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> he fell for the pnd coin yet again

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Another ERC20 down the toilet
2018 is cleaning up season

The leakage didnt help

I'm still amazed how I'm able to buy every fucking shitcoin that sinks down the toilet out there.

[email protected] who bought this

Nano isn't an ERC20 token you dumb fuck.

What is it then Einsten, a bitcoin fork ?

Nano is a fcking scam. How can you be in this shit?


He knows

This is my signal to buy.

it's probably gonna pump again soon.

I just need it top come back to .0011 stats and i'm out of the shitcoin

down like 60% on this shit but I believe it will be minimum $100 EOY

It was one hell of a rebrand


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Nano is a DAG token you dumb bitch.
Gas fees for sender and receiver transactions on the block lattice are sky-high right now, so why would anyone use it?

I blame that thieving Bitgrail mongrel

u stupid plebbit fucks. OP short his nano stack and trying to produce FUD to buy more cheap nano. same principle with the other coins. thats why some people give the advise to do the opposite biz says

And it’ll still be down in sats.

0.0011 sats is below 1 sat, you meant 0.0011btc

I hope u fuckers are ready. Huge pump coming. Screen shot this poor fags

Just bought 100k

I dont give a shit about sats, I traded shitcoins I mined for it on nanex

ooo buy signal thanks dipshit

Quit buying at the top

Charlie thinks Nano has some promise.

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What did he mean by this?

Time for Pascal coin to take its rightful spot

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I'm trying.

so basicly if Veeky Forums says its shit you must to buy
especially if you check out the graph and realize that this is literally cup

That would be true, if we were in the bull market...
It's going down, count on it.

i am actually think that if chinks dont dump today (within 2-3 hours) that will turn us into begining of real bull run

Nani is shot. Piece of shit that keeps dumping

Nano has been dissapointing of late. If bitcoin can get back on the bull, and transaction fees skyrocket, Nano will boom like no boom has boomed.
But since that probably won't happen for a while, it'll be a slow grind up.

Buy high sell low, buy low sell even lower

LMAO at anyone buying this scam, can't believe people still buy this shitty ERC-20 token. Really makes you believe theres a sucker born every minute.

go home pajeeta

You're betting on this guy? The idiot who created the biggest shitcoin in all of crypto?

let me ask you guys a question. Do you think your gem hold will slowly grow over time, regardless of market cycles, just keep climbing slowly up - OR - do you think your gem hold will look like crap for a long time, then moon like a fucking donald fuck boner?

IMO, nano will be the donald duck boner pump, so keep pressing S to spit and then regret that one day when you open CMC and see it mooning.

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Has the word pajeet lost all meaning? Pascal was written by like the whitest dude with the whitest programming language.

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Fuck, people called out RaiBlocks for a garbage website.
Pascal's website turned me away from mining it, let alone buying it and my electricity is free.

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I think they’re doing updates now. Last I checked it had obnoxious animations (faq section spun around on page scroll)

>up 9%

This is literally the first erc20 token you can buy. Instant transactions are just running on nano servers and are basically excell spreadsheets. There is no dag or blockchain only tokens and excell.

Weak and vague fud after a big update. Anyone falling for this pretty much deserves to lose out on the gains.

Sure, it's free and fast now, but what happens when the next cryptokitties clogs up the etherium network?
It's amazing that they've come this far with an ERC20 token, but I don't think it will hold up to eth network traffic no matter how much Vitamix likes it.
Long story short: 1 transaction always equals 1 captcha, so good luck with that.

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Reddit's gonnna freak!

Press P to shit on my portfolio

Vitalik has repeatedly warned that Nano is one of the worst ERC20 tokens and could drop to 2k at any time.

>being this wetodded

It's its own coin with its own original tech you street shitting cunt. How would an ERC20 token be faster than ETH??? How would a Bitcoin fork wreck the scalability issue???

show link to that claim pls

Show link to claim bro, I don't trust you pajeets.
Anyway, nani sucks I tried to send some to my friend with the mobile wallet it says "attention kernel leak please abort".
No working wallet after 3 years (except Mew)

You fucking Esel, STFU with your FUD.

The only nano I have left is what is held by Bitgrail. I am not sure if I should wish for the coin to die.

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I would unironically buy and support Nano if it didn't have just one developer

if you're down in sats in mean you'd have profited more by holding btc and all the price increase is because btc increased lmao

meant for

>biz says RIP

Literally means NANO is about to pump.

this fuckin ICO presale ERC20 tokens without any new tech are like cancer..
just sell them

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I dont know how often you are on BIZ, but the same shit said someone when it was at 25$, because such threads are always up...
He based his investment decision on that fact, that it must be a good project because biz shit on it and adviced to sell...

How much is he down now, -75% ?? smth around that

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every coin with a central Authority is shit. Just the fact that the Developer own 50% of the supply, worry me.

We are crying that mtgox hold 150.000 coins and sold some of them. Guys that are less then 1%.
If we talk about coins like XRP IOTA NANO .... all fully premined shit coins. Its very likely that you will sit on a exit scam, or at least on a bomb that can explode everytime...,

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No way, when nano was over $20 it was shilled endless on biz as the next bitcoin.

50% ?
Try 75%, just Colin the main dev holds 45% of the coins as opposed to lets say XLM or XRP with its fair distribution (devs own less than 5%).
Not to mention theres literally 50 million coins hacked by kernel leaks on bitgrail.

>the Developer own 50% of the supply,

>Try 75%

> XLM or XRP with its fair distribution (devs own less than 5%).

xlm foundation holds 90% ripple holds 60%

You are pulling those numbers out of your ass

Please do. Tell your friends to buy. Take these fucking bags off my hands

it's not even a secret. check the token distributions on their webpages.

As the price continues to drop lol

Post proof that Colin has 45% of the coins

Already booked faggot, you missed the boat.

Keep dreaming fuckling

>he fell for the zero transaction fee communism meme

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Nanlets are deaf to this fact

The new logo looks like anal beads.

No downvote bots here nanlet

just leaving this here

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I just bought a nano t shirt from amazon...

I own 780 nanos...I think i should day trade this to accumulate more...yeah?

never daytrade your lambo coins

Take lets say 15% and daytrade with that if you cant help yourself.
And dont get greedy.

well i bought in when it was worth .0010630 btc

So the bags are pretty fucking heavy right now.

I'm thinking it's gonna drop more...but selling right now would be retarded.

I think I should wait for it to go back to around .0095 btc and then try and buy back more at around .0085

do what you want, just don't go posting wojacks when you sell all your nano thinking it will go lower and instead it goes up 50% in 3 hours

By the come binance doesn't have alerts that you can set up to go off when a coin reaches a certain price? Wouldn't that be much more benficial for us?

I used tdameritrade and they were really good about sending alerts to your phone...

helped me get a lot of money doing that shit

You guys realize all the negative comments are satirical and trolls.

>Dev fund is less than 5% total supply
>Kernel leak doesn't exist there isn't even a kernel in nano
>not an erc20
>there is no gas fees, or fees at all ever
>colin doesn't own a big chunk of the cmc he just controls the 5% dev fund that is used to pay team of like 50 people

It isn't even on MEW. Literally what coin are you faggots talking about? Nano isn't an ERC20 token either.

Just did. It says 4.5%. this fud is so stupid I'm starting to think it's generated by bots.

Were you even here? XRB was the most shilled shit in existence during the bullrun


for what coin retard

Should I buy? Looks like an amazing opportunity to get in for 30-50% pump at this price.

if you don't own at least some NANO, you've been successfully brainwashed by salty pajeets on Veeky Forums who are fudding the shit out of it because they bought in when I dumped my bags on them at > $30 and sold at a huge loss.

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true, it's great when it 2x's and fucks over all it's 'Hodlerz'.

Set up an alert on a tradingview chart.