Please buy BTCP. Please I am begging you

Please buy BTCP. Please I am begging you.

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Why? Heavy bags?

Haven't even bothered claiming mine. Is it $100 yet?

Nah, you deserve this for supporting another scamfork and for being a brainlet.

I already have a big tits creampie subscription

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Rhett can't believe he can do this every year and get away with it. I heard he just bought another house. Can anyone confirm?


Everyone who bought this did it to flip quick gains and dump their bags on suckers.
Reap what you sow.


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Please explain what you thought was going to happen? That the 125% bonus BTCP would make you an absolute fortune.

I spread as much FUD as I could before the fork to try and warn people that was a sophisticated pump and dump, but no one listened.

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I bought ZCL at $40,, thought how much money i was making,started thinking about buying the motorbike i always wanted and other stuff, life was great desu
But i didn't sell at $200 i thought it was going for more, and i end up selling all my stack at $30
i have nothing left, after holding this for 4 months


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liteally everything i was planning to buy with those precious gains its gone, fuccccking gone, i have managed to make sweet profits in the bear market and its gone, its all fuckin gone

How does it feel to know your own greed cost you mad gains.

Selling at a loss was your choice, live with it.

how the fuck did you not sell prefork at 80/90?
Or even just after the fork for 50-100 anywhere?

desu it feels terrible, i feel a big hole in my chest, it's feels surreal desu, it just can't be

idk what to say i just had everything and didn't sell and now i don't have anything, i had the last chance, crypto was dying and i still made incredible profits and i let them slip away, it's my fault, it wasn't much tho i invested $700 usd and made almost $5k that in my country for a NEET like me it's a fucking ton of money, and no i can't make that working here minimun wage in argentina is like 360USD kek, it's horrible

why the fuuuck didn't you sell at 60-200, are you retarded lmao

Alright dumb fuck listen closely
Buy BNB right this fucking second
doesnt matter if it dips more or not, I cant predict the future for you: this shit is going up, expecting 0.0025 at the very least
Sell BEFORE the burn motherfucker

I just can not fucking believe people would think this wasn't a scam, it's inconceivable.

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it's not going to go up, get over it.

I sold and fomo again because people were saying that Bittrex will indeed support the fork etc and ZCL spike from 100 to 150 and all looked good desu, i didn't sell right after the fork because in kucoin it was like $800usd and i thought well maybe in one month we can be again at that price or something i don't know dude i had fate and thought that if that shit went to at least $500 and i had sold at $200 i coudn't forgive myself but now its all gone.

I wish i was larping, just laugh at me

Hitbtc WHEN

nigger if this was a scam why even bother actually forking and going through all the development work and hosting a website and talking to exchanges and shit
if it was a scam, they would have just announced the fork, dumped bags at the top and then nothing would have happened

Haha wtf I thought he just dumped after the fork I didn't know it was a literal textbook PnD

The retarded thing is that you can pin this 100% on Rhett&co.
If they used that fucking pile of money they got from the developer donation mining fund for a binance listing it would have gone up to at the very least 0.025-0.05 initially at least.

Greedy motherfuckers didn't want to pay the binance listing fee and here we are.
Honestly quite surprised no crackheads started stalking Rhett after this.

Ok, i have like $200 left its all i have and im going to buy that, should i sell before something an special date or something?

Hey at least you didn't lose 3k on the xtcc scam. That has to be the worst.

yeah, they literally stole all the money from the donation pol and everything, i just can't laught at anyone after this anymore, i can't call other people low iq retards, it's fucking over for me

Because if you don't go through with the fork everyone know it is a pump and dump and you go to jail. If you go through with the fork you get to blame roger ver and exchanges for why the price sucks.

>Ok, i have like $200 left its all i have and im going to buy that, should i sell before something an special date or something?
Natural selection

dude, i was all in btcp i don't have an idea what is going with other coins i just use Veeky Forums to shitpost

can someone explain me BTCP?

Why would I buy it instead of monero? Why did it fork from Zcash? What's its relaitonship with Core/Blockstream/Szabo? What are the fud points?

first post i read itt and wow you're retarded

I lost 25 thousand on this. Im litearlly going to kill myself.

Time to hang out with Sayori!

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dude, it's an scam fork we retards fell for, don't buy

Yes but why do you think random anons will give you honest advice? Or good advice? How are you so naive and still alive in a shithole country?

dude there is nothing left for me i just have $300usd and i rather buy a coin than start gambling at BitMex besides there are a couple of threads talking about binance and stuff, idk im going to give it a look, do you have a better advice?

I bought 25k worth at 185. You don't know how I feel right now.

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>can someone explain me BTCP?
Rhett is the lead dev
Zcash had a 20% dev fee
Rhett took the code and stripped out the fee and Zclassic was created
Zclassic becomes a dead coin and Rhett goes on the create two other failed projects
Dec 2017, Rhett announces BTCP a "fork" of ZCL and BTC (ZCL is currently at $2).
ZCL pumps above 200 as it is viewed as a surefire way to get a BTC fork cheaply.
The fork happens and all excitement ends and it is now worth around $30.

>Why would I buy it instead of monero?
Idiots think Bitcoin name = $1000 minimum valuation


a random privacy altcoin decided to latch onto the Bitcoin name and create a fork of it called BTCP that would merge the blockchains of both coins
shills claimed that the Bitcoin name would add value to BTCP, despite each new fork being worth less and less
basically, the pump was driven by greater fool theory

>idk im going to give it a look, do you have a better advice?
Try hanging out with Sayori. You'll never have to worry about getting pajeeted ever again.

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shit dude, how much % does that represent of your portfolio?

i ordered the full set keychain tho

It was around 25% back in January when I bought. I haven't sold though, I'm just going to hold and hope for the best.

How low does it have to go before the suicides start?