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Any images involving nocoiners and normies?

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what is going on here? were they just trolling the guy?

google his username

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He's the reason why ETC exists. Newfags have no idea shit like this happened with ETH, anyone who chants for ETH to flip BTC is fucking retarded

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>He's the reason why ETC exists.
But that's wrong you stupid faggot, ETC exists because of the DAO fork in 2016

>tfw you try to show how much of an oldfag you are but just appear just as new

Black lives don't matter

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Jesus Christ this place sometimes lol......

>pic related
A random user was playing with commands and discovered -and triggered- a critical bug in parity wallets, locking away forever +500k ETH.
It was a funny week, around last autumn

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faggots truly are the worst kind of people

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haha well made

Holy kek

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>tfw the list youve created and only posted once has become a meme

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The whole 6000000 incident was funny as hell. It happened in AssBlaster's thread.
Someone should go to the archive and make a screencap.

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This one if people for the people who watched this, around 3-4 months ago I think

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I lost $8k that day on that shit. Had only been in crypto for like 4 months at the time. This is when I learned to never ever FOMO.

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story user?

>The scammer gets scammed

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it was a conference involving OMG and GNT


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I enjoyed this one

I liked this one

>tfw you see your pasta

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nu wojacks

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i was in tears that was so fucking hilarious

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damn this is amazing

anyone have the guy where he's a samurai?


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this tbqh

is a fucking retard. same principle but he is a nitpicking retard trying to flex e peen

develops199 is literally not the reason ETC exists. ETC existed long before Nov 2017.

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Holy shit it's true. How the fuck are they so redpilled?!

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no flex zone