You ready for another run towards 20k?

You ready for another run towards 20k?
It's happening soon.

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Run past 20k you mean?

Yea I know dude. Get off my DIACKKKK

Jsnip4 is that you?

I cant see anyone buying btc for 20k ever again after this fiasco. Its different when its goes from 1k to 200 bucks,.. but this.

Are the bog brothers aware of their meme status in the crypto / conspiracy community?

I'm curious about it as well.

BTC will moonshot in May to 20k and end up at 100k EOY.

Bitcoin is worthless, you never will see it at 20k again. The flippening will happen soon

got a hi res of this cyberbog picture?

>t. bought the top

bogs know everything

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bzzz bzzz bzzzz

sorry you cant see dude. I hope advances in medicine will correct that for you.


powh io going up to 20k ETH u mean?

Normies aren't interested in crypto at all after getting burned badly, financial institutions won't buy at anything above 6k, and that's being generous (GS already gave you all a massive hint by saying BTC will drop below 6k). Its time to stop the delusion

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>normies aren't interested in crypto

This is really the dumbest bullshit that keeps being posted here. Not sure if you actually believe this or if you are just fudding but normies will come back in as strong as ever if the price goes up.
Even if the same normies got burned and won't jump back, new normies will. You're dumb.

For this to happen the price needs to reach a comfy new ATH (20k range won't cut it) and needs to have the same media hype (media is also more cautious and skeptical now) which requires maintaining that ATH for a month or two at least which requires VOLUME, ie actual normies getting in and staying and trading. This isn't counting the bagholders who will dump every step of the way and the bad press and normie word of mouth crypto is getting constantly now.

Simply put, a repeat of late 2017 is incredibly difficult. Pretty much all the stars need to align.

This time it really IS different.

Now there is widespread institutional shorting mechanisms.
Algobots control things.
No regulation bodies to speak of.
BitConnect, MoneroGold, ‘not giving crypto away’ ...just to name a few things
Normies burned with ghosted CHRISTMAS BONUS (nah bruh, this year I’m buying something useful like anal beads)
Charlie Munger laughing.

It’s over guys. For Christ’s sake take a fucking shower and get a JOB

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