1 eth to whoever tells me how to 10x my money in April

1 eth to whoever tells me how to 10x my money in April

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1. Do your own research
2. Work hard and have lots of dedication to whatever you decide to do
3. Dont give your money away for free
4. Stop being a gigantic piece of faggot

Screencap this it will go easily from the price right now 10x by the end of april

I'm awaiting 1 ETH if it's true here eo april:

how the fuck did I know someone was gonna shill payfair. felt it in my bones

wait for STORM flash crash today or tomorrow, have buys set, sell for 2x or close
Buy and hold BNB, 2-3x
Wait for some big BTC FUD and short 50x. another 2x+

That an 8x+ cant predict the future but those are solid options


if it flash crashes it wont recover

short bitcoin 100x leverage

buy the floor on hot-memes.surge.sh/pepes2.html

not a 10x

but guaranteed 2x


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You can't. Get a job and make an honest living. Automation will replace all jobs by the year 2040, but jobs are still the best answer.

storm already pumped tought. unless trex rumours are true don't see it going up again

buy TEL and sell for anywhere between .05 and .2 eoy.




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Ethos. Wallet is out soon.

unironically LINK

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big news in april

easy. buy kmd.

>have 0.1eth
>dont give away 1eth
There you go, before you knew it, you had 10x your eth

I have it but how will I know your gonna honor your end after ?
Also how do I know you’ve got the funds?


send me my eth ples, 0x4A08eC9f52173446A3ab08F63E2EC6d2bD3De5c5

You don't


Hold req/gvt from now til April.
Sell the news
Buy wanchain
Sell that news
Buy Another
Sell with another news

Binance, Banyan Network, IExec RLC, and WanChain. Not just April, but from here on out. Get as much as these as you can.

Totally agree with REQ
I dont know about GVT

Is that still a thing?
Sold for like 100k sats

Buy dirt cheap ECA. Wait for pump. Profit.