I just got home from work and I check binance and STORM is up over 100% and it was mooning the other day too...

I just got home from work and I check binance and STORM is up over 100% and it was mooning the other day too. Can someone tell me what the fuck this is and why its mooning

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it got listed on a new exchange, then a whale took advantage and pnd'd it even more

It's a herald.

Just another shitcoin. All of these are shitcoins. People just want to make money. Who cares. What's the point.

Pump and dump groups/discords. Not one person. They coordinate these. The only reason why any money is even in this whole thing.

I tend to agree. I thought about going into it, but then I looked through its site to see what it was, and there doesn't seem to be any reason for it to pump like this. Maybe I'm just coping, and congrats to those who were in it, but if you doubled or tripled your money, make sure to take some profit.

These don't last that long normally

Whale PND + Private Discord PND = 100% growth for absolutely no reason

Then FOMO and you got this whole TRX-level clusterfuck

People gonna lose so much money when it regulates itself lol

Whales pumping it to 1 billon dollar volume, thats fucking insane...

upbit listing, it will touch 1k in a few hours as chinks are waking up

literally PowH

>sold 2.6 million just two days ago
well...who needs that extra 100K....haha...ha...

>900mil came from upbit
Holy shit

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>mfw it breaks today's ath

dude this shit doesn't stop and this coin is shit as fuck

And I am just here watching from the sideline

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There was talk a few days ago about creating a pump for it here. If you search the archive for a thread title like "let's create our own pump" or something to that effect, you might find it. I doubt anyone here is responsible for that though, probably just random whales.

don't take too much risk guys, always stop loss.

maybe... maybe some discord group just pumping that shit


>whales executing p&d with almost 2 billion $ volume

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are you fucking retarded?


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this talk about coordinated pumps is a fucking joke lol, some random losers in some super secret "discord group" wouldn't be able to manipulate the market like this, the coin is getting pumped because of south korean volume not because of MUH PUMP

This took forever to sell on Binance when I got out.


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this. you must be an actual megabrainlet to think a discord group makes cordinated pump with 2 billion $ in volume

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Fine, it's a great token that's rising in value organically.

>that volume

even my browser is lagging

set a buy order at 650, this shit veery far away from being done, upbit chinks are just waking up

Some idiot sold at 4k zwei LMAO

lmao that red spike piereced through his anus

christ right after I bought in it flash crashed, couldnt do anything on binance either. Had to use the desktop app just to sell. fuck

There are whales with thousands of bitcoins.

lol so you bought at ath and sold immediately after it crashed?

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you would have recouped, just hasd to wait a few mins.

>Veeky Forums is buying, dump it

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Why would it crash? It's not a pump and dump, you just said so.

This right here is the all too famous panic sell. It fucking sucks man. Know them feels.

or you know, potentally lost 35%

Who could even trade this thing on Binance? Fucking lag is insane

what the fuck. Why does this random token get to moon. How Sway?



Q has predicted this
The storm came

i wanna kms

*Activate quantum immortality*

>random token
Run by UBS and Credit Suisse banker.

dude the worst part was binance froze up so bad I couldnt do anything, by the time i got the desktop app open and logged in i lost 20%

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just use stop loss, bro, whales are killing

It's organic growth, because as says, there is 2 billion $ in volume and this is cannot be faked. On another note, I once saw a thousand clowns coming out of small car. The person I was with tried to convince me that it was just the same handful of them that kept entering on one side and then coming out of the other, but what do they know. That was unrelated. Go all in.

What a brainlet. Just kys

why would you have bought right there.. there were HUGE sell-walls on every exchange

you're not alone user... :(
I just should hide my phone when im drinking.

lost 1.1k in 5min

aaaand up we go.

Who in the hell is putting the money up for this stunt?

mfw got in at .019 and sold 1/4 stack at .056. I had hands of iron for so long if only I believed


Refreshing to see a coin that's not LINK get replies like this

Guys if Binance is lagging you can try to use the basic trading window, it works smoother for me at least.

"What you gonna do with tha big fat drop"...

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S/O to the weak hands, who lost a lot!

Panjeet-Jew coin isn't a stunt

Bought this shit for .015 in December and sold for .21

Holy shit. I just found out you can place market orders on the binance app. I sold 100 sats lower than I meant to because I couldn't place a limit sell fast enough.

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trinity TTY will be next get in soon fuckhead

wtf happened? it stoped right now??

I don’t think you understand Korean culture. This got added to upbit.

underrated post

Who cares, just join in during shit like this. I made 700% in a few minutes.

Please tell me it's finally over congrats if you made money on this pump but jeez

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It's not over yet, this is gonna go on for a few days.