$3 000 000 000 OF DOLLARS ENTERED MARKET LAST 15minutes

$3 000 000 000 OF DOLLARS ENTERED MARKET LAST 15minutes.

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What the fuck are you talking about, the Mcap going up by 3 billy does not mean that much money entered the market.

Thats not how mcap works

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We're gonna make it senpai

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the stars suggest this is the start of bullruns to enter history

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>He thinks he's going to mek it.

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>he fell for the marketcap meme

also that money is FOMO from the BTC bait
you will regret fomoing into this one

actually my sweet summer rebecca, that's exactly what it means.

>That ID

>"o biz (u) gayy" ID

People aren't this dumb, right?


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What bait?

stfu idiot

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Nice digits+gif pairing


what's happening in here


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I want a (You) and a funny ID too

Epic Bread

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obviously gay. Neat

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>that id

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Expose Facebook and the rest of the kikes. Take back our rights and our data and our freedoms and fuck them all!

We need crypto to be successful. A centralized government run blockchain must be denied.

The crypto community at this moment, needs work. Don't be stupid. Read as much as you can and learn as much as you can about crypto and blockchain technology. You don't need to know how to code and to know the code itself. But knowing how it works now, how it may work in the future, and why it is of use to society is important.

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Hello Obviouzly Gay.
a 3 billion increase in market cap doesn't mean people just spend 3 billion dollars buying crypto. It means, in fact, that the aggregate value of all coins increased by 3 billion dollars.

>Dense motherfuckers like this actually exist
Also gayy ID

I always wonder if Sminem knows.

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u gayy like your name kek

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binance news see you on the moon

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Put me in the screencap

lmao this is some hq bait

kek poor user

>that id

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fat faggot

looks like people coming in from the stock market crashing wasn't just a meme after all



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>the absolute state of your id
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>Says st8sFa0g

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i hate all of you.

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>so insecure about his sexuality he feels the need to make himself look as edgy as possible

says the gaylord who's gay and straight? that's rich.

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Damn right I'm a proud American.
>in b4 la creatura meme

>Obese homo thinks he knows how market cap works
>even smug about it
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