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15 hours ago

I got fucking quads you cucks!!!!!!! TREND REVERSED

>Tfw no one checking and im losing my ShIT

read my link that was just posted 40 minutes ago

we had a 7 million buy long roll in. Wallstreet money is moving in as well.

Holy shit look at these bullish digits



Yes senpai I am absolutely ecstatic. This is a sign from the gods. We must take advantage of this next run like our lives depended on it.

oh nice

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Holy shit I thought this day would never come

If this happens, which I doubt, wouldn't it spell a very rough time for BTC? It will essentially mean that alts will be decoupled from it, and like half of the people who traded BTC over the last year did so because they had to to trade in and out of alts.

Bittrex already announced they plan to do it. This is inevitable. It will mean alts don't get slaughtered and BTC dominance will go down.

Checked. Link $1k EOY

wow this changes EVERYTHING
just bought 100k

Does this mean Binance is gonna report our trades to the IRS though?

It will be interesting. I'm wondering what the implications will be as far as taxes go for those of us in various countries, but anything that can make it so that the whole market doesn't move in sync all the time is good.

Kek yes


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there is no bull in sight you FOMO moron
it only stopped going down like a motherfucker and will go sideways now

Bullish for alts you fucking mongoloid

>"bull for alts"
OK chap, pls buy your alts before BTC fucks around again. You can surely win against BTC with your alts. That's how it works.

nothing you nigtard. do you think the gooks are moving to malta to comply with regulations? can you even find malta on a map?

It is very bullish for alts, all things considered, I don't think you fully understand the implications this would have for the market. If this really happens, BTC won't be in the top spot anymore come EOY.

Nobody cares about EOY in March
Also fucking FIAT paired coins don't give a fuck as well. If BTC drops they go down as well. See ETH, XRP, XLM, everything.

If you're not the one living in Malta, then you have to technically deal with taxes etc. in your country. You're free not to do it if you feel like you can escape the consequences (which will never the same) but a lot of us prefer to stay on the legal side so that it doesn't come back to bite us in the ass after a while.

None of us can predict what exactly will happen, but in all logic, more fiat pairings can only lead to more decoupling over the long term. Also, if you think that caring about where things might be in 8 months for now is too long term, I don't know what to say.

>thinking normies care about BTC when they can buy X in the same manner as coinbase

deluded moron

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I guess you can just disregard what happened in the last weeks
please buy your alts

Because BTC buys alts you fucking moron, when BTC is no longer used to buy ALTs nobody has to care about BTC's rise and falls.

Utter brainlet

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But that's what people are saying user. *Right now*, everything moves in sync. But the more fiat pairings there are, the more those pairings are used over BTC and ETH ones, the less these kinds of things will happen. Things will move more independently.

Mega brainlet

You fucking morons should be careful what you wish for. Alts being paired in USD will result in alts being valued at their true value, close to fucking 0 for almost all of them.

Bitcoin is the only coin which does all of what it promises.

Fuuuuucccckkkkk!!!!! 4k incoming. Everyone tether up. Final warning.

It's not wishing for anything, it's simply trying to figure out what will happen. You can't just wish for things then insult people who think otherwise. Wtf?

All my meme money is in BNB.

anyone post the funds are safe pasta
in witch user was about to get robbed and binance ceo apeared

you guys have no idea what you're asking for.
fucking morons.

We're asking for everything to be closer to its true value. Fiat pairings would change the market dynamics a lot. Does that mean a lot of it will go down? Sure, probably. But if you believe in Bitcoin, why do you care if alts get decoupled.

>be me riding subway home through sketchy part of NYC
>4 thugs get on at the last stop before mine and immediately start eyeballing me and make me generally uncomfortable
>I shift in my seat as one of them edges closer, he opens his jacket so only I am able to see the glock in his waistband
>he mutters under his breath, "you gon give up the wallet homie?"
>fuck my fucking life
>I begin to reach for my back pocket to give the thug my wallet when suddenly there is an explosion of glass from the side window of the subway car
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>it's at this moment that I realize there is a new person standing in between me and the thugs, a small Asian looking dude with a huge fucking head wearing a grayish hoodie that says "binance"
>Jesus fucking christ it's fucking CZ what the fuck
>at this moment I notice he has the thug's glock in his hand, which he immediately lifts and fires three perfect shots into the dicks of the remaining thugs, who immediately collapse and begin making animal noises
>for the first time I open my mouth to speak but CZ quickly spins around and puts a finger over my mouth, "shhhing" me as he looks into my eyes
>he speaks very quietly:
>"Funds are safe."

i dont care about btc though.

has anyone posted this to cz's twitter yet?

Quads for Link eom $44

So... you're against the fact that other crypto projects rise or fall by their own merit? I'm not sure I follow you. Generalized fiat pairings won't kill crypto to crypto transactions, but it will make everything behave a lot closer to a real market.

jesus man , that was brilliant

well done

Is anyone else asking how Binance being haunted by governments will play out. Governments always win, Malta is a small powerless EU country.

And Oh, The value of altcoins have been going up with the value of BTC, remove BTC and majority of these alts will be trading at worthless prices. #FACT.

10/10 whoever wrote this should write actual novels

>so you're against the fact that other crypto projects rise or fall by their own merit?
Something like 99.5% of crypto projects have no merit. It's also easy to regulate pump and dumps in USD and completely illegal with no gray area. I am against this market for gambling on already extemely overvalued shittokens that take 10 minutes to create which has allowed me to amass a few hundred thousand dollars disappearing thanks to USD pairings, yes.

>make everything behave more like a real market
Nobody in crypto wants any of this to "behave like a real market," holy shit just go buy some bluechip stocks.


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In any case, it's very possible that the only reason they moved to Malta is because the dialogue with the regulatory authorities wasn't going so well in Japan, and that they'll just continue to do things as they did before. When Binance started, CZ's whole spiel about being a 2.0 exchange was that it would only be crypto to crypto. Maybe they have changed the way they want to approach this, but they say it themselves, I'll keep thinking that they'll stay away from fiat to crypto pairings.


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>world's biggest exchange
what the fuck binance literally like only opened in october. I remember them begging everybody to use their exchange and adding random shitcoins to bring in users.
I'm glad though shittrex got what's coming to them. What a piece of shit exchange that was

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Weren't you saying that BTC is the only coin that matters?

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>late adopters desperately hoping btc dies so their flavor of the month shitcoin replaces it
the absolute state

Biz is flooded with normies now, they don't understand the significance of dubs, trips, or quads. But congrats on that, seriously

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Can't believe I used to use trex religiously and refused to research or buy into coins that were only on binance because it was 'that weird chink exchange with the fucked up interface'. Jesus. I also can't believe they still have .25% fees there.

>STORMed a little this morning
>sold with a nice profit and put it into BNB
>making money in comfy BNB all day

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Is it too late to buy bnb for next few hours?

Checked senpai


>he bought BNB high

Fucking finally. This explains why eth got buttfucked so hard. Yikes, I'm glad I'm in other alts. What's the point of eth and btc when I can buy alts directly and cash out from them directly with fiat?

Not just quads, but quad quads. Mega bull run confirmed.
Bitcoin to hit $24,444 by June.
$52,444.40 by end of year.
$524,444 by 2020.
Bear wojaks destroyed by the mighty bull.

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>moving because of regulatory pressure

That was this morning.

good luck sending millions of dollarydoos from gook bank of malta to wells fargo, faggot.

>it's impossible to hold in USD on binance until ready to cash out by buying ETH or LTC to send to your US bank-connected exchange to then sell back to USD to deposit to your bank
pic related
it's your brain

Dont mind the handler

you can do that with tether now nigtard

Quads, Trips and Dubs
Kek's praise be upon OP
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Heil Hitler

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RIP Jibrel conspiracys theories.

?This just strengthens the theory.Jibrel said back in november they were working on a deal with the bank of malta.Cz Speaks at jibrels conference in january in south korea.The clues are there.

CZ is single handledly saving crypto. We dont deserve such a monolith

COSS shills on suicide watch.

Checked and downtrend wrecked

>muh traders are crypto
take your money and go fuck thailand whores and leave the rest of us alone
you're merely the cancerous tumor growing on crypto, much like jews sure as hell didn't build western civilizations even if they dominate the discourse today
nobody who's actually relevant in blockchain technology gives a fuck about catering to your kind


I only know where Malta is because the sets they built for the Robin Williams Popeye movie are still standing.

This bad for crypto as a whole, like that guy said above. We don't want this to behave like a normal market, and we want people to have to buy btc in order to get involved.

He is right, honestly. This is all a fucking casino and almost all coins are literal trash--that said, it is trash you can make money on.

What happens to tether once this happens?

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it moons

>we want people to have to buy btc in order to get involved
Speak for yourself, I don't want my alts to have anything to do with your dinosaur cuckcoin.

>USD pairings with FUN
>FUN no longer follows market dips
>FUN product releases in less than 10 weeks

Holy shit holy shit holy shit holy shit holy shit.


>the absolute state of deluded FUN shills

How can they do this? Won't they have to comply with US regulations like KYC?

>muh dinosaur shitcoin
fuck off back to r/bagcoin

No we dont you fucking btc maximalist cunt

Wait brainlet here.

If I have euros, I can not deposit right ? Which means BTC and USDT are still relevant for me ?

It's all hypothetical for now, but whatever payment processor they chose should be able to convert euros to USD.

You guys realize that Malta is part of EU, right?



guys I am scared of Binance, if Binance becomes too big and most crypto trading is done thorugh Binance we might have another Mt. Gox if they get hacked.
Hopefully most of the crypto trading is done on their decentralised exchange, Binance will be like Coinbase and you send the funds to Binance Chain like GDAX.