Mods are sleep, this an anime board now

Mods are sleep, this an anime board now

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Fuck anime

cute, please be my gf

Piss off NEET go back to /a/

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No you fuck, don't you understand? nobody is here to protect you anymore

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Friendly reminder Veeky Forums is /fAsh/

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mods are away the revolution is HERE

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Die filthy commie

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traitor spotted

you say you are against them but you play into their hand and make them more powerful just like your stupid idol

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we rule this board now and we will print enough BTC for everyone to be rich

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You'll be swimming in the ocean before you get the chance

Pic didn't attach, but you get the idea

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You dont have the balls to kill a commie in cold blood, Ancap scum

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Don't even watch animu anymore desu but this is still probably one of the better posts on biz right now. The absolute state

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/WE/ are already creating the revolution, we will take all the BTC from the pigs in this board and turn them into /PETRO/ coins , /PETRO/ is now our revolutionary coin that we will print and give to every comrade

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>Not funneling the money you get from the bourgeoisie through XLM
Your plan is not gonna work, too many sanctions are in play now.

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>this an anime board now
It always is

Commie faggots please leave. You're embarrassing yourselves.

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/WE/ need to create a new coin that represents the interest of /the hardworking/

You can't stop us, /he/ is backing us

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>/Gas/ him

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>implying this board actually has mods

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how many times are you going to try&fail to bother
/мaть poccия/ ?

/тpyдoлюбивыe люди пoбeдят/

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Your life ends here

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commie larping teens are cancer

Anyone been watching Kakegurui? It’s the first “Netflix Original” I watched that actually turned out to be good. A high school where the hierarchy is determined by the top gambler. It’s a good look into game theory. It actually made me decide to quit my job and move to Austin.

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>commie larping teens are cancer
Cry as much as you want pig, your BTC now belongs to /thepeople/

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And here’s a picture since Netflix won’t let you take screenshots.

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Watch Devilman next

I must inform you, this isnt LARP, it is just RP
LARP inplies live action, (think civil war battle reenactments)

because it is online, it is simply "RP"

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This is probably a good thread to talk about it, I’ve been listen to A Conferedy of Dunces on audiobook, I’ve read it before a long time ago, but if you haven’t read it you 100% have to. Just trust me.

I just realized that was based on a work by one of the original mecha writers, watched a few episodes didn’t seem like much, but I’ll give it another look.

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Rare pic of russian soldiers waiting in the harsh winter for the enemy

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whats anime?

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Stop posting the /out/ anime.


post thought-provoking anime

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t. some stupid fuckwit kid larping
you do realise that being a commie in public is a luxury afforded to deluded white kids in a bubble right? You do realise that people from all over the globe have lost family to communism, right? Here's to the inevitable fist and or / weapon to the face you will get user
but thats assuming you're not a larping little bitch with hot topic clothing to begin with ;)

Rare pic from KGB soldiers in uniform ready to protect /мaть poccия/

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Anime is cringe as fuck. All of Jap culture is.

Stop crying already, you don't deserve any compassion bourgeois pig

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>posts this on a Japanese inspired imageboard meant to replicate Japanese internet culture

Rare pic from a Russian sniper hidden in the winter

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>he says from an internet connected device on a first world website in first world tongue

kek, nice larp you edgy little shit
take it to the streets and see what happens ;)


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Never reply to me again.

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>they are still here
>they resist to the revolution
>they need to be kidnapped and executed
>call the BLANKET

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Never talk to me or my waifu's son again!

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>he refuses to talk

torture him

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user you're such a fucking faggot holy shit.

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>waifu's son

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Anime is for neckbeard fags. No idgaf if this is muh Veeky Forums

last episode of slow start today
anyone else hoping its a bit gayer than usual

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also season finale of this overly dramatic show
its gonna be comfy and i hope there will be a season 2, the next arc or two in the manga are really good
its a bit sad it's ending here, should have been a 24 episode season really
i guess the world isnt ready for yuri yet

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oh god FINALLY

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Day of the helicopter is drawing nigh.

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back to page 1 with you YAAAA HYAAA GO ON GIT

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woop woop

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Where do you think you are motherfucker?

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one day im gonna make it

and i will have a personal maido

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Sieg heil my dudes

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Gas yourself

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no u

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Kikes did 3dpd

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Lol what a fucking weirdo fag you are

Veeky Forums is now my property

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