Did you buy it yet

Did you buy it yet

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the more threads i see the less likely

Please write Chainlink in the thread title. This will help people know which token to buy.

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I bought it fucking months ago and nothing has happened.

yes, 45k

some. I feel uncomfortable when I am not holding it.

No. And thank the lord I didn’t. Y’know, I had 10k when these ChainLink posts started last year. Ignored that shit. I have just over 300k now. I can tell you, I wouldn’t have gotten there if I held this coin.

You should be ashamed of yourselves. This meme is literally, unironically costing people one of the biggest opportunities to get rich in their lifetimes. It’s not funny, people post about it and treat it like it’s a seriously good investment opportunity but it fucking isn’t.

No i like money so i bough ripple


Did you buy it yet?

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that jew scam coin ?

good, its working

Nice larp

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I actually did buy 10 of these stickers.

Dude I bought like 20 of your stickers and they still haven’t come. What gives?

He ships from the UK.

message me on etsy then

i've sent out hundreds of orders on ebay and etsy and almost none get lost

Mine came pretty fast honestly. I live on the east coast.

This, if anyone is interested in sending mail cheaply from the UK, shipping times vary a lot, especially if the country or area is not a frequent delivery route

dude seriously, who the FUCK has all this time on their hands to make these memes.

eastcoast linklet fag reporting in!

get some sleep user. we have a full day of staring at 1 minute candles to look forward to!

I'm sitting so comfy on 70k stinky linkies, I'm stopped staring at charts. No larp.

I'm working on my deck in the sun tomorrow family. Pretty excited about it.

i have 6k ... FUCK

Literally me the stack amount too

Anyone else /enlightened/

double what I have and you aren't bagholding about 100 LINK stickers

Listen faggots I'm running a STINKY sale now, 20% off with 5 orders

5000 Q2 2019 it is written

I see you're trying to bypass by filter faggot.

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