Brainlet coins

Which coins are backed by the dumbest people? Is it Tron? Litecoin? Tell me biz where do you think the dumb money is investing. First one to say link should kys

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Those buying req are about to get rekd



Most outdated piece of shit on the market by far

iota for sure

>tertiary compiting

Anyone holding a Chinese coin is a rerard

yeah im not talking to you. fucktard. just because link is a meme does not mean its stupid or useless. maybe its a meme because it has huge potential that cunts like you dont see because your brains dont function the way so it could understand something else then being a gay retard homo faggot.

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Literally the only currency coin with a working product with any chance of being used.

nano with working product which is actually broken. hmm ok so the winner of the fucking retard award is NANO!



LTC is unironically the best coin you listed

Why do you feel the need to post three times with three different coins?

You do realize we have ID's on this board right?

Also I hope you realize that if you want Nano to succeed, you should also want REQ to do well. REQ complements Nano and makes it more widely accepted.

In other words you're retarded and you're everything that's wrong with this board and this world.

i agree so f ucking much

In order of dumbest to absolute pants shitting dumbest


remove link and your good to go

Nano doesn't work as a currency. Hit the books to learn why.

But only because the only other coin he listed is fucking tron. Litecoin was the first PnD shitcoin to exist, you have to give them credit for that.

As an investor you should only invest in coins that have a possibility to succeed in the long term. Every large cap altcoin has an unique approach and will eventually succeed if this approach turns out to prove itself to be superior, except LITECOIN. Litecoin only changed a few variables (average block time, different mining algorithm to prevent a 51% attack), otherwise it's a complete copy of Bitcoin with exactly the same philosophy. So why would I buy LTC if I can just buy BTC instead? There's no reason except maybe I want to sell it for more BTC later. That's why it's a classic PnD shitcoin. Even Charlie is amazed that people are still buying his coin, and now that he dumped his bags he's obligated to pump it by his cult like followers.

TRON normies by fucking FAR

They make stinky linkies look like brainiacs by comparison

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>Which coins are backed by the dumbest people?


I agree, however LTC has the mass acceptance appeal since it "resembles" BTC.

For me, it's ETH(Flippening eventually), VEN/VET(Big time VC invested in this shit and have a working product), and my most speculative play is DGB(Highly underrated and already in use in Norway)

How could I forget about Ripple? I guess it's a tossup between Ripple and Tron



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Definitely fucking Tron. Maybe vechain.

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>Bog Duo

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Link must be bleeding again.

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Also checkem

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Trips xrp 10$ by october. Might as well roll with this witch craft

Confirmed ripple retard.
Pls stop

Verge for sure. Go look at the retards on reddit. They are actually falling for the "we need to raise 75m so we can get this partnership!" they are seriously falling for this shit and even spouting off about Amazon as a possibility. They are literally brainlets



chinks are unethical by DEFAULT


Electroneum, no doubt.

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>buying the meme
no one owns link

What I want to perform well and the reality of what will perform well are 2 different things. Req will never be adopted and part of what they are trying to do can't even be automated in a profitable way with current tech limitations. Currencies don't require req to succeed.

The only coin that has a chance at adoption are coins with low to zero fees. Emphasis on zero fees. Businesses will have incentive to run nodes if people want to use nano for payment. It's a better medium of exchange than bitcoin, litecoin, Bitcoin cash, or ethereum because it's fast and free. Exchanges have incentive to run nodes for obvious reasons. No evidence to suggest that nano inherintly has any sort of double spend problem inherint in the code or binance would not be hosting it right now. It's resistant to quantum computing and network spam.

I'm not trying to fake being many people. I believe many coins are stupid to hold I just chose to separate the posts.

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verge tron bcash and iota

Ripple is pretty fucking retarded

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It does. Hit the books to learn why

You need to turn to page one. You'll learn someday kid.

BCH kek

Tron followed by cardano followed by LINK. The only three real answers.

I've got all five! & XRP

Is iota a really good one?



XMR is the future, and whether we like it or not BTC will always be there.