Thanks for motivating me Veeky Forums

Thanks for motivating me Veeky Forums

Thanks to you I'm starting my own company with a friend next month.

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Come back and shill your ico when it's ready.

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Good luck, you'll need it

The first ship to sink is a partnership. Remember that before you start.

never go into business with your friends

Operating agreement outlining your mutual expectations and what happens in the event of one of you leaving or not keeping up to standard should be a top priority when starting a company with a friend.

> with a friend

oh boy, I have seen this a few times. you will not be hard enough on each other, the business will flag/fail, you will fight and no longer be friends.

if one of you can run it all yourselves, that person will try and buy the other one out and salvage the wreckage. Most fail completely.

Just go it alone - its not worth it unless you are unequal partners. And then it is only worth it if you are the majority partner.

t. run an engineering consultancy

I'm actually starting that with my friend. I can't really run such a thing on my own can I?

Hey buddy
Want to save tens of thousands of dollars?
Get a job that pays something too

Your credit score will thank me and you won't be on here with the gen z's whining about how buying a place is impossible in 5 years

I already own my own home thankfully.

An engineering consultancy? Where people pay you to design/inspect/draw/write reports?

How the fuck could you not do it alone? Seriously, I have been a project engineer/manager my entire career, running this business (effectively as the only manager) is both the easiest and best paying job I have ever had.

Making money - consistent money so you don't have to eat bad months - is fucking easy in this game. My only challenge is we have outgrown our market and need to buy someone else to get access to new markets.

If you are even half decent as an engineer and know how businesses operate, only a retard can fail at this.

Gratz. Enjoy the good times and save up for a rainy day. t. Failing business owner.

interesting, today Veeky Forums motivated me to do more research into mail order brides

More tech stuff than hard engineering, it's harder to execute on your own at a reasonable speed.

is the pic related

Are Chinese/Asian market of interest to you?

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For me, yes.

Sure better be...OP could make a lot of money off those tight asses

Can you tell me specifically what do you do, for what kind of firm, wat is your project management style?

Basically external software product development services for organizations. We are considering specializing in machine learning though.

What do you mean project management style?

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stop that shit man, redirect the energy elsewhere

I got the picture from here I think it's fine.

I am a bit worried about having a partner now, but I feel I would need employees

well you can start out on craigslist and use crest whitening strips until you can afford the proper bleaching instruments and whatnot. start off small and work your way up. maybe put up flies around your neighborhood and local truck stops.

good luck. hope you fail so you can learn from your mistakes