, this is the era of shit talking fags. the POTUS is a shit talking fag for fucks sake. so long as this shit talking fag makes me some money eventually, idgaf

holy shit you are literally in every amb thread. at this point im convinced versetti molested you

They are losing team members. CMO and an advisor gone. AMB is bad because of too high expectations and not enough to back it up.

>Veeky Forums fuds amb
>gotta set a stop

link to cmo and advisor leaving or shut the fuck up with your dumbass fud

Let me shut you up



Dates Employed
Jan 2018 – Feb 2018
Employment Duration
2 mos
In my role as Ambrosus CMO, I was in charge of global marketing and brand for Ambrosus, a blockchain/IoT startup that focused on using blockchain, sensors and smart contracts to trace the quality, safety and origins of products moving through supply chains.

Chief financial officer left.. Do you a link for that too and embarrass yourself faggot?

we are so fucked Veeky Forums

Still room on storm all aboard.

marketing lmao there are 1000 marketing firms

no one gives a fuck about that

Chief financial officer left. A CFO in a goddamn startup leaving... Lol connect th dots

Cheif marketing officer lmaoooo. The absolute state of mod bag holders. Do you realise what a piss poor job cmo's have? They're a dime a dozen. David Drake however.. sheesh i didn't see him on the mod board of advisors.


I sold last night. I always knew Versetti was probably going to fuck this up. I stayed away from AMB for a long time because I saw that douche as a liability.

Saw the potential and finally bought in a few weeks ago. Basically spend that time swing trading to increase my stack only to end up selling near break even....

I need something to work out for me at this point. It's been a shitty few months now.

Lazy ass pajeet. Go do your own search for once in your life

pussy soyboy

buy the holy trinity alliance (wan,icx,aion) when BTC goes into hibernation

cause its not true lol

Fuck man this is concerning. What are the partners going to think of his antics, why is this guy shooting himself in the foot?

The planetary alignments suggest that all three posters are in fact the one and the same and mars rising with venus strongly suggests angel is the larping one but I cannot say with absolute certainty. However the planetary allignments of jupiter and croesus suggest this is the case.

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Ok if you say so. Stay poor with this coin then cuck

>Saw the potential and finally bought in a few weeks ago. Basically spend that time swing trading to increase my stack only to end up selling near break even....

Are you me?

Did exactly the same thing, I sold and went to REQ

>he posted it himself
kek, he really doesn't give a shit
and neither do I to be honest

Ambrosus has never had a CFO fucking faggot. KYS

Yes you moron she was kinda hot too I fapped to her picture every day

Natalie or Natalya was her name

This is worrying to say the least.. it's like hes trying to sabotage the project like Charlie lee did with that 'fags' post right before we entered a bear market. Maybe angel knows something is up and hes trying to get investors to cash out before amb crashes? Idk seems strange.

Nathalie Kazzi
Interim COO (External Consultant)

pajeet speaking about her on telegram when asked, that's all I could dig up
>Aneesh Zutshi, [06.03.18 18:12]
Her consultancy was advising in setting up Ambrosus machinery.

Aneesh Zutshi, [06.03.18 18:12]
such as HR, legal other issues

Aneesh Zutshi, [06.03.18 18:13]
I guess now we have established ourselves probably the contract expired.

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Thank you Jesus I can fap again

AMB never had a CFO. so much bullshit. David Drake is probably buying your dumps lol

> Maybe angel knows something is up


You don't have to believe me, but I'll give you another hint. Look into sensor research at EPFL, CSEM and ETH. Ambrosus chose to wor with ETH. Would you?

is that supposed to be you? which one do you mean by
>Now, there is that one coin which is about integrating blockchain with external data...
in the reply chain? wtc?

Yeah, that was me in both posts.

A sensor network is an oracle.

red pill: swissbro is angel versetti lurking and shilling amb on biz.

Sauce on pic

Yeah pretty sure it's dead in the water. I am in swissbros telegram and I saw someone earlier get banned for bringing up AMBs short comings and how he's batshit retarded. Stinks like shit

I know everything. I’m a know it all. That is a fact. You who dumped Ambrosus because of feelings didn’t matter anyway because you only invested $1000.

As you all know, in business all that matters is big money. No one gives a shit about the little guy on Telegram which I am unironically in. But of course I am not a little guy. I hold at least more than $1000 because that is my standard in determining on who I can look down on.

For you plebbit cucks, I feel bad for you. If you all wanna say shit come visit me at Ambrosus Telegram I’ll be waiting for you emotional tooth fairies

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Also don’t even mention th “we” word. Who the hell is “we”?

You really don’t get that this whole world doesn’t think like you?

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He's basically saying that you're fucking stupid to trust their team and deserve to lose your money if you invested in them.

Only a retard would stay on board of this project anymore.