Ethercraft Chinese Regional Release

Ethercraft has been going strong for 3 months. I was here telling you about the first release. I also warned you about the 2nd release.

They say 3rd times the charm. They will be releasing their free and enchanted items in about 3 hours. I’m here to give you a heads-up before it releases.

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Also the enchanted items will start at a lower floor along with half of the items being free.

Nice Pepe. I'm gonna upload it to

Also hi brypto


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Lmao nice poor guy where the fuck is brypto.

Dead game. I've been trying to sell below initial price and still no sales.

Idk I heard he's got a huge cock

can this shit just start already. FUCK! feels like I been waiting forever for this and World of Ether. I just want to play

The game isn’t out yet.

Yeah same. Waiting for it as well. The devs have been working on this for over 3 months and give weekly updates. I’m in world of ether too. What other games are you in?

Also, poorguy, you need to make a medium for
Your game

Hope they can deliver something worth the wait. Progress has been abysmal so far.

Discord shills out in full force today I see. Why do you shill a dead game? More importantly why didnt you sell the first day? The only way this shit is worth anything is if you buy in during the first hour. After that don't bother.


Roadmap is being released this month. We are moving Pepe's to ERC 721and outlining the roadmap to Kek's Stadium and Kek's Marketplace. Contract update tonight.

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Also I am not so sure about today's release. Barely broke even last time.

Huh? Rare pepes aren't moveing to ERC 721.

Or are you talking about some scam version?

Poorguy released a game with gameplay meanwhile EC hasn't had a shrewd of proof of gameplay

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The games not out yet would you just read the articles.

People make brave claims even when they have no idea what they’re talking about. Not to mention this game has been one of the top monthly leaders in Daily active users. If you would just have the slightest bit of patience then you’d understand. Not to mention more than half of the items will be available for FREE.

What other game besides crypto kitties that has been going for 3 months strong?
I’ll wait

Nice poorguy, i really dig the keks stadium idea with battling memes

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I am building the definitive rare Pepe marketplace and it's on the ethreum blockchain. Others before me have tried and failed. You will be able to buy, sell, trade and battle rare Pepe's.

Code updates tonight. Roadmap and medium this week.

Looking into integrating Pepe Cash as we speak.

Thanks brypto I am racing EC to gameplay. May the best dev win.

Brypto is basically sminem. This is not him be he is on to us.

When are the memes coming. I hope you’re getting some free EC items tonight.

Next meme drop will be the justening edition and will be tomorrow or the next day. Will be updating the contract code and publishing the roadmap until that point.

I might buy a few enchanted items wtf not

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the lucky cat mooned hard

Where did you get the Just idea from.

Supposedly the enchanted items will be starting off at a lower price than usual. No .5’s I heard.

How serious is pepes game? Will there be integration of the Pepe hat from Ethercraft

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Kek's Stadium will work with a rng to battle memes, with each meme having their own weaknesses and strengths, similar to magic the gathering.

The losing meme will undergo permadeath and go to the meme graveyard, rip.

The winner will be award two new memes from a new meme drop as a reward for risking his or her meme. They may either choose to put these memes on the marketplace at the regular floor price (.00666 eth) with the full price going to them, or they may keep the memes for their collection.

There will also be a small chance of winning a very rare meme in Kek's Stadium which will be priced at (.0666 eth) on the floor.

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Yes, all owners of frog hats automatically get 1 free meme of their choice upon proof of ownership.

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Lmao dam you put some genuine thought in to it.

Does anyone know of other releases today?

Ethercraft in 2 hours and 15 minutes

What’s else Today I got time cuz

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Yeah memes is my main project and I'm dedicating all my free time to it. The only reason I'm not writing code right now is because I'm at work. The only question is, will I beat ethercraft to gameplay?

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If you’re taking it serious then it’s possible. Only 2 more hours until release

Here’s the discord if anyone is interested


Hype. I'm taking it super serious.


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this game has so much potential and it's not even started Veeky Forums

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big returns dice are mooning. .025 starting price was smart.

Whoever listened to me, you’re welcome :)

If you didn’t listen to me, you can still get items here, most are free too.

how the fuck do people manage to buy it so fast? bots?

These two new items starting with a cheaper better seems like it will have a better sales and resale value than the lucky cat which started 4 times the price. The dice and jade can conservatively still make half your money back in dividends and will resale above .05 at least. Lucky cat doesn't sell under .15.
People love the game

Sweet, Sweet Chinese money starting to funnel in.

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