Which coin is your biggest investment? How big part of your portfolio is that?

Which coin is your biggest investment? How big part of your portfolio is that?

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LINK. 100%.

That's a dude.



link, 65%

Link 99.9%

Link 100%

BCH 100%

LINK and BTC - about a third each


That’s now how that works

BBN at 34% followed by NAS at 33.

Mah nigga. Prophet Jez will deliver us to the moon

%110 Link

Respect the dubs faggot

100% nignog

link 45 percent

All in on WET
> justgetwet.net/

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VeChain, about 50% of my portfolio to secure a Strength Node X. I know it'll go up and down, I don't really care since I won't be selling until next year at the very least, probably another year after that.

BTC so that I can actually day trade actively with it and make half-way decent profits off of only 5m chart movements. Sitting at about 70% BTC. 30% rotating shitcoins and other longterm hold outs.

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awwwsheeeit niqqqua that's an abstract fractionalizaiont nigqquia.

Hodling for very long now

Also link 101%

These are my two biggest investments, money and time wise into researching. 2 ETH in LCS and about 14k USD into KRIOS
These ICOs I think are significantly better than the competitors and the shitty ones released in the past that went x10 or more
when they shouldn't have. Both of these will pay some sort of return over time; which is a very big factor in me choosing them as crypto bull runs are about over and sound investments that you get into early will take their place.

#1 KRI KriosCoin
DYOR (Do Your Own Research) but TL;DR version:
>Buyable with PayPal (Even credit card)
>10 cents a token on exchange launch on April 16th
>Marketing platform that is expected to do well/Has Silicon Valley partnership confirmed
Coupon Code MW10 gets you 10% bonus coins on purchase

#2 LocalCoinSwap
ico.localcoinswap.com/r/EEY9756 (Use my link to help out user)
DYOR (Do Your Own Research)
>New exchange that allows direct trading of ANY cryptocurrency
>No verifications or restrictions
>100% of profits distributed to users through the blockchain
>will get airdrops of each ICO that hits this exchange
>Pre-ICO at the moment
>Website is fuckin gr8; easy to navigate and invest on

Banyan Network 100% bought in at .045

>Which coin

BTC 60%, LTC 40%.

There are only a handful of coins that are actually in use for transactions.

BTC, LTC, XMR, BCH, DOGE, & Dash (barely). I wouldn't hold anything not being used regularly. BTC is going back to the moon, then you can pick up shitcoins for cheap.

30% LINK

Link, 40%. Eth and btc both 20%, then 4 others each 5%


Not really, no

Thank you for posting it.


30% ENG 30% OMG and the other scattered across some other shitcoins

LINK 98%
JNT 1%
REQ 1%

nice choice and digits

75% LINK 25% ETH

That way i have 2 forms of suicide insurance

LTC - 60%

Same. $1000 EOY!


50k link
25k req
100% comfy

Snt 70%

MU 90%


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it's a very large part of my portfolio if you get my drift.
(my weener is long)

Damn you broke the shitscale. Icos are a meme in 2018 and will crash and burn for months
Also you have all the pepe plush >'s of a pajeet shiller
Fuck your shittokens, you will lose your money

100% Universa

100% ETH.

Datawallet 100%

Fuck thats one cute boy.

700k+ Req, around 80% of my portfolio. It was around 40% (bought ico and post-ico dip) but it outperformed my other coins.
The rest are xlm, eth and some xcm. I will probably rebalance the first that moons to some link.

Vechain and Qash both 33%


Up 50% last week.

I expect x10 atleast in month or two

link 98%

my man.

Making money has never been as easy eh.
Can't wait for eom

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EOS 70%

well, i just went all in to DXT because.
datawallet is backed by some seriously heavyweight supporters in the field – one of which being Tim Draper, which you may have heard from nucleus vision etc hypecoins. Marc Benioff is also listed in their page as being an investor, with Marc himself being the CEO of the tech giant Salesforce. It’s these kind of connections that make me more bullish on DataWallet – an app like Salesforce could have plenty of use of the DataWallet solution, and possible future partnerships or communications between the two parties could certainly lead to some great things.

>use cases are really cool and so is design of the site


>already working MVP
>marketing is starting right now

>partnered with FintruX, SteemIt, Indorse and Fresh Digital + Kochava and more is coming ..

>new exchange listing end of this month
>cobinhood trading contest going on right now
>only 17m marketcap

Tim Draper /cryptogod/ mentioned datawallet at 1:12 of this youtube video


only 33.3% of tokens sold in token sales so yes team will hype this most likely to moon

Equally bnn and bnb

80k LINK

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would pillage

Someone pepefy this already...

85% link.

What do you daytrade?
BTCUSD on 5min candles? Or altcoins?

100% Peculium stacking up on this bottom is legit big fucking things coming

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behind ETH its GVT>PRL>OMG in that order

PRL 90%

Link 100%

Ethos 44% OMG 30%

$ICX for sure... i have more than 60k $ in that token

OMG 80%
ELEC 20%

Link 70%
(req 30%)

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100% skycoin, no regrets

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80% JNT
15% TOMO
5% BIX

100% REQ

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Absolute garbage shitcoins that will never ever succeed, you will never make it

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70k REQ
20k LINK

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EOS about 50%