I-it's going to go back up right? Right?! RIGHT?!

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China hasn't even started son.

Peter Schiff was right once again, THE REAL CRASH IS COMING

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It'll probably hit 20k.

Looks like theyve already had their 'return to normal'.

A good buying opportunity once again, in case you haven't bought in more regularly since 2010 ;)

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this :>(

why do you post that fugly pig?

Predictable corrections like this aren't bad. The economy is still humming along, there's just fear over the trade war. So people are pulling out, prices consolidate, it's healthy. This is the time to buy up as much stock as possible.

Not like an 08 style crash where no one saw it coming and the issue had no remedy other than riding that bitch down to the bottom.

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fuck after this bitcoin crash I'd have sold everything on that last bounce

Agree, no major companies have even gotten close to declaring bankrupcy protection. I welcome this correction to blow some excess valuation off the market.

Does it matter?

>just graduating now
Fuck me

Strong support at 56%

Holy shit I would have done anything for her back when she was 14? Why is mother nature so cruel?

>this is a healthy correction
>this is the time to buy up as much stock as possible

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When people start talking about ‘healthy corrections’ you know shit is about to drop hard

>Nobody saw the 2008 crash coming

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$1000 eoy

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I'll just leave this here.

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