Crypto is now officially dead

Google is now creating its own blockchain. Blockchain is useful (for a few applications), but crypto literally has no fucking use. There's a reason why Google, Facebook, and Snap have banned ads for it. These companies will create their own blockchains and make use of whatever they have, and that is all, completing the final straw towards the utter uselessness of crypto. Keep holding worthless coins instead of selling it off in December like me.

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Google is going to buy out BAT and Alibaba is going to use WTC. Win win.

I literally fucking work at Google. Every single crypto enthusiast I know has sold it off and they all laugh at the prospect of Google doing anything in crypto in the future. Keep dreaming buddy.

Sigh. I just wanted to make it. Was that too much to ask?

Anyone still holding is so deluded. I legit feel bad for you guys, not because you lost money but because you still have hope. Go get some jobs. Shape up.

>blockchain without a cryptocurrency

ah I love this meme, just like cars without motors

FUCK. This is the end.

Protip: buy XLM. No first world, respectable corporation is going to use those useless shitcoins you guys put your min wage paychecks in. At least put your money in a platform the shithole parts of the world will use.

Bruh. If you work at google and still come here you’re worse off than people who bought trx at the top.

Hades in conjunction with Neptune with the ascendant star lucifer strongly suggest that google should be shunned and burn in hell

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Muh daddy works for nintendo

Lol 20% of my coworkers go on here since we're all in crypto. Most of them have left it now, but I'm kind of jealous of them since they cashed out on millions and I could only muster a couple hundred thousand, but oh well.

You're retarded if you think blockchain and cryptocurrency are coupled together LOL.

>You're retarded if you think blockchain and cryptocurrency are coupled together LOL.
Decentralized public blockchains REQUIRE a currency as incentives for miners.
What private blockchains do is improve security as the hackers will have attack multiple nodes.

Who said they have to be public you fucking doofus?

Goog won’t touch BAT or crypto. They have enough on their plate with the gdpr shitting all over their business model right now. The last thing they want is attention for money laundering meme coins for cartels and mafia.

There is another in the wings for BAT

Op are you retarded?!
Blockchain can't work without a coin connected with the Chain. You spend coins to tell the chain to include a action.

Furthermore why do you think people will jump to use google chain?

How many people would buy a crypto coin made by the federal bank?

Crypto was made to escape from banks and big corporations and try to find privacy.

The biggest personal information seller can't provide privacy!

Not to mention that how is google planning to decentralize its project?

Tldr provide whitepaper

I literally know for a fact they won't touch it. We had an entire in-company panel on how harmful the crypto market is becoming in general, but it's funny seeing these hopefuls.

No person said that it has to be decentralized and public. Decentralization is a potential benefit. Read the damn article and take off your biased goggles.

Google has a TERRIBLE track record. They start so many projects and then abandon them and leave them to wither and die. Very bearish on a Google crypto.

>Mr Bogdanoff?
>the proletariat have sold
>pump eet

They're not making a crypto. Literally facepalm.

Then if google is gonna make a private blockchain that is centralized and never reaching the public how does this effect the public and crypto.

>For we know microsoft, apple, google may allready have private blockchains that no one knows off.

Because it shows that major companies (companies that actually contain people who understand how to create tech with ACTUAL use) are not touching crypto. Now, you can continue to be a deluded idiot and cry "but the big companies work with the banks!!" or you can accept the fact that crypto is fundamentally useless as a service to anyone.

Lol I love this meme that muh blockchain is the "real" revolution.
No. DLT is just another notch up in IT efficiency. No more important than cloud computing.
CryptoCURRENCY is the first legitimate threat to government-backed fiat in modern history. It's literally revolutionary.

How SJW is Google really?

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Insanely. We have this meme website where literally every fucking meme is about SJW politics. Gets on my nerves..but one day senpai.

Private blockchains are simply better secure databases. We already have databases controlled privately.
Public blockchains allow people to automate services provided by third party money changers.
For instance, a person in one part of the world tokenizes his design and puts it on the blockchain and then a 3d printer creates that product and the creator get his cuts straight from the client with no middlemen.
Same with all other digital goods. No apple store taking 30 percent off the top.

if Google was smart they will buy VEN, they are the jack of all trades of crypto

>i work at bitcoin and my dad works at blockchain
what is the benefit of a blockchain if it is centralized, why is it better than a database

The way I see it, google can do whatever they want but it doesn't mean crypto is dead. Sure, most of the alt coins are and probably will be useless. But there is still a need for decentralized way of payments and it will increase in the future. I for example, use bitcoin nowadays in some of my business deals as a payment method.

You will see a lot of FUD around like banning ads which you mentions or goverments banning crypto - Facebook Google and other massive companies have no incentives to change current global economy. They enjoy making profits of the current financial situation and have no incentive to change it, simple as that.

Sure you could have sold in december/january for profits, I have some more long term perspective in all of this and global currency situation as a hole with massive debts everywhere and steadily growing inflation.

It's actually not better suited. That's why I don't see the applications for blockchain going too far. Google understands this already and this is more of a test project.

>he thinks a private Blockchain is anything more than a more expensive AWS

Yeah it's pretty good. Good tech, lots of potential.
Absolutely dwarfed by the ramifications of a legitimate stateless world currency, if such a thing was to happen.

It's not and I agree you doofus. As mentioned, this is just a test project.

Doing that is against european law. I will get them to the Court of justice and they will pay me more than all those shitcoins could ever grow too.

>Load google fud

This didn’t kill crypto. Microsoft Azure didn’t kill crypto. Companies have their own private enterprise blockchain solutions available to third parties, this is nothing new.

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This news scared me for 0.5 sec when i read it some days ago. Crypto was made to be free of these types and that necesity wont go away. Concern status= 0 .

I'm pretty happy that the era of the google's , facebooks etc monopolies are coming to an end. At least for the people that dont mind a little of sacrifice for their freedom. Normies will always be pray for these systems of control so i dont really care wtf they do. If the want freedom, crypto will be there to provide it.

article 101, 102 Treaty on the working of the eu

so there is no benefit of storing information in a immutable way

LOL at comparing IBM to Google.

you have to be retarded to think that IBM or Google can make a blockchain solution that will pose a risk to existing cryptos.
Blockchain on its own is just a glorified database; its the distributed part that gives it all these important properties like immutability which enables decentralized trust. Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) is going to change the world; blockchain is not.
In order for DLT to function it NEEDS tokens to incentivize miners or individuals to stake their tokens. If there are no tokens then that means there is no incentive to keep the ledger decentralized and this also opens up the network to attacks.
Even if you have a public or private blockchain tokens are mandatory. Period.
Andreas talks about it extensively and explains why he isn't worried about google and IBM.
However if they find a way to have DLT without tokens and incentives we're fucked.

>common sense on Veeky Forums


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Yeah my dad works at microsoft and he was saying basically any p.c produced from 2019 onwards will automatically uninstall any crypto software. Crypto is dead.

Eh. It's dead if CL fails. You're right if we can't get data from the outside world into the blockchain then this shit was a fucking scam.

If there's a private Google blockchain it defeats the purpose. They could roll it back, change blocks in the past, it wouldn't be trust less. And therefore wouldn't be a blockchain

Considering 2018 Google is 90% diversity hires who #WereWithHer and failed to elect Hillary despite their massive media collusion, claiming a position of authority seems rather foolish.

Bitcoin already has a brand, it doesn't need to be shilled by Google. Shitcoins will have problems though.

That’s not the point. Private blockchain solutions aren’t a threat to crypto because they are completely different implementations of the technology that solve different problems. What, you think the reason IBM Hyperledger and Microsoft Azure weren’t a threat to crypto is because they’re not as big as Google? What the fuck’s wrong with your brain?

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Cryoto has officially died a lot this week.

proof you work at google or you're a LARPing faggot

Does everyone there pretend to he happy? Do you agree or disagree with that semi autist who wrote the antisjw manifesto and got fired?

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This. So many idiots don't seem to understand the point of blockchains

I work at Google too and I don't need to say it in order to make my point look more valid.

nice backpedaling you absolute homo

>Pajeet, make us a shitcoin
>right away, my friend

what if I have a job, own a home and have a disposable income to try out on things like crypto instead of buying useless shit?

All in VEN and comfy AF

The only coin to rule them all.

My dad cuts Bezos' hair and they go out drinking sometimes but that's not important. All Im saying is buy chainlink. It's the future, bro.

>pajeet make me a platform blockchain
>right away my friend


Decentralisation makes crypto valuable. Its the entire point of crypto in the first place

Its basically having the freedom of cash but being able to send cash wherever you want.

Who would buy a centralised shitcoin made by a bank or giant corperation. And if google want to make a decentralised coin what would they do differently to some of the other cryprocurrencies?

Smart contracts? its been done
Scaleable coins? Its been done
Privacy coins? Its been done
Decentralised exchanges? Its in the works
Pos coins? Done.

What can they do apart from make a coin which is palletable to banks? Cripples already doing that

yeah, a blockchain from google can disrupt most of the centralized or highly company/team based coins out there. if they made a smart contract platform, for example, it would eat into ethereum, but ethereum still has some ground to stand on, but coins like eos would be completely destroyed by it.

i literally fucking work at Google. Every singe crypto entuisiast i know has sold it off and they all laugh at the prospect of Google doing anything in crypto in the future. Keep dreaming buddy.

pic related

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if yall work at google can you confirm/deny whether all google employees are now at least millionaires?

Had a thread about this a while ago: if all SWEs are given like 160K equity vested over four year, does that imply anyone started as a SWE at Google in like e.g. 2012 when the stock was 25% of its present value has 160*4 = 640K from equity comp alone?

>There's a (((reason))) why (((Google))), (((Facebook))), and (((Snap))) have banned ads for it.

Great question

Do you work with a bunch of trannys furries faggots and women, Got it.

Thanks Bought 100k

This this this. You idiots need to reevaluate this shit based on this right here. XRP has a value function, BNT has a value function. Gold has a value function, and likewise Bitcoin and its immutable ledger has a value function