Btc at 15k

>btc at 15k
>retard on /pol/ shilling btc hard claiming it will reach 100k in 2018 and 1m by 2020
>reply that btc has no intrinsic value and backing and will go down as soon as the hype is over
>say that the time for btc is already over
>get laughed at
>a few weeks later btc crashes

>dow jones at 26k
>make a post pointing it out
>say that the growth is way too large and it is not sustainable
>I expected dow jones to stay in the low-mid 20s by this point and that this trend is worrisome, that there is a bubble waiting to get popped
>get told that the dow jones will go all the way up to 30k before slowing down
>within a week dow jones crashes
>dow jones stays below 25k

I never invested in anything but apparently I have a real knack for it. Where can I put my foresight into good use?

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Use it to figure out a way to pull your head out of your ass maybe?

100x leverage on bitmex

>still not the end of 2018
>still not 2020
>BTC "crashes" multiple times yearly before shortly going bull again.
>Dow jones "crashes" multiple times yearly before shortly going bull again.

Nice "knack" you got there.... keep it up!

is this how you justify missing out on riding the 2 biggest moon missions of the century?

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You're wrong about the dow. Stocks still yield decent dividend yields compared to bonds. Low interest rates mean every asset will eventually rise in price till yields are crap everywhere.

This is a bad thing for the younger generation. Rising asset prices is. a . bad. thing.

Wow very rude.


How am I wrong about the dow?

>Where can I put my foresight into good use?
Shorting the market.

why didn't you short then

>no intrinsic value
>not backed by anything

lmao, OP just read some CNBC article and thinks he's some genius now

>btc has no intrinsic value
What does this even mean? What is "intrinsic" value anyway? Does gold have "intrinsic value" because of "muh can be used in electronics"? Do social media companies have intrinsic value? Does advertising?

Bitcoin has value because it's global, infinitely easy to transport, super-governmental (if your economy eats shit like Zimbabwe/Venezuela/Greece you can still access it and transport it without government control), secure (8 years no hax) etc etc. "Intrinsic value" is a red herring. It has uses, so people pay money for it.

Because the dividend yield and p/e is still decent compared to bonds. Either the bond market is overvalued, or the stock market is undervalued. Pick your poison.

Because I am not ready yet for investment and did not know when the collapse would happen.

No. I form my economic opinions completely on my own.

Intrinsic value to me means that it has direct use for humans. For example food or land or a house or a computer have intrinsic value. Gold too has intrinsic value but it is much lower than its market value. A next step up would be art with barely any intrinsic value anymore and then there are currencies with no intrinsic value.

BTC's value based on what you listed would be zero since there are superior technologies available. What gives BTC value is its fame and what made BTC so valuable in the first place is hype and greed. BTC is a negative sum game and its value relies on retards fueling it.

So what about facebook and advertising? What about Western Union that lets you send money around the world?
Why are you limiting yourself to tangibles when trillions of dollars worldwide are tied to intangibles, digital assets, online companies, derivatives, etc etc. It seems absurd to stick to some dark ages market sentiment where there needs to be a solid "thing" for there to be value. There doesn't, there just has to be a need getting addressed which creates a demand.

You make a good point. However, do you really think the stock market was undervalued at 26k? The low interest rates bloated the stock market and damaged the bond market.

>Points out two obvious bubbles and thinks that he's a genius.
>is "not ready yet for investment"
>Talks about the dow like its a real index

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>So what about facebook and advertising?
Facebook has intrinsic value because it has direct use for humans, as communication tool and entertainment largely based on its users.

Advertising itself has no value but the infrastructure around it that enable successful advertising does.

They do but if low interest rates remain - which are currently dismal rates of technology and population growth look like they will - then stock prices wlll rise.

posting on Veeky Forums, clearly! you have acheived your highest potential.

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sounds like you will be very rich very soon, i apologize that you must live among us brainlets

Buy low.

Protip: Bitcoin is low.

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>Protip: Bitcoin is low.
I hope you realize that your image shows that 9k BTC is insanely high compared to where its been. It also shows that taking advice from Veeky Forums is a shit idea.

Why the fuck should anyone listen to you when you have such a garbage argument? Your post is some of the lowest quality shilling I have ever seen.

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You didn't short two times, so your knowledge is useless. All that matters is making money.

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I wonder what ethnicity are those grills

>All that matters is making money.

Can't wait for feudalism

>9k BTC is insanely high compared to where its been
>It also shows that taking advice from Veeky Forums is a shit idea.

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