Be me

>be me
>be 27 year old ugly beta loser loner autist with no friends or social experiences since school, no female attention ever, never been to a pub, club, or party
>Friday night alone (like every other time)
>went in to central London to British museum and then ate at McDonalds
>saw multiple busy bars with young people enjoying life when I'm too ugly to ever join in
>multiple qts on the underground who saw me as a pathetic ugly loser and who have 5000 chad tinder matches- those types of qts who, unlike Staceys, need beta orbiters for ego boosts, but I never even had a beta orbiter stage in school / uni (nvm a "Dude, bro, girls gave so many signals but I missed them all bro!" stage)
>walked past university on way to museum and the sight of students in the prime of their lives was demoralising as fuck

Welp, my youth is gone. I'm an ugly social reject. Every single person in the UK goes on over 1000 nights out by my age.

There is no hope of you're not a normie clone or good looking.

Picrelated is every girl twice a week for 10 years and 4 times a week during university.

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why aren't you a bitcoin millionaire then


This is BIZ you faggot.. Go post your sob story somewhere else

Hi sirs end lonliness get money from buy Chainlink sir. Humble best wishes

its ok op life is a meme

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sage you larping faggot
and if not larp back to /r9k/ or goddamn just do literally anything but post your sad life on a chinese brap imageboard jesus, i.e. get a fucking gym membership for starters

Hey, get off Veeky Forums and start lifting weights. Come back when you've completed 6 months of a he starting strength program.

I'm being serious. You need to change yourself and you're more than capable of doing it.

Of the*

I'm being serious user, it's time to change yourself. You know it, I know it, and anyone that read this knows it. Only you can do it though.

Why would you want to have any part of that degenerate trash anyway?

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be happy your alive OP. Just start making money with crypto and stop giving a fuck. fuck these peeps OP. Nobody cares. Fuck em.

Learn to be attracted to other types of women besides bar sluts. Also get a therapist. If you build some self-respect and social skills, there will always be some type of woman who is interested in fucking you.

Don't bother worrying about the type of bitches in this picture. They're terrible lays anyway.

I know this is pasta but I'm starting to feel the same as time goes on. God I'm such a loser.

when you work out, your mood stabilizes, your energy increases, your mindset expands, and your focus sharpens.

go for it man. you will not regret it

Felt the same for a while and did exactly what others here are suggesting. Hit the gym, go for runs, just general movement releases a fuckton of endorphins in your brain. Once you start seeing progress you'd be surprised how much of a confidence boost it is. Being ugly but in shape flys a lot of the time with chicks and you'll have the confident personality to back it up. But you have to make the change yourself no one will force you. Good luck user rooting for you

Your not missing out on anything you fucking cuck.

Why don't you join some sort of club or group in your city? If you're in or close to London, there are countless opportunities you could take part in.


I would let the girls on the left and right give me chlamydia and gonnorhea

Doesn’t always help, I’ve been lifting and gotten pretty big but I still have the brain of a khv autist

you would be surprised at how many students do escorting.

just pay to fuck when you have the urge. you'll gain confidence so you can pick up chicks for free sex instead. in your spare time, just make money ..


Fuck off larping cock sucker

I wonder how many big black cocks those sluts take

Life's a meme

Shitpost it

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are you white or not?

>ugly beta loser loner autist
obviously kek

OP.... imagine being a normie
Happy child, talked to any girl any time
Then becoming similar to you
Trust me.... to have it.... then have it taken away from you is 100x worse
You aint got shit on me

The majority of Indians, Pakis, Afghans, Moroccans are living life like OP in Western European cities.

Why do you want to be a British clubgoer? I mean you aren’t missing out much , they are the absolute scum of this earth. Everywhere I saw them, Greece,Spain, Thailand,Croatia they are the same. Drunken monkeys destroying public spaces , fighting, pissing and barfing everywhere.





Are all euro males beta faggots?

I dont drink nor go to clubs, I dont give a fuck about some pathetic subhumans lmao

feels good

how about you work out or even get steroids you lazy fat shit

Go like 10 times and you will realise that clubbing is pretty shitty desu. Like 10 percent of the times you go it will be a good night regardless of getting laid and thats only if you are in good company.

Most nights out are shitty ime or dull especially in the UK where most chicks are not all that great but have high af standards. Getting yuckie with the boys gets boring after a while. I can only do it once or teice a year now

>Picrelated is every girl
Doubt it. Your people are fugly as hell.

op serious question, why the fuck would you care about those bitches in your pic? they are only there to get free drinks and attention from rich chads

if you're horny just go to a prozzie its way better than clubbing and wasting money

Not all UK clubbing is terrible but I'd advise to stay away from the kind of places that exist solely for people like the pic related to go and pretend to be weekend billionaires.

Go to a club that plays the music you like OP. Meet like-minded people. Chasing the vacuous twats pictured will not get you anywhere.

Google PUA. (Pick Up Artists)

There are like million in London. Hook up with them.

Enjoy mad pussy daily

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