Why is chainlink talked about to much on this board compared to reddit

Why is chainlink talked about to much on this board compared to reddit

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reddit doesn't geddit

daaamn you are so cool son

This board is too dumb to know better.

Reddit is not ready for the truth

It was first talked about/memed here, so naturally redditors were off put by it. They never wanted to see for themselves if it's legit.

It's consistent with the fact that most people aren't wealthy lool

reddit fags got pissed at some point that we made so many memes abour sergey burgers and link marines, they got pissed, and decided that chainlink was /pol/s coin, and they were more into nano, but what they don't understand is that antshares was shilled as much on Veeky Forums...reddit only fomoes into coins once it hits 5-10$

actually I think the fact that they got pissed at us, made us accumulated even more, and that's why links price is still low, because the normie redditors still think that it's a nazi coin

ChainLink is the newfag test.

When they finally figure it out, hthat's when singularity will hit us

Pretty much this. Reddit is downstream of Veeky Forums, whether they like it or not, and most of them are just fucking sheep that fomo into shit at the top, and are stuck with dem bags.

care to explain?

You buy link to participate in /biz. It's a hazing tactic user.

People shill the fuck out of LINK so that they'll cause the price singularity. For months, LINK is shilled every day, and countless retards don't buy in. Then, at the frst sign of LINK's success, everyone who has had LINK subconsciously imprinted into their mind will FOMO into it causing a huge price spike. That's when the retards on reddit and twitter will finally notice LINK, and will see that it had been shilled by Veeky Forums for ages, thus they will think they're getting in on it early, but when they buy in biz will dump BAGS on them. This will cause the price to tank, shaking out all the FOMOers to sell their bags, which the original dumpers will scoop back up and use to run nodes. This is the great transfer of normie beer money we all need.

damn user. Shit is about to get real

Except if normies don't dump after the FOMO, we'll be fucked with no bags to buy. NOT FUCKING SELLING

no, i buy link because I know oracles are the new thing...

Fuck it. I'm buying LINK now.


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I also downvote any Chainlink threads/posts I see on plebbit and make sure to call it a Veeky Forums scamcoin

Because biz is full of retarded incel autists who fall for snake oil.

There's only one reason. A consistently coordinated pump and dump. Easiest way to make money with a product that is promising but premature.

This BASED user. Saw you in another thread but didn’t say anything about it but the idea of someone purposefully keeping redditors away gives me a warm kind of feeling.

I don’t have a photo of it but I’m sure there’s many examples, some redditors were absolutely tearing the shit out of some rich users because working (wageslaving) is noble and that got a lot of upboats and echoes

Fuck it I just bought a few hundred link for the memes.


>you can shill biz on anything when you tell them they're smarter than plebbit..

>falling for the link meme

Cause it’s a meme and all memes originate on Veeky Forums

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Confirmed cool

But you asked newfriend

Same lol