ITT: OP is looking for to raise investment capital for a contemporary pop art / jewelry project from Veeky Forums

ITT: OP is looking for to raise investment capital for a contemporary pop art / jewelry project from Veeky Forums.

Hoping a fresh set of folks will see this today. Will be answering questions on this thread.

I am a second generation goldsmith. I have 15+ projects that need materials and labor covered, ranging from $5-30k in expenses, per project.

Offering 50/50 profit split on any project.
Jewelry generally has a minimum 3x return.
This is a short term 2x, with minimal risk, as the materials investment has a well established value and can easily becomes liquid again, if needed.

Literally would be the funniest shit if I found investment on Veeky Forums.

Being as I don't want anyone to impersonate me later in the thread, my contact is: [email protected]

Want to do (very well executed) ridiculous things with some of the most valued materials on Earth + make a lot of money and contribute to contemporary pop art?

Let's do it.

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One thing to note: I have a few pending investment opportunities, it's simply best practice to have multiple options.

Would love to go over details with any interested party. Will be fielding general questions here.


Why come to Veeky Forums though?

boomer level scam artistry

Might be interesting. Any website with your past projects?

You could ask questions and make that assessment after due diligence.

Or you could make assumptions.

Your call.

I'll post a few photos of previous projects.

Please keep in mind that my prior work is not indicative of the art direction of future projects.

It's novel, bold, and approaching my 10 year anniversary of using the form.

Why not just make some kinda custom Etsy store storefront. >People custom order
>You custom make, money up front for supplies
>People buy your finished product

18k rose gold, pavé diamonds and hand engraved details. An accompanying ring sold for $4k at Sundance.

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Background is in marketing. Aside from being entirely the wrong market segment, it would be detrimental as a price signal.

18k white gold, pavé sapphire and diamond fangs (grills) Sold for $2k.

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Not bad. I have questions I’ve directed to you via email.

To elaborate:

My current business far surpasses that, and my goals are even larger. I've been in the jewelry industry almost a decade, and am a second generation fine jeweler.

I’ll bump this thread for you.

Thanks for the interest so far, will be here to answer any questions.

A real Veeky Forums related thread, good luck OP

Thanks. Not here to bullshit. Here to make money with someone.

Where are you located? How much are you looking for?

I second this.....but you should reply to your email.

Very interesting. Where are you located? What investors did you get capital from for your past projects? And generally what return did your investors make? If I want proof of sales/contracts could you provide those over email?

Nice trips.
My studio is in Los Angeles.

I have a list of roughly 15 projects developed and priced out ranging from $5k-25k in production costs. I can provide you with the list privately and walk you through my price calculations and logic.

Past projects have been self funded, or custom work and smaller scale. The business was built without outside investment.

Thanks! Responded.

Today I learned that a project I had been planning was independently executed by another jeweler.

Had the funds been available at the time, there would be an extra 6-figures in my bank account today.

Heated, but only insofar as it motivates me. Execution, not conceptualization, is how capitalism works.



Happy to answer more questions.

You and I exchanged some emails. I didn't get a clear explanation as to why you needed someone to invest $7k, for example, when you can make more than that by selling one piece.

I got busy with other things, but that left it seeming scammy.

I'm sorry for not providing a sufficiently clear answer to you. The idea is that I need capital to make the piece in the first place. There is no profit without an initial investment.

I understand that -- but you've made profit from previous work, and continue to make profit, no?

I'm not accusing you of anything, I'm just saying it doesn't make much sense to me.

>pop art / jewelry project


I just reread our messages. Seemed that the question was a general skepticism about raising capital through this (admittedly, totally unconventional) means.

This is something that I can't afford to fund from my pocket. By structuring it as a project-to-project investment I will, after a few projects, be able to fund them out of pocket.

At the end of the day I am comfortable providing potential investors with any requested details about myself and my plans.

I understand if the math doesn't work for you, but I'm being fully forthright.

I'm honestly not opposed to the idea. But I haven't figured out a way to add sufficient trust to the situation. I could send you $7k in ETH, for instance, and you could literally walk a way with no recourse. I could file charges or something, or we could write up a contract beforehand, but that's quite a lot of time/work invested (I've never entered into that kind of formal agreement before).

Do you see where I'm coming from?

It makes sense. In such an unconventional scenario this working hinges on the development of trust, if there are any steps you'd like to be taken to build that, I'm fully open.

And am willing, privately, to disclose any necessary personal information.

>And am willing, privately, to disclose any necessary personal information.

Appreciated -- but how can one prove the authenticity of the disclosed information? Further, even if you gave me your SSN and your mother's maiden name, what can I do with that information if you cut and run?

Not saying you would (you seem genuine), but that's a real possibility.

I'll make it easy for you user.
Anyone on biz asking you directly for money is a scam artist.
If you can't figure out what the scam is it just means they're a good scam artist.

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Hope for the best, plan for the worst.
Makes sense. I suppose you could make a personal assessment about the whether I'm telling the truth. Consider the likelihood of someone lying about wanting to progress in an industry that they're entrenched in. And then, after all that, if I run, contact people in my life and slander me? The police? I really don't know either, and hadn't considered it that far because that's not at all my plan.

As far as this guy - he's wrong. He's commenting on a situation he isn't familiar with, with people he's unfamiliar with.

I'm east coast so I'm going to bed soon (early morning). I've thought about the arrangement a few times since our exchanges. I'll definitely think about it more.

I won't lie I've done pretty well in crypto, but not well enough that I could toss close to $10k out the window without being pretty fucked up about it (especially right now).

If you can come up with some means of further proving your authenticity, I'd appreciate it.

Further, it's also worth pointing out that you could be completely legit and have the best of intentions, but simply overestimating your abilities to sell (and maybe craft) what you're planning to. That's another facet of risk.

Sleep well. I’ll think on it. Still available via email?

Yup -- same email. C***mail

>As far as this guy (You) - he's wrong. He's commenting on a situation he isn't familiar with, with people he's unfamiliar with.

A good scam is something like
1.Make a fake escrow website
2.Make a fake machinery hire website
3.Advertise discount sales through classifieds

A bad scam would be
1.Ask biz for money "so you can make jewellery"
2.Hope they send you some.

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i live in Los angelos op, i want to meet in person and i want to see some of your work in person

i want a copy of your ID.

i can invest 15k eth.
BUT when i send you ETH you have to give me some jewelry, after we take to get verified its real.

if you have no colateral, literally fuck off


Please email me, but to be fully upfront if I had collateral that could easily become liquid (such as jewelry) I wouldn’t need to find investment.

Forgot to change your account there user LMAO
I've got screencaps don't worrk

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Do you do custom order engagement rings?

>Forgot to change your account there user LMAO

I'm not following what you're saying.... I don't see anywhere he samefag'd

Literally don’t care. I’ll own that. Was bumping my own thread, didn’t want to look lonely in here. Now I’m getting in n out.

You can email about that too, I’ll likely pass it off to my mother.


I bumped this thread on my phone, then posted for the most part on my computer. I didn’t announce that I was the same person. It’s not a big deal.

Oh shit lol

I was so tired I didn't see it.

Well fuck. Good catch.

Your phone intentionally not on wifi?

>I didn’t announce that I was the same person. It’s not a big deal.


How do you explain this then you faggot, just thinking out loud?? :D


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Haha oops linked the wrong one, it's this:

Right. The point was to samefag without looking like I’m samefagging.

Not even gonna front about it.

looking through the thread, where's your email?
also, how much are you looking for in capital?

First post. [email protected]
We can move to my personal email after an introduction.

How long did this stupid shit take you to come up with. I'm actually embarrassed for you.

Again, not trying to have this thread look lonely and on the 5th page. Duh. If that ruins my credibility for three people I’ll own it. Have fun with your screenshots.

yea own your shit scam you fucking piece of shit

I’m rolling my eyes so hard at you.
I’m glad you feel like you caught me on some random shit. Still not a scam.

Thread is still open.

This is probably one of the most fucking retarded things i've ever read.

>market exists
>have production pipeline in place
>needs capital, offers respectable short term return
>most retarded???

>no proof

Email requirements for proof. I will meet them.

Just post it here? If you e-mail them to me I'm just going to do that.

What would you consider proof?

Hey, next time:
>Think of what you'd consider to be proof
>Then ask for it

First page.

Hey bro i do jewelry design in rhino if you need a designer hit me up

Show some pieces you're working on with timestamp

Shoot over some of the work you've done to the email in the first post.

I'm pretty set with my team, but am always looking for exceptional people.

Here's a photo of my bench, can't time stamp in-progress work because I'm not at my studio.

Should I take your concern as interest? If so, please email me to keep in touch.

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>im a jeweler
>posts jewelry from other jewelers...
OP's first pic is from instagram: ifandco

fuck off

Can you make beaded lizards

Uh, not trying to take credit for the first picture.
Everything else is legitimately my work.

>Prove me wrong.

send me your work [email protected]

No. One of my first jobs in the industry was beading for production. I hate beading.

Don't swoop in on my shit.

bro you haven't posted shit that is worth 2K
>prove me wrong

I'm not following your logic.

>Try's to hijack my thread.
>Is an idiot.


Thanks, but I'm gonna have to pass on business inquiries on fucking Veeky Forums KEK

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Haha. Totally fair.

Look ma, I'm on the first page!

U make stuff for niggers?

youre the idiot trying get investors on biz, requesting 5K+ for "pop art jewelry", and posting work that doesnt even cost 2K to make or is even sell able for 2K...

7g 18K ring with with cheap turqouise, $4K? surrreee

You seem like you’re also in the industry and fucking bitter about it. I’m not even going to bother defending the sales prices of my own work to you, there’s no point because they’re sold already.

I’m going to leave you with one tip: If you’re in this industry and you’re treating the materials as the commodity, you’re backing yourself in a corner and you’re doing it wrong. But you probably already know that huh?

>Protip: diamond melee, not turquoise


Show details of the engraving, this looks pretty shitty.

not bitter about anything, yeah im in several industries. yes when you're selling at that price range (with no name) you should base of materials and labor. much success to you in your craft but asking for 5K plus on biz, cmon man

I don't plan to use much engraving in future work, so it's not substantial or relevant to me. If you're seriously interested feel free to email me.

So you're going to cast the jewelry then? Why don't you start casting silver wojak figurines, I'd buy one off you.

I'm going to continue to let you think it hasn't work.

>I'm not using engraving
>So you're casting then?

Those aren't comparable techniques, and a choice regarding one doesn't imply anything about the other. That said, some parts will be cast, others hand fabricated.