I will tell you anything

Was Sergey's roomate when he was going to NYU.


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What kind of cheese is Sergey made out of?

What does his cum taste like?

can you get him to cum just by saying "decentralization" enough times?

Did you jerk off in bed thinking about him making sweet love to you?

How big is his schlong?
I heard its huge

I can tell you he sometimes ate swiss and ham on wheat (wasn't a big sandwich guy). If I had to say he was a type of cheese I'd probably say something mild like provolone

Post proof.
Oh let me guess, you don't want to be doxed so you can't, even though the information you have already given would be enough for anyone to find you.
Shit larp. Sage.

Never tried, if we still lived together I'd try right now.

Maybe slightly above average? never saw it exposed

Go ahead friend, you seem pretty confident in your ability to hunt people down.

Never tasted it. He didn't ever drink pineapple juice so probably not fantastic?


Maybe once or twice

Do you like Webster hall? Did you sit in union square alot?

Only went once, didn't care for it too much. Spent lots of time in union square.

Did he host couchsurf babes when he was your roommate? Or did he do it when you weren't there

Like Honey probably

Didn't couchsurf them with me there but a had a lot of girls over. Average 7/10 id say.

did he shill you btc?

>Never tasted it.

You should've asked him to blow over your face instead of shooting it in your ass all the time faggot

how do his pancakes taste? also, what is his "special ingredient" for them?

Give it to us straight, is the dude motivated?
Does he have what it takes to make smart contract decentralization the next big thing?

>Are you invested in chainlink?

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how much chainlink do you own and what price did sergay sell it to you for?

What's your name and private key?

How can we make this into a great Link Meme ?

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0/10 larp

Pimpin ain't easy

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