A tyrannical genius

Total market collapse. Complete depletion of personal assets (except for the elite who have already exited). Dollar hyperinflation. A nation full of brainwashed cucks, indebted blind and primed to be enslaved.

If you think otherwise you're deluded.

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He's just incompetent. He's a perfect example to debunk the idea that just because somebody is good at running a business they would be good president.

he's not good at running a business tho

What have they exited too?

Market crashing. Dollar hyperinflating. Crypto crashing even harder. Where do we put our money?

All logic says that Bitcoin should be rebounding towards 20k like a speeding bullet right now but it can't fucking break 10k.

>t just because somebody is good at running a business they would be good president

I swear Veeky Forums is the stupidest board on this site

It blows my fucking mind that people still buy the meme that he is rich. If he was really rich why the fuck would he go on the apprentice. Why the fuck would he be scamming people in Trump University.
And why the fuck wouldn't he release his tax returns.

I'm a Trumpkin and I still have faith in him. The country was fucked and nothing short of a total civil war could save it at this point anyways. Hopefully he succeeds where Hitler failed.

fuck off leftypol

Extra turnip day at the troll factory. Fuck off Ivan.

>le leftypol boogeyman

you fags dont undersatnd that all the infighting is false. Trump is set up for it to fail and hes the badman. Hes the guy the elites will claim crashed the system. They will fuck us badly when they steer him to fail. He is genuine drain the swamp but has been set up to crash and burn no matter what he does.

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The twitter president. The only thing that's more pathetic is his hair blowin in breeze

1. In the latter stages of his career he made most of his money via branding buildings. He wasn't the all star property developer business tycoon that everybody made him out to be (although he may of been quite a good one in the 70s/80s when the market boomed, but that's like saying biz NEETs are good investors because they invested in crypto early). He simply lent out the trump name to appear on the sides of buildings around the world without having to actually design and build them. The apprentice was a ridiculously good marketing tool for furthering the brand name and the trump brand so that's probably why he did it. (and probably why he ran).

2. Not sure about the Uni

3. Because he's absolutely not paying the right taxes like most rich billionaires in america.

You are a fucking retard.

>why the fuck would he go on the apprentice
Ego, narcissism, and his business is the Trump name and being a lovable famous celebrity can only help

>why the fuck would he be scamming people in Trump University.

You act like he was at Trump U. collecting the money himself. Someone probably licensed his name for a hefty fee and he didn't even know what was going on.

>why the fuck wouldn't he release his tax returns
He's probably paying an extremely low tax rate despite making billions and since he wants to represent the blue collar average Joe it would hurt his image.

Crypto is the only savior.

Yeah, his presidency has been a disaster desu.

i think numa will be a solution r to everything else crashing. a safe haven that goes up in value. wau coin keeps going up and iys from the same company as numa but numa is based on usd value to rise against

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give me an answer retard should i just start hoarding gold and silver?


thanks, just bought 100k

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