This kills the ChainLink

This kills the ChainLink.

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Not even going to look at it

delete this


Well, this.
Catch cancer Manvinder.

The lazy eye guy is named George Bell and yet he talks like a comrade. Shady af.

>enters market way after link
"this kills chainlink"
thanks for the hearty kek

lmfao! scam or shitcoin? maybe both scammer try to scam but lag of technical ability luls.

1) link is already multichain and easily adaptable. Someone not even connected with the chain got it interacting with IOTA.

2) look at this ripoff. Look familiar?

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literally the PHR logo upside down
>the absolute state of pajeets

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>pic related

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This is bullish for LINK. Means scammers know that they can ride on the coattails of ChainLink’s success.

I can’t believe that people would actually put their names and faces to this obvious rip off.

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This is the most elaborate copycat scam I've ever seen kek.

>And here comes our project. In Ducatur we strongly believe that current Oracles are still far from perfect. Therefore, we set a task for ourselves to develop it and to provide better Oracles than those that are already on the market. With the help of our highly-educated skillful team and wide experience of our creators and advisors, we will advance Oracles and bring the technology to a new level!


They actually say “let’s go to the moon” in the YouTube vid.

ugly name anoher PND


Never felt comfier in LINK

>They actually say “let’s go to the moon” in the YouTube vid

*breathes in*

This is a straight up exit scam

Ducatur mainnet launches in September. Linkies btfo.

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Anyone who's seen the lending platform scam videos would immediately recognize this.


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this kills the chainlink

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that video, my god, my fucking sides

he just regurgitates Sergey's phrases through a foetal alcohol syndrome filter

doing my part :)

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This tbqh fampai. Just came in to shitpost quickly and get out