Running a trap house like a business

I have enough money from crypto to buy a house and I still know kids from high school cause Im pretty young but the market is boring as fuck right now so I was thinking what if just ran a trap house? Like fucking selling drugs to degen high school kids all day and getting high school (legal) pussy along the way.

I'm not a nigger and I dont do drugs anymore and I live in a nicer neighborhood with no niggers or spics but that doesnt mean white kids dont emulate nigger culture and smoke pot and listen to rap all day.

What do you guys think? FUCK this boring ass market

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Go kill your self.

Take a bullet faggot

>not a nigger

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Security will be vital. Keep your earnings in a car a few blocks away or somewhere off site. Don't live in the trap house. Try to get a property where there's a less-than-obvious entrance. Use that so you don't have to worry about stakeouts. Try to get the city to mark the property as 'winterized' or otherwise unoccupied. That'll make it look like your occupants are just squatters. Lastly, be careful. If you go with heroin or meth that can be injected you are at risk of getting an STD if you go all hebe

Pretty degenerate if you ask me. Yeah, you might make money, but at the expense of social good on the whole. You'll definitely bring down the property values of your neighborhood and siphon any wealth in the area into your own bank account. I would not recommend.

Whats the point of the house if I cant live in it? Ill just lock myself up in a room every night with my valuables and a gun

What are they gonna do about it?

kys yourself faggot

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>I'm gonna sell drugs
>but let me post about it online first :)
not gonna make it

If you're setting up a house to sell drugs out of, I dont really believe you give a fuck about the legality of the pussy you get

open an account on Bitmex you wont be bored i swear

A trap house is an abandoned house turned into a drug house. You don't buy a trap house, you fucking dumb fuck.

Just have legit earnings. Running a trap house and getting it known that you're the owner seems a great way to either get shot or thrown in jail. If you're peddling anything harder than weed then you're scum helping to destroy a community and law enforcement will throw the book at you.


This guy gets it


What if I just throw parties and sell weed?

>brick and mortar anything

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how do you short it?
will there be cute traps?
is it mineable?
whats its mcap?
is dev team solid?
will it go to the moon?

>A trap house is an abandoned house turned into a drug house. You don't buy a trap house, you fucking dumb fuck.
Maybe he wants to run a regulated trap house that's psd2 compliant so he can get access to institutional money and then normies will FOMO in

Where can I buy this TRAP coin?

have fun cutting in the cartels' market lmao see you on the news faggot


Not hijacking this thread but do this instead

It could work. You will definitely need to invest in security though, so you dont get gangbanged.

>trapping from a house where literally anyone can look up who owns it

You're never going to make it. You literally never show your customers anywhere you live.


you've gotta sell in somebody ELSE'S house, dude. and no one is going to just let you. otherwise you are just rolling the dice as to who gets you first: cops or thugs. It won't take long. There's literally no way you'll make ROI on the house before dying or getting arrested.

I thought this was going to be about running some sissy boy trap prostitution thing. I'm disappointed and think my idea would be better

I haven't read any replies in this thread but if you could pull this off by having other dudes working for you and never actually visit the trap house by yourself it honestly sounds pretty cherry to me. Downsides– you'll probably get ripped off, could get shot, might get arrested. Good luck pal.

You are such a suburban white faggot who has never been to a trap and humanity needs you to fucking neck yourself

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Can't be serious
Let me guess you listen to little pump? Smoke purp? fags like those

Pussy boa, you ain no trappa
Run up in yo spot wit da max out, 30 clip to yo ass
Steal yo bricks and pistol whip yo ass
Talk to the cops and i'll put one in yo top

Anyways, that's what will happen to you eventually. You'll be nigged

Asking the internet about buying a trap house with your crypto gains. Pretty sure you're the white boy trying to emulate black culture. Get it together man. Also, trap houses are where crack is cooked, sold, and smoked.

You seriously wanna live in it?
Wanna be there when (not "if", but "WHEN") it eventually gets SWATted?

SWAT my asshole

And you expect NEVER to get caught? Don't plan for the future then.

enjoy having all your assets including the house seized and going to jail.

just a fyi
whatever damage control you think you are doing
is just pissing in the wind :)

Are you dumb? You will 100% get busted eventually.

lol keeping your earnings in a car parked on a random street sounds kinda sketchy

you will get busted you idiot running a drug operation in the form of a trap house is not something you just wake up and do. You will get robbed by niggers repeatedly. People who are on drugs and have guns dont give a fuck if they kill you.