Crypto is over. There will be no more 100x, no more 10x, not even a 2x from now. We were late adopters

Crypto is over. There will be no more 100x, no more 10x, not even a 2x from now. We were late adopters.

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Only 0,5x's until we decide to end our suffering and kill ourselves

There was a literally 4x today with Storm
Stop being a faggot

I'm starting to lose hope. It really seems like it's over and I might have tk get a job again.

> what do you mean I cant just get money without specialist knowledge, skills or hard work.
> the internet forum said we would all be millionaires, as long as I bought the chuckie cheese tokens they had already invested in.
> they gave me this advice because they were selfless, I'm not just a layer in their pyramid.

Anyone who bought in after 2012 literally funds the lambos of the early adopters. There are few greater fools left, so I hope you really believe in this technology and didn't just buy in to get rich.

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>Implying early adopters didn't sell during the first bubble pop

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ICX literally 2xed from Last Sunday.

Stop investing in shit.

Pluto aligned with Leo in the volmic constellation combined with the up firing of xanos in the plaedian stratus strongly suggest that a massive exponential upswing is coming

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lol barely anyone is in crypto noob. I'm the only person I know out of 100 friends/family/coworkers who has any crypto...

>Crypto is over. There will be no more 100x, 10x, not even a 2x from now
Sure thing bud.

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>not even a 2x from now

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Storm went 100% today you fucking mong.

yeah but these are random. There is no price action for 99% of the coins. Last summer you could actually watch as coins were actively traded. Now the only trading is done after longs periods of sideways, a 10% pump and 10% dump

Thanks just bought 30000k, those threads popped up when BTC went from 3k to 2k again just before the big rally to 19k.

HODL is the advice you give to someone to pump the price while you get ready to dump your bags

It's true, crypto is dying. Should have got out early winter. What's the next trend to profit from?

ICX actually did almost 4x from last friday

It's a pump and dump though, it isn't rising in value because of any intrinsic merit or possible adoption. It's pure price manipulation. Some passerbys will profit, but it's only incidental, most will be left bag holding.

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Yet if you bought in January you're not close to getting your investment back.

>Right now isn’t last summer so am entirely NEW asset class is over.

Put your money where your mouth is you born loser.

If BTC crashes to below 2k this year, I’ll give you my entire portfolio ( would only be a couple thousand USD at that point).

If my port is worth more than 15k (a 2x total,) you have to kill yourself in a way of my choosing on livestream.

Yeah that’s what I thought you drooling porch monkey

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I think what people mean by "it's over" isn't that BTC won't go up, just that the amount it can still go up won't appreciably change your life.
Yes, maybe you can 2x if you wait long enough and actually hold through the lows, 5x if you wait for many years, but that doesn't represent the sort of "class mobility" gains that we saw prior to this year.
Your life will be about the same whether you have 7k or 15k.

why does everyone forget that this market is set up to have a 6-7 trillion market-cap before it actually explodes. does everyone just have no memory whatsoever?

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Tried to shill STORM when it was up 30%. Bizfags got in after it was up >100%

The STORM pump is more luck than anything for those who were in it. The people behind it are doing it for themselves, and the people who were already there profit because they were at the right place at the right time, but it couldn't have been predicted. The token doesn't have any real value on its own, so even if through luck buying it ended up profitable for you, it was still an overall dumb decision that would make you lose money 9 times out of 10.

what do you mean explode?
order by Change (23h)
I wish I knew about this last month.

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>he isn't buying icx