Dubs and I'll tell you a hidden gem

dubs and I'll tell you a hidden gem

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>inb4 Bazinga


Check em




check em

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keep rolling Veeky Forumstards

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gib gem

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check em

Buy Latium (LATX) from yobit. You know why?
>ceo is chad, he pumped his coin last time to moon when "CNBC" news come out
most coins don't get ever media attention - this Latium only has 7m marketcap anyway


and that chad ceo will do it again, but it will be LARGER

>currently only on yobit , it's dying there, has only like 9 btc volume
>new exchange listing coming end of March .
>has mcAfee backing it (it was actually first one coin that he have ever advised!! he did tweet about Latium earlier than anything else cryptos, it's his favorite maybe? ;)

marketing starts right after a beta app but i think LATX is short-term hold anyway ;) at least for me.

>has only 12 000 tokenholders full of facebook normies, they are asking how to send tokens to exchange (they can't do even that fucking thing)
also they think that LATX is new bitcoin (well, big man tyrone said that too : youtube.com/watch?v=qD-dvq21sH8 )

that means nobody is going to sell as they are waiting $100 latx

buy this shit as a joke, even few hundreds worth .
then come to LATX price discussion group and shill with us. you'll enjoy ;)

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Why does sneaky wojak look like Lelouche

I already know it is RLC

It's LATX. Buy it from yobit.:)

Looks actually good

once it dips to 62kgwei I'm throwing 1 ETH in

*Operator..I need gimme dubs.

I need to know

>inb4 Link

yobit and LATX :D

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