Over 20% of college students use loans to buy crypto

Still think you are in the "early adopter" phase of this "new" technology? Well I have news for you. More than 20% of college students already are in crypto, and what is more hilarious is that they are using a fucking student LOAN to buy in. What kind of company are we in Veeky Forums?
Source: cnbc.com/2018/03/23/college-students-use-financial-aid-money-to-invest-in-bitcoin.html

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we are the 20%

wow it’s almost as if the youth are somehow more up to date in technology and interested in the future.

Also 8% of all adults in US have crypto.

I think when only 8% of the adults where using the internet they were considerd early adopters, no?

Also 300 billion global market cap is nothing.

you bitch.

Still a few accept bitcoin as payment.

Facebook, twitter, youtube, those are owned by everybody, anyone has a fucking FB profile.

That's the type of mainstream adoption we are talking about.

Not just people hearing about Bitcoin and knowing it. It's about owning the fucking bits.

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>college is a retarded left wing sjw scam
>college students are all up to date on the best investment opportunities and making money

pick 1

Yes but less than 1 % own coins that aren't the top 3 normie Coinbase coins though. These retards are in coins that are now diluted and not "real" cryptos. A true Autist invests in alts.

im pretty sure hes implying that college aged students are up to date with online trends you hyperbolic retard

Saw this article earlier today. I think this is the one that makes me pack it in. Absolutely ludicrous statistic.
It is completely over, isn't it?
Idk why anyone still comes here. Idk why I'm here. To look at link memes? To get liquidated? Jesus Christ.

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No. The type of mainstream adoption everyone's dreaming about is when institutions and governments adopt the digital ledger technology. Everyone will be happy by then. Other than, oops, bagholders of useless utility tokens, because, alas, they won't be needed.

Bullish as hell for the long run. We'll all be rich if we hold for 10 years. Guaranteed.

Even someone who only holds like, a quarter of a BTC? Asking for a friend.

Just sold all my holdings and converted to REITs. Better wize up Veeky Forums, you're just a bunch of old grandpas following the crowd at this point.

Well I guess bitcoin could hit 2 million dollars each. Especially if it hit 19k when it was mostly broke millenials buying. Especially if gen z gets into it more than millenials do.

Yeah dude it's over, please sell all your cryptos and get out while you can.

Odds are like 95% of them are December buyers and got nothing but JUSTed for 3 months straight now

Jesus christ and I felt fucking dumb for spending some of my loan money on a nicer computer

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And they deserve to get justed for using loan money for speculative investments. Brainlets. It must create a whole lot of weak hands having people in debt like that gambling.

>tfw you could have paid off all of your loans if you had put the money you gave to bernie into ETH

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Bullshit figure based on a single fucking online survey.

The problem is many will have to dump their bags, it's gonna suppress prices for a while

I'm curious who you think the main demographic of Veeky Forums is

You'd think people would know not to count on the government for gibs unless you're already retardedly rich or brown.

This might kill crypto. If it crashes hard and loans aren't paid back. It might be easier than (((they))) thought.

i can't imagine how people use student loans or loans to buy shit without having a plan. i used a loan to buy LINK at 15-20 cents but i also had a part time job that can pay for the monthly due, i didn't have to cash out my investment to pay for it. i didn't need to hope that it increases, i just needed to accumulate at that price point before it blows up. i think that was a great decision, seeing as i'm up 100% on a loan that i won't be ruined with in case crypto instantly dies for some reason

Early means minority jackass.
20% is minority jackass.

I can guarantee that's a self selecting survey, I've studied in two unis for a total of 7 years and maybe 10% had even heard of bitcoin.

Except coinbase only has 10 million wallets globally.

I took out everything out if my student loan and put it in crypto. I will default and claim I lost the private keys then declare bankruptcy. Fiat is a boomer scam I’m not taking part in.

Sucked in lol

Coinbase is mostly used by burgers. It's not an international exchange. It only allows a bunch of countries, most of which are tiny ones like Austria. And eurofags already use Kraken. 10 million is quite a lot.

good, everyone should do this
crash this system

We all knew it was coming in the end. Now we are scattered to the winds. Digital refugees in a digital world...

I used my loan money in december to buy raiblocks at $1.5 and icx at $2 :-)

This is based on a study of 2000 people who saw a facebook banner and clicked it.

Heavily skewed towards people who have crypto to show the interest because people who have no fucking idea what it even is are less likely to click.

Just a friendly reminder that South Korea that makes up 1% of the population controls 30-40% of crypto volume.

We are the early adopters. Just imagine when the rest of the world gets to the level where SK is right now when there is still no adoption.

Mass adoption of the distributed ledger technology will happen without crypto at all.

Haha best thing I've ever herd

10 million is about 3% of the US population and the sole normie access to crypto, even beyond normie really. Add to that it also being universally used in europe where i am. Easily less than a percent of people have crypto.

This is the real loophole. Bankruptcy = 7 years you can take no credit.

Coinbase is not available in Germany and France, let alone most other countries in the world. And why are people using crypto? To invest and get rich(er). How far do you think it can get? The whole world is a casino, and the people in it - the gamblers, huh?

Well done for that insight, of course until prices stabilize crypto wont be used as currency. As for countries do some reading: Austria, Australia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, San Marino, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United States, United Kingdom.

Main port of entry for all those nations, 10 million wallets. Its also available in limited forms in even more countries.

I mean google was created by a couple of fresh grads

I use my financial aid to buy crypto while I make all my money cash with muh own business best system

Student loans can't be wiped off your credit report unless you pay them off

>use loan money for worthless degree
>use loan money for internet shitcoin moon missions

Gee, I wonder which one I'd pick.

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Nonsense. You can't declare bankruptcy again for 7-10 years after a personal BK, and it stays on your credit report for 7-10 years, you fucking dolt. There is no rule or law that you can't apply for and get credit after a BK. You'll get turned down for the better cards, but after a year or two, if you pay off your bills, and start building your credit rating, you can start getting new credit accounts. I know people who BK'ed and got new car loans a year afterwards.

Don't talk about shit you know nothing about, stupid.

Yeah, that's not how student loans work, retard. The school gets the money, it's applied towards your fees, and anything left over, you get a check for.

And, you can't BK out of student loans.

But hey, you tried.

No, you don't, that's not how student aid money works.

LOL, what a complete crap story. They polled 2k people, out of what's around 20 million college students in the US. And, they're talking about using what's left over after tuition and fees are paid for, and that's about 4k. If 2k people were dumb enough to spend that on crypto, especially after december, instead using it for things like rent, food, books, and gas, then they're just dumbasses. And, they get to pay it back with interest, when they literally threw it away.

Fucking hilarious. With all the shit going on in crypto, this "journalist" went for the lowest hanging fruit with hardly any work involved, no real journalism, and wrote a fluff piece - and there are fucking retards here who think it means something.

You can't make this shit up. Our culture deserves to die.

And 4% of them own 95% of all crypto. That works out to about 1 million Americans holding 95% of the crypto coins in the US. That leaves about 25 million people who own less than 5%.

If you believe the reported numbers. They *think* that's true.

Dummy, most people have less than a thousand dollars worth of crypto. I know the tryhards here like to larp like everyone is a cryptomillionaire here, but it's ALL larping.

But you keep throwing that number around, like it means something.

"We'll all be rich" says most of the pyramid.