You are going to go all in on chainlink right guys?

You are going to go all in on chainlink right guys?

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im already all in with 22k, I think its enough, otherwise my wife will KYS me

Im waiting since ico
I just want the wage slaving to end

I cant handle it much longer


ull make it and then some. u can upgrade wife soon

I’m at 14k in case it hits 100 I’ll have a million

dude i love my wife, and i wish to make it so we both stop wagecucking I just want to make her happy and have kids.

Yeah we will make it but it will take another year or 2.

Same here bro. Many LINKers are family men. We aren't in this for some nigger rich lifestyle of hoes.


Of course not goy
I'll throw a fair 10% at it
but if you go all in Link or any other coin you are a fucking moron
Tech isn't everything, hype and shills count too
I'm here to make money, and going all in is not the best strategy.... it's a huge risk

totally agree, I just want to stop wagecucking and have a stable stress free family life, so tired of train wagecuck train sleep cycle...and waiting for weekends all week

That's what everyone said when link was 15 cents. Good thing I didn't listen.

These types of comments are the ones that makes me think this is all a ponzi

I want to get out but I got in at .51 what the fuck am I supposed to do

It may be a weird question but all I see is blind faith and shill for linl without any kind of explanation or discussion about its core function. I'm researching about it right now but let me make you all a simple question: What makes Link better from, f example EOS? (if they are comparable ofc), also what problems does LINK solve and why is it so hyped around here? thanks in advance, Im reading some reddit posts about it rn too

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do you even know what a ponzi is?

because faggot, we've already discussed and dissected every aspect of it already and now we're incredibly fucking bored waiting for the inevitable. D Y O R R O Y D Y O R D

True, we already went through all the details, memed, FUDed, it took me 2-3 months to finish accumulating, now i'm just lurking biz for the keks, link has been through soo many FUD, and its still holding it's awsome can't wait for mainnet

I'm gonna go read every link post and discussions from the archives and compile the larger picture into a nice infographic. Once I verify the strength and weakness of the project and finish accumulating, I will dump the infographics.

I will save you the time, buy LINK and you will make it.
>I’m not gonna listen to a random person on Veeky Forums
>4am Monday morning after 72 hours of continuous research with no sleep
>user was right

You could be samefagging your own thread for all I care
I'm doing the research

Don't be triggered by the niggardly nigger. Let him wander and squander like a goonly figure. He will never amount to anything but cleaning the shitter.

It's sad sight to see such ignorance on this board. But as the moral code goes, every human is entitled to opinions. No matter how idiotic and goonish it may seem.

She will divorce rape you and take over half your Link. Better move into monero after you make it to protect your assets if shit goes wrong. Over 60% chance.

There are probably thousands of threads to read through. I will help you narrow it down.
The key words you need are
Open zeppelin / zeppelin os
API economy
ISO 22002

Anything else?

7777777 get

Fuck me how do people still think this wasn't just a larp

just read the white paper and watch Sergey's interviews and dev con speeches. Way fucking easier then waddling through autistic sperging

all in comrade... anything below $1 is a steal

another family man here

Because he hasn't been wrong about anything.

I’m going to commission an artist to paint a mural in one of the walls of my home of Sergey in a Greek god style when I make it.

Me too.

Except his price predictions

Jason Parser