What does Veeky Forums think of Taleb?

What does Veeky Forums think of Taleb?

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sounds jewish

Lebanese Orthodox Christian

Taleb Kweli?

nassim taleb plebian

Smart guy who wrote some interdasting stuff

Nassim Nicolas Taleb

Bald fat guy who thinks hes woke because he does squats and wears vibrams

he's based

predicted trump win and btfos globalists and mangerialists constantly

Cancer survivor
made a shit ton of money when the russian ruble collapsed

you're posting that twitter picture here because I have been memeing it for at least 2 months, that's what I think of the man

taleb > Veeky Forums sorry anons

I'll never take advice from a bald guy
If you're so smart why did you lose your hair?

Fugghetaboutit, gabish?

very based

transcendently based

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fudster, history is full of them...

sand nigger

I'm afraid of this thread cuz I dont wanna read some real dumb shit about Taleb that I know you total autists are capable of spouting about the man.
It would be extremely painful.

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One of the greatest minds of our era but will never be remembered because the powers that be hate him for his honesty. Taleb is who woke me up to the truth about "economists" They are almost always fucking wrong.

Also the dude is based af. Pic related

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He was one of the first to short the housing market in 08 you fucking idiot.

Taleb is as based as fuck. He would regard Veeky Forums as antifragile, and Reddit as fragile. Read his shit anons. You will like it, if you don't get it, go back to Twitter.

His thoughts in Bitcoin

>tfw finishing Antifragile in sporadic bursts when I feel like I need to read it some more
He'd be proud TBB

>lmao dude random events happen
>lmao dude complex systems are fragile

Wow really great insight, I'm sure nobody thought of it before

This is reddit:
Because of Reddit's upvote/downvote system, the ideas that most people agree with float to the top while those that people don't agree with are down-voted and ignored. The result is that what most people see is the popular consensus (group-think).

Then why are fragile systems still the default? :^)
Nothing is truly trivial

Why do people still listen to macroeconomists?

Was thinking about doing MS in Econ or Finance...Fooled by Randomness has me questioning my whole life.

He lost his hair because he was so smart.

Why are there market crashes?
Why are there car crashes?
Why is almost half the voting population made up of SJWs. Why are there mass graves just outside Phnom Penh?
Fragile systems are still the default because a great swathe of the population are mentally retarded.
Just stating the obvious user

Narcissist who got lucky at the stock market and thinks he's the shit now.

Also got BTFO by Sam Harris and Steven Pinker.

those two pussies aren't even in his league

Yeah they're miles above it.

Watch them debate for a good laugh. Nassim is just calling them names while they deconstruct his entire arguments.

i read his books and thought he was really smart. i read this and realized the man is the real deal. he is old as shit but realizes the value of something like crypto. hes not some old dinosaur like buffett.

I wouldn't take tech advise from a guy who thinks iPads directly descend from babylonian clay tabelts.

And yeah he actually said that.

you must have majored in econ,
speaks volume about your frivolous disdain for the Talebs

No I haven't. I've actually read his stuff, including books, blogs and insane twitter ramblings to figure out he's a dummy.

expand on that
why you think he's a dummy?

Tech is one thing but he’s pretty good at trends and concepts.

>antifragile chad vs the structured virgin

He sees multiple conspiracies around him including paid shills that harass him on twitter all day and GMO scare nuttery.

Also his arguments for religion are really bad, I would've posted a downright comical video of him defending religion on some theists vs atheists event but couldn't find it on Youtube anymore. It was honestly awful.

He also has massive ego and gets hurt really really easily. All who disagree with him are instantly part of some paid harassment campaing against him and blocked.

Also he really doesn't understand shit about half the stuff he's preaching about. He was a trader in the 80s and now he suddenly has the expertise on how to run the world.

I've been following his work for years now and started out as a fan of the guy. Also bought and read all of his books except Dynamic Hedging. Even the quote book he published about himself. (really shows the narcissism of this guy)

Just have a look at his Twitter to see the man in action. It gets downright absurd sometimes when his paranoia goes into overdrive.

Taleb is to Harris and Pinker as Harris and Pinker is to Joe Rogan.

He tends to generalize trends from a few anecdotes way too liberally.

Good example was that tech thing. In one article he had this theory where all previous tech was just re-iteration of old tech. He gave examples about how suitcases had wheels put on them and they turned into luggage bags... and then he makes a jump about how ancient clay tablets had some tech put into them and they turned into iPads. (which is completely ridiculous)

Also a funny side note: he advocated for paleo diet in Antifragile and in social media, but his twitter feed is full of pics of himself eating spaghetti.

his twitter is hilarious, he's a fuckin troll. if he was 20 he'd be on Veeky Forums without a doubt.

Hot daddy bear!
I bet he’s an alpha top with a huge cock.

this guy gets it

Based af

dont be a pleb, invest like Taleb

Bitter jew in love with his own voice.

Read his books, OP. It's good read until your 30's. There are some good concepts and thoughts in his books. You may find them confusing, or disagree with some of them, but at least you can refer to these concepts later on during thought processes, or when someone else will mention terms like black swan / antifragile you will understand what they are talking about

>implying he isn't already

He's egotistical, non-white but thinks otherwise very strongly, and believes in vast intellectual and elite conspiracies. Pretty good chance he browses /pol/ and shitposts about Jews.

If any of you guys want some nice Taleb kino econtalk podcast has him on occasionally he’s a good interview

It's always funny when people use ages as a checkpoint for when certain intellectual concepts should have merit and when they shouldn't

His books are pseudo-intellectual drivel and take hundreds of pages to explain concepts that are fundamentally uninteresting or simple from a mathematical perspective. Go make a thread on Veeky Forums and see how this clown is perceived there.

Youre really stuck on this tablet thing. I dont even doubt its true, but isnt what he said also true? most things are just improved upon. Also why the fuck would i go to taleb for diet advice. he was a fucking stock trader you idiot.

Options trader here. Fooled by randomness is the best book I’ve read related to trading. Really good ideas in there.

Tried reading Black Swan, he could use editor.