Give me one good reason not to go all in 50/50 BTC/ETH

Give me one good reason not to go all in 50/50 BTC/ETH

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because eth keeps bleeding sats like fuck


since you should go 90% BTC 10% ICX/QASH/LUX/BNB right the fuck now

So your argument is that I shouldn't buy them because I didn't buy at the peak of the bubble?

Your retarded

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If the rumors of Bittrex and Binance alts to USD pairings are true, a lot less people will need to buy BTC or ETH to trade and that might cause them to drop heavily in the short term (there will be a drop, that much is certain, then the question is if people who were holding them will stay rational - in which case not much will happen - or if they won't understand what's happening and panic sell, causing a downward spiral).

So if you want an argument as to why you shouldn't go 50/50 on those two, that would be mine at the moment. (And no, I don't want to argue that this won't be the case because XYZ, I'm just giving an answer to the OP.)


i dunno but i'm 70% BTC / 30% ETH

Never catch falling knives.

By all means though...cost average your meme dream and find out what happens when you wake up.

There isn't going to be anything left on this one.

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Blockstream controls BTC, ETH is a shitcoin developed by a pedo

Bitcoin Cash is literally the only crypto that will flourish long term.

I used to be worried about that, but then I checked and the search volume just follows the price increases, not the other way around.

If you pick out a specific peak you can see that interest peaks like two weeks after the price does.

because eth is only good for shitcoin erc20 ICOS, and now that those are dead eth is dying too.

anyone who does TA will tell you eth is retracing to 300 and below

Meme coins aren't going to 0 you retard

Bitcoin is the juggernaut of them all, and ETH is the next best one with an actual working product that is getting closer to having mainstream use cases, so they seem to be the safest choices out of all meme coins.

I'm sure there's another dark horse coin that will 100x but I'm not dumping my money into random shit hoping to strike gold

ETH is going to die.. all the good projects on the Ethereum blockchain will eventually leave for their own individual blockchains takiing all the money with it.

Eth won't die, unless the whole market does, and even then it will be one of the last ones to go. That said, it will likely lose dominance over the coming year(s).

you like keeping your money?

Because Bitcoin is terrible at doing the one thing it was designed to do (transact), and ETH is literally the backbone of Internet 3.0.
You should go 100% ETH instead, or, if you enjoy gambling, 90% ETH and 10% shitcoins.

>Meme coins aren't going to 0 you retard
That is where you are wrong. No one is going to catch this diseased hooker. They are numb now.

ETH/BTC pair is at damn low and when it reverses it will reverse hard.
Who knows when though, I expected it to turn around 6500k sats.

When its starts to show reversal signs I will go balls deep in ETH.
Nice long to generate more btc.

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50% BTC
20% LTC
20% ETH
10% XMR

Best portfolio, prove me wrong