The new FaceBook?

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For real tho I know how Zuck felt. The first time I made a website and saw people signing up with their real details and IP addresses felt like waking up in the matrix.
Never did anything shady, it was just a weird feeling.

Tell it to your fucking Diary. Are you watching IOST?

a decentralized facebook would be just filled with criminals, pedos, neonazis, and furries

Social media on a blockchain. Retarded.

Veeky Forums is retarded. Go back to your soft core porn and pink wojacks. Cuz I know you are not here to make money.

Just bought this because BNB went too far down the list.

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Now dont fag out and sell it. Mid April you'll be up 10 bags.

Why would I need to hodl in this for a month when I can buy whatever shitcoin is going up?

Good luck to you.

So... like.. EMAIL?

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next STORM ???


Are we waiting for gooks to wake up?

No, gooks are woke. It's Veeky Forums that needs to wake the fuck up.

I'm checking out the shuttle's in-flight entertainment.

Not seeing a 150% pump. It's not going that high.Looks like it's dying down.

Storm was up over 400% in 3 days. I was in it. Brought it to Veeky Forums 3 times, and heard the same bullshit. IOST is way bigger. April brings 10x bags. Im getting sick of wasting my time with you idiots.

such is life and absolute freedom

It was. That's why I'm not selling my bags. It's already back up 3% on Binance. Small 5-10 minute dips are nothing to worry about. Be something if it goes up double what storm is now.

Why do you guys think it will moon in april?

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Fuck it, I’ll buy some

It's fighting TRON for the #4 spot.

Fuck it, I'll buy some bags when the price goes down some.