26 years old

>26 years old
>make only 55k a year
>only have an associates degree

Who else /failure/ here?

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Looks like it's just you faggot

You probably have very little debt with only an associates. You are ahead of probably most peeople your age especially the anyone who spent $50k+ on a bachelors to work as a barista


>Works at a DENNYS as a cook
>Makes less than you
>Have no degree but 10k debt from casually going to community college at 18 and fucking off

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>dropped out of high school
>dropped out of college
>quit my accounting job
>left my gf
Next step is pretty obvious

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Making 60k a year at 31 and 110k in debt from Med school. Gonna make 250+ in a little more than a year from now but I hate my job so fucking much it doesn’t even matter

How do you make that much with just an associates degree?

Invent facebook?

whats your job:? residencY?

lmao how the fuck do you get debt in community college FAFSA literally PAYS YOU to go

75k a year in NYC (doesn't go far)
Not enough crypto tho, measly 2k after the crash

I created the first web store that accepted bitcoin back in 2011, had millions of products on it through a drop ship API. There werent enough people in crypto at the time and I had health issues and work to focus on so I closed it after the 2011 down trend that lasted for 6+ months. Its not the first time I missed a golden opportunity in tech and probably wont be the last.

I have graduated with an EE degree without taking a loan. Been working for 3 years. Took a loan out for BTC when it was at 16k. Gambeled ok BitMex. Got liquidated. Now I'm 30kdm deep in debt thanks to Crypto. :)

only 110k for med school? You can pay that off in 2 years without even blinking. Count your blessings.


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This. Our generation is so fucked up, that just having minimal or no debt while working a fucking minimum wage job or just above min wage, is considered fucking good and you're doing well for yourself.

I have no debt myself because thank god I love my parents they put me through local community college at their expense, and we're not rich by any means, they can barely afford rent.

Graduated, worked at a comp sci job I fucking hated was basically help desk work, but I got promoted 3 times and ended up making 60k a year at 24. It got to the point though were either I had to quit gracefully, or fucking blow up at a customer, so I gave them a week's notice.

I had 30k in the bank at that point, moved to a studio with my then girlfriend (now fiance), and we've been stuck in this studio ever since, too trapped by neither of us having a good source of income and not wanting to fuck ourselves up by getting into debt and living somewhere beyond our means.

We're 27/28 now and she's getting concerned because we've been at the same place in life for 2 years basically, but during those two years we've been trying a few different things and I've been at different jobs, while also trying hustles like eBay, creating our own business, youtube, all of which have had moderate success but nothing to live off of at all.

I'M JUST TRYING TO NOT jump ahead and fuck us up, since we're in a position where we're not living paycheck to paycheck, but a wrong move and we can end up that way. Crypto is my only escape from wage slaving until death and getting caught in the kid trap and then I don't get to be free again till I'm 50+. Meanwhile, we have friends that had kids and are living paycheck to paycheck and I see clearly how their entire life will play out now.

Am I doing okay? I have 125,000 REQ, no debt, 6.5k left in the bank, she has around 20k in the bank, while I work a $20/hr contracting job as a data analyst. Am I going to make it?

>150k student debt
>make 130k a yr + bonus
>40k crypto

Could be worse

I’m also 26 and I have a bachelors degree and I’m only making $25k a year... you’re not a failure lol

Zucc = Satan confirmed

As if we didn't already know

>no debt
>in college off fafsa
>50k in crypto, down from 170k
>too broken to have a job

>1 year younger than me
>makes more than twice as much as me
>Also has an associates

Fuck off

I'm 18, also dropped out of high school
I'm taking a math class but I'm just dicking
around and reading books so I'm going to

Nice digits, I will probably kms because I have aspergers, high iq and also add which makes living hell. Be happy if you are normal.

Why did you quit and what do you plan to do next?

no you wont, youre still a baby with a nice life

1. Marry her and get her pregnant.
2. Go all-in on XRP.

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I know it's rough user, and you might not want to hear this, but the symptoms of aspergers are greatly amplified it you use the computer all day instead of hanging out with friends (even if your friends are losers)

Also 21 is a weird age to kill yourself I think. Atleast become an alcoholic and have a downward spiral or two first.

My brother is 35 and only makes about 40k per year. He still lives in my mothers garage. Never went to college. Dont smoke pot all day every day kids.

>$180k student loans paid off in only 24 months with high salary and crypto gains
>$200k+ still in crypto, stocks, 401k, etc.

If I could do it all over again, I'd probably go into electrical engineering. I enjoy pharmacy but no education is worth a fucking Lambo.


Sure thing drama queen.

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My nigga. Took out a 40k loan and lost 1/2 over two months by buying the wrong side of a Teeka pump twice in a row. Both times I could have just waited five more minutes, bought, and made +10-20% within 24 hours. Instead I went like -15% and -30%. I put a dent in my wall. Knuckles have mostly healed by now.

Glad I'm not the only guy /gamblingwithsomeoneelsesmoney/ on here.

>Will be 30 next month
>No debt
>Steady job in ecommerce, make above mean income for the area I live in
>Associates degree with over 180 credit hours lol
>Housing expense is 15% of my income
>Car is paid off, no major issues with it over the last 4 years
>No kids, never married, but not neckbeard virgin either. I get my casual
>Good health, work out daily

The bad:
>Poor genetics
>Social anxiety, introvert, and shy
>Cursed with never being able to commit to anything
>Nothing I do ever meets my own expectations
>Lots of talents but won't apply myself to them
>Spends Friday night on Veeky Forums after cancelling a date

I feel no enjoyment in life

In the exact same boat as you. I'm probably actually retarded seeing as how I failed calc twice. Probably gonna move West and grow pot as I hate the state I'm in and I'm too dumb to be able to make money with some other job.

I'm the failure version of you
>30k a year
>2 terms until my associates

fuck you

The median household income in America is 55k.
Household, usually comprised of couples. Not individuals.

You're doing fine.

anybody here ever quit white collar to work blue collar? I almost have an accounting degree, and I have a really high GPA, but I think working in an office every day is going to make we want to off myself real bad

55k a year? you make more money then 90% of Americans. your a failure by my standards but very successful by american standards

>while also trying hustles like eBay, creating our own business, youtube, all of which have had moderate success but nothing to live off of at all.
Keep trying these things, eventually you may find something that really helps bring in income or can replace your job altogether.

34 years old, 11th grade education, literally not one single college degree in my whole entire family. 20k a year at job. 100k in cryptos. Most of my family is on disability of some kind. Defects one and all.

Itt: pussy faggots
Worked myself into the hospital for 20 bucks an hour trying to meet my mom's bills while she died. you whiny niggers pushing paper for 30k+ a year can get fucked.

doing what faggot?

you wouldnt last a week in my trade

same but STEM. Dropped out last semester and plan to do crypto full time, may wagecuck for a while for stability. Blue collar seems way comfier than the jobs that redditors do

Highlights: hand drilling 15 foot deep piers for a remote house in the jungle. Ended up mixing 2 yards of concrete with a 2x4 to finish when both of my drills broke on that job. Stacking 500 feet of durablok retaining wall with one other guy and a pumper, stacking new courses as we poured. Big retaining custom retaining wall and foundation nigger work in tight quarters jungle settings. I can outwork anyone I know, would love to come outshine you. What do you do?

same here bro
>made almost 7 figures in crypto this year

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I can see how your whole life will play out, user. You will be upper middle class and miserable. You will die first and a few months later your wife will die alone.

I've been working the same shit bar tending job for the past 6 years and I just feel like I will be here forever. I went to school for accounting, but I dropped out because I hated it. I've thought about just going back and getting a degree in business admin. I know its not that great, but at least I'll have a better chance in getting my foot in the door, right. Man I want to leave this job so badly. Everyday I go into work I feel like I am trapped here for life. I feel like I'm too dumb to leave and get a real job. I'm also kind scared to leave this place because even though it sucks, this place is easy as shit and my coworkers all like me. I feel like if I get a real job, I'll fuck up and no one will like me and then I'll have to go back to bar tending.
How do I just stop being afraid of failure?

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That's decent money you fucker. Especially only with an associate's. Fuck you faggot nigger.

If anyone remotely motivated wants a job and doesn't think they're cut out for academics look into hardwood or tile installation.

If you can do basic geometry/extremely basic algebra, actually speak English, and have any level of social skills you can make great money.

t. Parents own building business and paid out 150K on average last year to the better tile installers/just paid their best 30K for a large job that took him 3 weeks this month.

Accounting is a skill, Business admin is worthless. Either stay where you are or get a skill.

I'm in debt from getting a shit degree but at least i don't have to pay it back

Sorry you're an idiot who has everything

>he fell for the working hard meme
Thanks for the work wagie

23 yrs old
0k /yr
5k debt

Lol. Im so over existing

And here I was feeling like a piece of shit for not breaking 100k by 25. Thanks Veeky Forums

If you're a failure then wtf are the rest of here. Fuck off nigger.

Don't act so high and mighty because you're so smart for not wanting to have kids and thinking they'll ruin your life. Kids give life meaning, and you look forward to getting older because you watch them grow up. I expect thatattitude out of a 21 year old sure, but dude let me tell you about women. No matter what she says about not wanting kids, deep down, on an uncontrollable biological level, she does. Just be more open minded about it. Otherwise you'll end up taking Christmas pics "with the kids" whom are just your dogs that people pamper more than they would their real children. Age will catch up to her and sap her beauty. She'll be bitter and cynical and get in foul moods everytime an attractive young female comes in her vicinity. You'll probably kill yourself late 40s early 50s. MAYBE gun, more likely just leaving your vehicle on in the garage and closing the door.

Rambling, but keep grinding, maybe move into lower cost of living area.





post pics faggot.


Because anyone that knows law pays bills, right?

I'm 26 and only make $36k a year with a BA. I have everything I want, so its not a big deal. Money isn't everything. Greed is a sin.

I'm 32 and I make 35k a year. I have over 100k in the bank. I went to college and I have no debt. What the fuck is wrong with some of you?

It seems to me like everyone that posts shit like this lives in or near a really expensive city. Get your work experience and fucking move someplace cheaper where your money goes further. I swear some people are total sadists. They love pain. Keep struggling your whole life trying to be one of the popular kids in adulthood to make up for all of those times the cool kids shoved you in a locker when you were a kid. Or be smart and just move on you little bitch. Jesus christ.

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...that's not even bad user.

>25 years old
>60k salary

Idk. It's all right. Probably better off than I should be professionally. Sucks that I'm already becoming jaded by the prospect of continuing a corporate oriented existence. Ironic because I'm distinguishing myself left and right, probably up for a promotion in the coming weeks.

Sadism is when you enjoy pain being inflicted on others, masochism is when you enjoy pain being inflicted on you. The more you know, user

My bad. It's almost 3AM so im not all there. But you see my point. And also, only a very small percentage of millennials (less than 10%) are actually living the way their Boomer parents did at the same time in their lives.

Atleast you have a job

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>English Bachelors
>20k mutual funds
>20k crypto
>10k cash
>work in a kitchen for $18/hr + tips

We're all going to make it, this upcoming bullrun will save us from wagiedom.

>2 years left in college
>live in a 3rd world country

I'm not going to make it. I have no confidence in myself and I have no skills. I used to not be such a useless person but living in such a shitty country depressed the shit out of me and I don't think a degree will even get me out of here because my college sucks. I tried working before college and honestly the pay was pretty bad and the world sucked, I blew all that money on my tuition already so it's not like I got to enjoy that little bit of money.

I really think 3rd world people are the biggest assholes for bringing kids into the world in countries that just fucking suck.

That is not failure. Enough with the roundabout brags.

24 and 37$/hr

Pretty nice

>don't have a job
>300 in crypto
its over isn't it?

>125,000 REQ
>not enough in savings to cover 1 year of living expenses

I'd say shiggy diggy, but I'm honestly in the same fucking boat so what the hell.

My dream is to become a digital nomad. I want to be able to fuck off to wherever and work from any place I want with a laptop and a suitcase. To live a life so impossibly free, that my very existence is an act of rebellion.

Do you have a dream, user? Like, an actual thing that would be worth struggling towards?

To be honest, "living comfortably in the suburbs" qualifies as a dream these days, hell it used to literally be the American dream, but it's so far gone, so impossibly removed, that I feel like the reactionary move is to be completely untethered, to be a vagabond, building websites and applications and writing thought-pieces on whatever the fuck, maybe publish a book here and there. To be entirely willing and able to say "No, thanks" to society at a moment's notice and ramble on elsewhere.

What's your dream, user? Try to remember...

No! Just over for you.

Fucking drama queen bitch. OP is a superfaggot.

>Only 55k
Bitch, you're making more than enough to provide for an entire family

Why do so many people hate wagecucking, it's not that bad and does provide some semblance of normality.

>get to office on my bike, exercise and commute all in one
>make coffee
>browse the internet and learn about trading for about an hour
>time to answer some emails I guess, done within 30 minutes
>make another coffee
>spend about an hour on that project I was supposed to do for the next 3 months but its already 90% completed so I end up just tweaking the fonts on my presentation
>have an hour for lunch, leave desk and walk around in the local woods
>come back, make another coffee and learn about trading some more
>US markets now opens, check how my stocks are doing
>buy/sell as necessary using a mobile app
>once I'm happy with my positions for the day, leave the office by about 3pm

Pretty comfy desu. I don't make bank with my salary but it's not what I would call hard work.

>quit a 60k job
>just because

user you better have a good reason why you quit because otherwise you blew it for no reason

>26 years old
>dropped uni twice, only high school finished
>have had only 4 jobs and have worked a total of 8 months
>live with parents

A-at least I have a gf and am not a nigger, r-right?

you're hard on yourself user, you are doing just fine imo. not to celebrate being average but you're young enough to progress

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23 and I make $60,000. I'd say I'm a bigger failure. Automation is going to replace every job, too.

seriously what is it with you guys. you're a kid faggot and making more than most adult american households. did all of you really think you would be CEOs or some shit.

I just got a job thats 50k a year without having to break my spine like I did in construction laboring.

The thing that pisses me off really badly is I will not be able to buy a house for at least 5 years which is absolute ass cancer. I hate living with my parents im too old for this fucking bullshit. REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

>no income
>7k in crypto
I'm fucked, well and truly.

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Wow. I think you just described my current relationship to a t.

My two brothers also, both are late 20s And long term gfs both have cats/dogs instead of children.
Legit treat them like babies too.

>I'M JUST TRYING TO NOT jump ahead and fuck us up,
>but a wrong move and we can end up that way.
>Crypto is my only escape from wage slaving until death
looooooooooool your so fucked my lad

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23 making 80k w/ 10k shares in company doing cloud/devops for a startup.

Our stress is unreal since theres 4 devops vs the 50 devs... especially now that we are trying to do IPO before 2019.... but at least they buy us pizza/soda/donuts like every day so we don't quit.

>quit my accounting job
probably a step in the right direction desu

>it's another humble bragging tard who thinks 55k is worth bragging about
kys OP

>26 years old
>analyst at major bank you’ve heard of
>$120k income in Texas
>$130k in crypto
>$250k in other assets
>hate job and want to retire as soon as possible
>NEET at heart
>met a gay Chinese NEET on Grindr
>he played WoW and smoked weed all day
>he turned me on, I turn him on
>his visa was expiring
>marry him
>got him a $80k/yr nepotism job at the bank
>he lives paycheck to paycheck
>he spends his money on cosmetics and shit
>now he wants kids and wants me to buy a house
>I thought marrying a gay NEET would save me
>but he turned into a roastie

NEET here. I'm 28. I have no degree, no job, no work history, and no friends. I had a dysfunctional home life with a single mother and never grew up and learned to be a man.

Decided to turn my life around 3 separate times and never did it. I decided to try to get a job as a self-taught software developer a couple of years ago but I failed to follow through properly. Looking back I realize I was severely depressed for a period of like 8 years. Now I don't think I'm quite as depressed, but I'm extremely anxious over the huge pile up of things that I just never tended to in my life. One day I just sort of woke up and realized the situation I'm in... it's like I've been asleep for 8-10 years.

I have about 100k in crypto right now, or probably like 60-70k after taxes if I cash it out. It's not life changing money but I suppose it could be a platform for me to do so. I also have a loyal and good long-term girlfriend who I've been with too long not to have married already. She's genuinely an excellent woman and not the fat, ugly, retarded hambeast you'd expect given my stunning resume.

This little crypto nest egg and my gf are my only assets. I'm so worried about my damn career (or lack thereof). Fuck. I think I could still do the developer thing but I'm filled with self-doubt. A few people on Veeky Forums have told me to just do it and that I can make it but when I check out /r/cscareerquestions they pretty much tell me to kill myself... pretty funny contrast there given the reputations of the two sites.

I have no friends to vent to or to help me. I know I need to help myself, but it's a solitary pursuit.

Pic related: it's how I feel

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I'm 30 and I only make 50k a year. No debt though and 100k+ saved up in crypto.

I should be making 55k-60k based on my experience, current company is underpaying me. I'm only 105 IQ though so im not bitter.

Man same. Felt inspired reading into the wild.
But I'll just go to college first
Then ahhh I need a job
Now wondering if I should buy a house
It's still my dream, now u just err recognize how unlikely it is. If I make it in crypto I'm going to treasure hunt for that kooky millionaires hidden treasure

Man don't quit that job that's literally the dream, with that much equity coupled with a solid salary you could be set for life if the company grows even a modest amount after going public.

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degree? work history? anything?

same but 1-2 years older than you
do you have a plan?

I’m 2,000 in debt from ER services