Ethercraft is live bois

Go get your free shit now, it wont be up forever.

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dead game

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Yeah, only 150 sales in 3 minutes. Super dead.


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Lmao very dead

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how does this work? i press claim and nothing happens????

almost 400 red envelopes too

Ditto, doesn't work on phone Firefox or chrome

You have to log in with metamask

I just saw that the free envelope has a chance to have eth in it. All of you poorfags out there like myself, need not worry. Literally claim as many red envelopes as you can to increase your chances of getting free eth

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These bit threads are so entertaining

Gotta make use of Metamask in order to buy things on sites like that.

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Ahh. """"free"""" shit. Great

so how do i open these fucking envelopes

need some rope darts to cut them open LUL

so you think blockchain transactions are free?

you can pay a fraction of a penny with lower gas prices but everyone can't hold your hand user

i actually think im gonna buy one of the most expensive items when the next chinese set is released, but only if i get to do that as one of the first.

camp the next chinese set and use 30 gwei

how open

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When they implement the RNG system, stick around for updates

what will be in the letter do you know?

Should I just snag everything free right now or all in envelopes?

now what

Attached: Capture.jpg (856x571, 45K) is getting a fucking amazing UI upgrade tonight

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what the fuck is this doing