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lol bought 50k at 4900 eth sats

Really glad I didn't go out tn, rather be watching everybody FOMO in.

The best part is nobody is dumb enough to sell before testnet.

Lol this aint gunna dump

I can actually sleep.

OP u my babe. Ride this with me baby.

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No gfy

I accidentally sold these for 521. Plz tell me the price is going back down

20 cents by the 31st or is that low?

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Fuck You. I bought at .15

Not even kidding

No. I have no faith in crypto because of shit like this.

Better fomo back in. Im srs

just moved my whole stack to trx,

50k + 250k more now.

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Thats comfy af

lol I can finally sleep.

nobody is going to sell before testnet, and as long as i steer clear of april this fucking thing might be a US dollar by June 1st.

i love you all anons.

no homo.

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Are you implying that crypto is the same thing as buying lotto tickets?

I love you faggors if it hits 50 cents

Brother, I honestly thought I was an autist for thinking it was going to be at where it is right now.

3 days ago I honestly thought we would only see a 30% on this coin maybe on the 27th or 28th.

But this means TRX will never see these prices again...

7 days anons.

I bought in in the Dec/Jan madness at .15. Yup .15

For me, TRX has to be a moon shot or HODL to 0.

please don't sell until you make a little profit..

But what was the saturation at that price?

unironically we are all in together.

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WTF I was going to buy this 12 hours ago because of the Testnet news but I checked his Twitter and all the news sites and there was fucking NOTHING about it and the price was stable, why is it pumping now?

Jesus christ its babbys first mini moon itt

12 hours ago was 1 am in ching chong land

There’s so many people waiting to dump

let's hope lol, we're gunna be doing this all week.

I'm so ready to break 6 figures.

Mate, I don't want to shit on your dreams but this nigger is right. There's so many fucking bagholders out there that will market dump as soon as this shit hits 10 cents. But hey, just for you, I hope they don't.

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Always do the opposite of what Veeky Forums says. Everyone has been talking shit about this project for so long and I have been accumulating the whole way down from 700 sats to 360. I'm so fuckin ready for this thing to blow up.

people keep saying this.

imagine being a hodler. You either didn't want to sell at a loss and have HELD FOR 4 FUCKING MONTHS...

or you're a believer.

Since we only need to worry about dumping coming from the former, imagine how stupid they would have to be to dump when they break even, and not even try to make money for having tied up their money in some project they don't even like.

Lol the market will gladly buy their coins.

If it does dump at 10cents... then we'll have made it to 10cents and I'll have my first 300% week.

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