Noticed the number of threads with Reddit spacings are increasing day by day

Noticed the number of threads with Reddit spacings are increasing day by day.
What do Veeky Forums?

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Well they did just ban a bunch of subs

start reddit spacing

its fun

>Reddit spacing

This is how we wrote here before reddit was a thing.

Deal with it.

way to waste your fuckin time by thinking and posting about a totally insignificant thing

reddit spacing is a fucking meme

someone post the moot screenshot from 2010

People are leaving the soyboy shitculture of Reddit and getting redpilled.

How the fuck is this a bad thing?

Why should I? its a pump and dump shit coin on Veeky Forums I would rather buy mobius honestly.

I'm from reddit whatchugonado?


this place has been reddit lite since January. fucking faggots all of them








nothing, the trumpfags are getting shit on all over /pol/, you'll go back soon

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It's a side-effect of typing from a PC.

Barely anyone knows what actual reddit spacing is which is the best part of the meme. And if someone claims they do, they out themselves as redditors

I love it

Its called columns op and youre a faggot

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>reddit spacing
thats one way to show how new you are i guess

this is true, only newfags buy into the "reddit spacing" meme

Reddit spacing is the definition of narcissism.

now that shitcoins have become irrelevant again biz's flooding will slowly cease

Is that when you use more than one space after a period?

I browse Reddit sure, but I don't think that's a thing most people do.

Also, lose the pic OP unless you want to be called a racist idiot. Just a friendly tip.

Fucko, I've been on Veeky Forums for a decade, people have been spacing posts since forever. It makes it easier to read.

its not just a reddit/Veeky Forums thing either. People do it in forums, emails.

You just got memed on because you never leave Veeky Forums, are 15 years old, and your entire identity revolves around this site so you believe the memes, rather than understanding the context.

You want Reddit shit? It's pun threads, TL;DRs, 'my girlfriend' or insert sob story for upvotes.

people who pretend to care about reddit spacing are redditors.

I don't mind the reddit spacing but the retards who reply to bait and the /nupol/ runoff who infested this place are annoying af.
Mods don't give a shit, just don't reply.

I couldn't agree more.

Also, what is wrong with Reddit anyway? From what I can tell it's only POL asshats who hate the site.

i filter "reddit" and subreddit links. This has helped a lot because for some reason those faggots see the threads there and then they come to biz and they post links to the thread or they talk about the threads. So filtering their links..thast the way to go. Also they will Always mention "blah blah blah on reddit blah blah blah"

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mc spacey

space nigger

m'spacey m'nigger

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This is true. Been Veeky Forums since /i/, dial soap, candleja


We've been spacing like this the whole fucking time.

9.5/10 bait

I've always typed like this.

From before reddit even existed.

Go fuck yourself newfags with your "reddit" memes.

You are the faggots bringing up reddit every day. fuck off.

Continuing cause now it just feels nostalgic.

Been Veeky Forums since /i/, dial soap, candleja ,chinchan, warned you about them stairs, people saying an hero in every post. Now they all just say "kill myself". Habbo hotel. Putting moot on TIME vote for the first time. Those sick ass /v/ comics that had all those characters and that crown guy. Seeing the word lulz appear on TV after we'd been saying it for years. Way before pepe. Pepe started as just pictures of the actual comic. Moderators posting. Moot and them used to change the background of some boards and shit like that for special events.The only thing we have reminiscent of that now is the birthday hats. Racism was not as prevalent, certainly not politicized and militant shit of neo4chan (see habbo hotel raids for example. Yeah they were swastikas and afro toting black characters but the idea was to be disruptive not post pictures of aboriginal skulls)Yeah that's right, you /pol/ faggots are ALL newfags. Certified fucking grade A newfags. I see newfag thrown around so much it makes me cringe so fucking hard. You're all practically all fucking newfags, so shut the fuck up.

Fuck man. Hilarious to think we were essentially defining the aesthetic of internet culture to come. No one could have guessed that and no one posted with that intention in mind.

The framework for modern memes was being fucking born on here back then and frankly you're all fucking newfags if you didn't participate in that history.