Collectibles as an investment

What does Veeky Forums think about investing in collectibles? Sports cards, pokemon cards-- anything with a sizable market and certain objective high-end items.

pic related, a PSA 10 (perfectly printed, perfect condition) first edition base set Charizard. If you had bought this card a couple of years back for $10,000, you could be selling it for $30,000 today.

Obviously it would be silly to put too much of your net worth in collectibles, but surely it could be a good move to diversify with a modest investment in a collectible market you understand?

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Biz has opened my eyes. Any worthless selling like that for silly money is probably market manipulation.
And pokemon cards are worthless. Any "collectables" printed after the 90s have no value because professional collectors are hoarding thousands of them in mint condition.
Collectables are only valuable if they're rare.

very speculative and hard to predict, although cars follow fairly obvious trends.

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That was my initial reaction to high prices for pokemon cards two years ago, when nostalgia brought me back around to look at the prices of some cards on eBay.

Not everything is a conspiracy. The card in the OP, for example, is graded by PSA (like most high-end cards). PSA publicly releases the populations of each card, and that one is just over 100. So, it's supply and demand. I think that the better argument is that the demand might fall out for the cards, but at the same time, people who grew up with the base set of pokemon in '99 are now starting to get their careers rolling.

>very hard to predict

Yeah, I'm on the fence about it.

Nazi memorabilia is like owning gold as an investment.

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>Any "collectables" printed after the 90s have no value because professional collectors are hoarding thousands of them in mint condition.

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Funny story, back in elementary school, probably 98/99 I got a 1st edition Charizard in my very first pack of pokemon cards I got from a 7-11. Took it on the school bus a week later to show off to everyone and lost it on the bus the same day

there was an unopened 1st edition booster box (the display box all the booster packs came in) that sold for $50,000. crazy shit.

Yeah, I saw that. Here's a video of the rich kid buying it

Funny story, I stole a first edition from some autist on the school bus around that time. Pretty sure I wiped my ass with it.

Nice, stealing from an 8 year old,.

he's doing a meme

I sold a shitty 3/10 charizard non first ed. For 20$. Competitive cards have some value other than that mostly worthless for years.

I had one of those. My brother lost it.

where would i sell this OP?

If i were to have one , Wheres the 30k buyers

eBay. 10 charizard&_sop=16

This card is dated between 1891 and 1911 when Pittsburgh, PA lost the 'h'.

The trick is to figure out what kids 20 years younger than you are really interested in. There will be a few that "make it", and inevitably they will yearn for some nostalgia, and are willing to pay top price for it.

i collect trump hats and trump accessories. bitches be jelly of my 2017 st patricks day hat

he spent fifty grand on that box and stayed in a fucking la quinta?

It was produced 1909 to 1911 and it's the most valuable baseball card on the market. There are estimated to be only 60 still in circulation.

he also flew what looks like coach

How much are those Charizards worth now? I got one in my first ever pack. Then some cunt robbed it at school.

fishy. he got his 1M view though so whatever.

as Schindler said, when the war comes, we'll need portable treasures

How much do you think this will be worth in a year? 5 years?
If they restock I want to buy another one to sell.

Forgot pic

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same here, but was in spic language