Veeky Forums, I'm sitting on a fuckload of ETH here. what do I put it into...

Veeky Forums, I'm sitting on a fuckload of ETH here. what do I put it into? looking for real platforms with solid applications, not this nano or ripple garbage

things related to IoT, sharing economy, decentralized computing, and cross-chain protocols are of special interest

show me your worst

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Elastos, BY FAR. Already has working product and enterprises are building dApps as we speak.

Read this:

Probably something that provides decentralized oracles for smart contracts like Ducatur.

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>buying gold nuggets when you already own a shovel factory

35/25 BTC/ETH

~250m market cap

Will be used in automated cars, planes, mission critical systems, and everywhere else. Before anyone says "hurr durr nobody will install a different OS" you don't need to, it just runs on top of anything.

Digits show scam coin

>just sold 100k

75% OMG

25% ELEC

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Do you want to increase your ETH stack? Then just hop on in with P3D on
You won't regret it.

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do you have at least $1m? get accredited and invest in tokenized securities. otherwise give it to people who will such as polymath or securitize


but DYOR @ OP

I don't understand the nano hate. Its the best currency coin by a mile.

EBET. Pump that motherfucker up!

yeah, it's super the best because you own bags.
meanwhile, it's not really.

100% POE, get ready to experience the joys of moon missions

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I don't own any nano but I will soon.
and there's no need to sign your posts.

I hope so, I bought 5k poe at 600 sats

>there's no need to sign your posts.
hearty kek, almost makes me want to buy NANO

Am I right that there’s no accreditation process, you just have to say you have a cool mil? Asking for a friend.

Holy fuck another chainlink pajeet plagiarism scam? Like xvalve?

I feel like this would be a better 2019 buy. Too complex a use case this early in the game (people want maximum utility, minimal invasion)

kek, another shadowfork

have been eyeing this for a while, more as a game to do on the side. looks interesting, but also looks like it's at the top of a bell curve on the day chart

interesting, will give it a look

>top of the bell curve
It wouldn't even matter because even when people sell off you'd make gains. It's the best game to play right now. HODL simulator.

I'm sitting on 300 ETH. not exactly a fuck ton but it's a lot to me and it sucks to see it stagnate. It feels like I mistimed this recent market cycle and every good alt already had a decent post-crash recovery. So i'll probably just keep sitting on my ETH. It had good news recently with allowing smart contracts to be written in WASM aka most mainstream languages, which should have some nice long term effects.

Block collider. It will be releasing next month (mainnet will come out with the ICO) and it will be interoperable with 6 chains Bitcoin, Ethereum, Lisk, NEO, Waves, and one that hasn't been revealed. This shit is going to be huge. No bonuses for the ICO at all (not even private institutional round). It's superior to Cosmos because it requires no validators. This will be a billion dollar coin within a month of being listed.

I would sit on it. Alt-to-ETH ratios are inflated right now. It is a bad time time to convert it to anything else.

new items just released, guaranteed instant returns

Why are you faggots not buying Ethorse. It’s literally free money with 6 mil market cap.

unorincally UFR

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If you don't put it all on TRX right now you literally do not belong in crypto.

DYOR but 31st of March and 31st May are going to be 20c and 50c respectively.

Will 80k trx qualify as making it?

buy some Universa imo. it should go at least 10x from where it is now at some point

NAS and EOS will make you rich


Get some CPC.
>Like 30mil cap
>Not recovered from fud of incompetent random telegram admin.
>Main dev is working on marketing partnerships as we speak
>ven invested
>New exchanges should come soon

Pretty good buy