So the stock market is crashing. That means BTC has to follow right?

So the stock market is crashing. That means BTC has to follow right?

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Who said it was crashing?

Just dropped more than 1000 points in 2 days. Maybe not 100% a crash but this has to have an impact on crypto yeah?

Yeah, who do you think is pumping shitcoins today? This is real flippening that we’ve all been waiting for.

Possibly, could be a good thing for crypto. Maybe investors will move to crypto for a safe haven.

>safe haven.

are you delusional?

A 4.5% dip is not a crash

Yeah, the market that's known for it's volatility will be a safe haven for investors. dumbass.

Yes this will give us a crash most likely. People will get scared and turn to cash.

Even with the bear market in crypto, I’ve had a better percentage gain than any savings account or PM investment.

the stock market wont crash if the economy doesn't
unless something happens that seriously damages the real world's ability to make and sell stuff then the stock market is going to be fine.

Like huge trade tariffs driving down the amount being able to be made and sold? Yeah nah that'll never happen.

Nothing to scoff at either though. That's wiping out a years worth of gains.

Hm no no no, all money leaving wall street will flow into crypto. My favorite astrologist said so.

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Kek sometimes I honestly think people are smoking crack around here

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>doesn't know BTC is the best hedge against a failing market
kek none of you will make it if you bet against BTC

you're open to 100% more risk as well dipshit

Yes goy, its those pesky tariffs. Not the fed raising rates or the fact that the workd is about to drop the oetro dollar. All trumps fault. Blame him.

Oh my looks like my stocks are down 5% I think I’ll put them in a retarded Ponzi scheme in the death throes of a final collapse before it goes to 0

A few retarded traders might get scared and sell, but crypto in general does not give a fuck about the stock market. In fact that is a one of the reasons pitched to people on the fence to invest in crypto: since it's independent from traditional markets, a small % in bitcoin reduces your overall volatility, ironic as it sounds.

Look how how much ZAR from South Africa is flowing into BTC