Binance moving to it's own chain to deal with blockchain assets in new ways

>Binance moving to it's own chain to deal with blockchain assets in new ways
>Binance CEO does a speech about the same concepts and ideas at the Jibrel Conference last month
>Jibrel will be able to provide jCash on Binance with jUSD,jKRW and many other options for fiat in and out because jUSD can be sent to your bank account and you can send directly from a bank account to create jUSD or whatever jCash
>Binance plans on eventually creating direct fiat pairs with Malta action

Time for round two of this thread. What are your thoughts.

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That jibrel conference was interesting, as jibrel was still in ico at the time and they were in south korea, all the speakers had to be vague about jibrel to comply with the law....If you think CZ flew to south korea for no reason, when he has said he never travels as he doesnt see the point, to speak at a coins conference thats still in ico....

Nice just put up a buy order on hitbtc. Fucking no volume though.

your spot on I think OP, this isn't something binance could achieve by themselves

Even if binance could, jibrel has been working on this since 2016 at the latest, 2 years +, targetting this specific function.No doubt even once binance started getting big and they wanted to set fiat pairs in motion, they are still 2 years behind jibrel....You cant just throw money at someone and get compliance and regulation instantly.

I certainly want to believe. Weirdly I'd say the strongest argument is the fact that CZ doesn't travel for this kind of stuff yet weirdly made an exception for the Jibrel conference. Really makes you think.

Nice try Jibrel jabronis.

I want to believe. It would make sense for Binance IMO, since at the end of the day jCash is regular fiat with the transaction capabiliies of the blockchain. Question is if Binance will implement strict enough KYC/AML to qualify for jCash, because I doubt their current protocols are satisfactory for Jibrel.

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Wouldnt be hard, they just enable it for peoples accounts who did the full kyc/aml.

IM Im gay, jibrel is gay. Its perfect fit

My guess is that if they do fiat to crypto, they're going to have to do some pretty strict KYC/AML anyways, so it may have to tighten up anyways.

Which is a good point. Jibrel does have more financial experience than Binance even though I'm sure Binance has people tripping over themselves to help in that area.

Pretty sound reasoning. There's way too much potential in Jibrel to not invest, and luckily it's not that far off from ICO prices.

It's also noteworthy that JNT is leaving exchanges and into people's wallets. I'm confident JNT will be scarce in the future, added with the fact that hundreds of millions if not billions of dollars worth of assets will be tokenized, it's hard for this to not moon.

An insane amount is getting locked away in to peoples wallets, just check the etherscan.Good luck to anyone trying to buy any significant amount for much longer.

is there a good explanation of the token economics anywhere?

it's hard as fuck to watch it bleed though, I kept 'buying the dip' all the way down from 7k sats to 4k

Yeah I know. Volume is shit in exchanges, and the order book is laughably thin. Luckily I'm sitting comfy with my 10k stack of jibbies.

Best article on it

If you dont want to read an article, this is a great condensed reddit post that sums it up nicely.

The wallet has 16M JNT sitting in it. So the case seems to be an unwillingness to sell below a certain price point. Bibox is some weird bot exchange that hardly has any real volume and their JNT wallet is down to 1.5M.

It'll pay off exponentially by 2020, hell even eoy when project Pinocchio is complete.

Sadly they have a terrible habit of being late on delivery at least on the informational side.

Combined thats only 10% or so of jibrels circulating supply.

I have a pretty good feeling about this and I plan to hold for a few years, I just feel like I made some rookie mistakes while I was accumulating

I think it was more of the news outlets taking their sweet time (similar to Wanchain being delayed due to exchanges.) With big money invested in this, I doubt they will let themselves fuck up to that degree.

Same here man. I bought most of my stack at 40 cents so I'm down quite a bit. Could've had an extra 4k JNT but oh well, that's what dollar cost averaging is for.

I'm just interested to see what the medium article holds though I'm not sure we will get it this week. We technically have another day or so but it seems like it was delayed.

is reputable? site looks decent, never used it before

No idea. I was just checking wallets and I noticed that theirs was the biggest and they are the largest single address holding JNT by a wide margin.

i used them without problem

Try Bibox, it’s as simple as Binance if not easier.

Gate worked but I wouldn't trust them long-term. The English on the site is GOOKED and their security measures seemingly the same.

>does not offer 2FA recovery codes
>does not tell you to back up your 2FA private key
>implying 2 options: 1. you can get locked out 2. support will unlock for you
>withdrawal requires 2FA + funds key but produces 0 email confirmation
>so if someone somehow steals all your shit you won't notice it until you login to Gate again

Again, these are nitpicks. But if they can't get these things right then the exchange must not be very trustworthy.

It’s ok I bought at 0.49 and then 0.30 and last weekend at the bottom 0.24 and will continue buying. Hoping it gets as low as 0.20 and I’ll pick a chunck. No reason for it to moon today, let it take its time. I have a good feeling about this, I think the returns are going to be great.

50k jibrel from ico. not a lot, but will ride to 0 - too much Potential imho

cool 50 mil you got there

Where do you guys see this realistically eoy 2018 and eoy 2019?

Me personally I can see this achieving at a 2 billion $ market cap eoy 2018. Depending on if everything goes smoothly with banks and regulators, I can see this at least at 10 billion eoy 2019. I mean fucking Dubai and MENA regions is enough to take it to those numbers. This is not even accounting for other banks or speculation.

fuuuk hope so. could buy a mansion and retire at 21

$100 2019 inshallah
الله يسلمك

I personally expect it to be higher than $10b at the end of 2019, but I know I'm being optimistic. The scope of the project and the partnerships that we already know have been secured (SEED group and Central Bank UAE) are pretty crazy. As long as they keep expanding they'll keep tokenizing assets and that will just add to the speculative value, so I don't see a legitimate limit on how far this project can go. We will just have to wait and see.

Hard to tell actually. It could fly upwards to $50 by EOY or it could stagnate around this price range or a dollar or two before taking off in 2019.

Assuming everything goes well of course. This is something that could do nothing for a year or suddenly take off. It moons off of factors that aren't really market related so there is no way to tell.

Let's wait for the DAO and how much demand for tokenizing is really excisting before spitting around numbers

Shut the fuck up you fucking nigger. Are your bags heavy that you feel the need to constantly shill JNT, you stupid cuck?

Basically like every other coin then.99% of coins provide nothing but speculative value.Jibrel already got 250 mill of outside money invested in it which should reflect in the marketcap soon.How many coins can say that?Zero reason why this shouldnt be at the top of everyones list apart from lack of education on it or understanding of the token economics.

>Giving money to sandniggers that are actively invading your motherland

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Talal himself said that it won't have an immediate effect and there is no timeline. So yes eventually there will be 250M added to the cap for whatever percent they hold but that is likely to be months from now. We could hit a bull market before then.

Looks like someone is not done accumulating. Sorry but you had plenty of time.

So what your saying is the 250m is a huge bonus that jibrel has over typical speculative value coins.So if we ignore this huge bonus then we still have the huge speculative gains to be had from binance listings, new bank deals, new partnerships, more tokenized money added etc etc.Jibrel still can gain huge from speculation just like every other coin, no reason for this not to moon in a bull just because it also has token economics as its trump card over everthing else.Very flawed logic on this one.

>hurr durr you had time to accumulate
>t. retard who went all in at 5k sats and have no liquidity left to buy more
What the fuck is the point of shilling now when it's not even on binance? Are you jealous that not everyone is a dumb faggot buying high?

I'm saying the market isn't always rational and JNT isn't huge on shilling itself or marketing which is what hype bulls want. I'm extremely bullish on JNT but I'm looking at in for the long term and expect nothing before 2019.

They arnt going to take months to make use of the 250m of jcash.Tether is viewed as small fry to jibrel and they managed 2 billion plus in mere months.Jibrel is aiming for billions, and as fast as possible so they have first mover advantage.waiting til 2019 to get anything done is insane and no coin in their position would do that.

You must be fun to be around IRL. This is just a discussion. OP did some digging and wanted to hear our thoughts.

All I'm saying is temper your expectations and wait for the medium post which should clear up a lot of this.

Man I bought in at 65 and 80 cents, gtfo with your 40 cents regrets

dollar cost averaging during the dips and spending more fiat did help my mental health quite a bit tho