Chad Thread

Is this not the most Chad guy you ever saw?

His facial structure has the perfect chad ration, and the haircut is on point. Think he trades crypto?

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kill yourself.

is that a man or a woman

Looks like a closet homosexual to me.

kid looks like a fag, the fuck is wrong with you?

He loos like a young Conan O'Brien. For comparison's sake, here's what a chad looks like from a similar angle.

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can't chads be gay?

Bait and sage

I think he's got a solid collection of knee pads, no need for crypto.

Dude looks like a complete faggot, are you fucking serious? Or are you him?

is that Ezra..?

The stars suggest that his hair will thin within 6-18 months and that inwardly he is intellectually challenged. Capricorn aligned with Virgo suggests he is sporty yet easily led. Taurus combined with Leo is an ominous sign that suggests he is set for a life of under achievement and poverty with a leaning to petty crime.

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>being this beta and low test

Literally looks like a kid to me. Would give him the younger brother treatment and encourage him to reach his chad potential.

... No?

A true chad is gay and still fucks your girlfriend

That's a women or a faggot

Brian Stann is more than just a Chad, he's a true American hero.

Is there any point at all in trying to date if you're not a Chad?

do me next. november 17 1993 326pm maine

>Getting pictures taken with friendzoned girls

haha fuck me.

On Veeky Forums everyone who isnt a fuckin sperg is a chad

Your Sun is in Scorpio in the Cancer decanate and the Leo quadrant. Pluto aligned with mars make you strong willed, perceptive and full of determination. You are moody yet have pride and a love of family. You attract change and crisis within your life yet have a courage that overcomes most obstacles. You are strong yet emotional yet can keep your emotions in check. You possess the ability to make it.

Oct 1. 98 boy

real chads are from western not laurier OP

They're both shit schools anyways.

He’s gay and his jawline is photoshopped and yet he still has a weak ass jaw.

how is he chad when he is surrounded by ugly bitches? raise your standards

also why is this on biz

You are a diplomatic libra who is both creative and a leader. You are generally calm and like being the center of attention whilst remaining reasonably tolerant of others. You enjoy beautiful things and have an inner power and a liking for money. You too have a chance to make it.

So we're the new /b/ now. Nice.

>pencilneck chinlet cuck
Pick one nigger

Chad? You have gotta be kidding. Obvious friend-zoned incel or he's gay and they're a bunch of fag hags. If he trades crypto I bet he #HODLGANG REQ and XVG.

I'd let him fuck me desu.

>most chad
try again later soylet

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