Where will your primary residence be after you make it? I’m thinking I’ll get a comfy apartment in NYC near pic related

Where will your primary residence be after you make it? I’m thinking I’ll get a comfy apartment in NYC near pic related

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Probably either the state I currently live in or somewhere in Texas, probably near San Antonio.

when you say make it you basically mean like when you win the lottery, so in other words, never, right?

Fuck to you

What about outside America?

Any nice white/asian countries you can buy citizenship into?


Comfy in the mountains with my family, rest of the world can fuck off

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If you dont move to Thailand you didnt make it

What building is that in the middle?
I'd probably get a nice little house somewhere in NZ, south island.

Patagonia, chile. Vineyard/orchard property near tourism. Seasonal place in Appalachia as a back up.

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I want to get far away from inner city crime and tax and spend liberals. Having access to the coast line would also be a plus in case the government collapses and I need to sail away. What do you guys think of Maine? I think it might fit my criteria.

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Monaco, because fuck poor people, fuck america, and fuck taxes.

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The last few threads we had:
KL, Malaysia (Good food, ez women and nature),
Singapore (No Capital Gains tax, incredibly low crime rates and the best-rated educational system in Asia)
Caymen islands
Idaho if you are American

OP I live in NYC and I want to move out. It fucking sucks here. A solid 50% of the population is shitskins and by next generation it will be 65-70. Everyone is incredibly stuck up, loud, and rude. I don't know where you live but the housing is ridiculously overpriced. A 1 bedroom apartment in a decent Manhattan neighborhood (that's what I assume you want) that isn't uptown is easy 1.5 mil

See post about Monaco. Lets be honest though, even if you become a multimillionaire from crypto, you still couldn't afford to live there. Most luxurious, exclusive country in the world.

Someone also suggested the Azores archipelago

if you're a brainlet then making it is indeed like winning the lottery. so in your case, yes and yes.

thing is all english speaking places outside the US seems to be worse than the US

say, Seattle.
what other english speaking city is better for settling in once rich? australia has horrid latency to everywhere, kiss goodbye to realtime online interactions

ill probably move to Syria

stupid lolbertarian, you are going to get rape-murdered by commie niggers in 10 years, south african style. this would be safe in white nations but when there are no more white nations, you better hope they kill you before they rape or eat you.

I'm in singapore. It boring as fuck. Yeah its a tax haven but living here isn't that great. Can't smoke weed, buying a civic will cost you 100k+, eucation for non residents is expensive as fuck., ou have to send your kids off the military service for the chinks if you want cheaper education.

Buying a residence at the Ritz Carleton Downtown Los Angeles, which is where I live currently. Live in a hotel bros

unironically malta

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>not having 30 different guns strategically hidden around the house

But you're right, you're much safer living in a city like NYC comprised of 75% hood ghetto shitskins while also having absolutely no means of protection. No guns, no stand your ground laws. Good luck

why the fuck would anyone want to live with a bunch of jews, chinks and niggers in a concrete shit hole paying taxes out the ass?

why would u stay in the states? Lul

I'm thinking Malta or Madeira but they seem too small to have actual houses, don't want to live like a rat.

>hurrr durrr living in the suburbs or country side is magically more dangerous than living a shithole that bans legal possession of firearms for protection

Thailand is the only correct option.

>wanting to live in NYC

Lmao stay poor

>have to send your kids off the military service
And how is that a bad thing?

I'm serving said service right now. It's not much of an issue if you have no placement in university. But it kinda wastes 2 years of your life that you could have otherwise spent doing something more fruitful, rather than reacting to commands.


Austrian pre-Alps
One of the most undervalued places on earth

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Realestate would be cheap lmao

Singapore is nice if you can get over the humidity.

I guess I will move to montana.

Will you improve our flossing experience?


I actually think I might learn the language over the next few years and head out to singapore to visit a few times. Looks like alot of decent adventures could be had. Plus the go-go district seems like it'd be fun to visit a few times just to take it all in and living out of some of various rooms by the day or week. Love how alot of the business look with the patios and everything

>learn the language
They speak English dumbfuck

Braindead faggot who does what everyone else thinks is cool. Enjoy your empty life.

Take note what a real house looks like.






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Berkeley on the hills overlooking the bay
Tacoma facing Mt Rainier

Oh, or Oregon on the coast ala Goonies but in a better house.

I would worry about this too, if your going to live in the middle of nowhere you would want your to be an impregnable fortress, basically build it as if it were a prison building but try to make it look relativity nice as well

still high latency to the US

>Idaho if you are American

This is why I love threads like these, people posting and recommending places they've never been

Fucking IDAHO holy christ

When you get meme'd irl

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When LINK finally moons I'm going to retreat into the forests of West Virginia and only go back to society when I want to fuck white trash QTs

Pretty much where I live IRL.
Huge beatiful woods, lakes and mountains. All within biking distance.
Winters are a bit long though.
But beauty out of this world. Perfect for kids. And great food.

Chicago, but with a getaway in rural Nippon.

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i'd love to live in america holy fuck just kill me already
t. pollack

Dude you’re such a weeb.

Yeah I am. I love everything about Japan. I don't know if I would want to be Japanese but its nice to take in from an outsider perspective.

>A 1 bedroom apartment in a decent Manhattan neighborhood (that's what I assume you want) that isn't uptown is easy 1.5 mil
How do the blacks afford to live there?

Switzerland, Austria, Finland, Japan

Why would you live in NYC if you were retired off crypto?

>putting up with city bullshit for no benefit

Get a private island or peninsula and live in peace.

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enjoy your chemtrails

if you choose something US or EU, u r a dumbass

Probably buy a house in the alps.
Will be comfy af in the winter.

So what countries don't have chemtrails. Japan has. So das Switzerland. China hasn't chemtrails, except on rare occassions.

Where should I go? Chad? Antartica? NZ? Brazil? Namibia?

Japan does not have.

Who the fuck wants that much useless grass to mow? Either grow something on it or let the trees come back. Fuck.

why US and why NYC....

Id prefer to go to Indonesia.
tones of girls around the world are there, heavy Tourism = party all day.

I was there more often the past 3 years.

> pic related

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Let some sheep loose on it to mow the grass, fertilize the soil, provide meat, milk and clothing.

Japan seems like a hellish place to live but a dope place to vacation

I would be off to a carribean island of my choice.
Not ridiculously expensive, always the best weather, beautiful beaches and sea etc.

Why fantasize about something you'll never do? You hadn't made it in December, you won't make it now.

They have big ass storms there

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lol no thanks

Their rents are usually "frozen" at $800-900 per month because 1/2 the rental market is rent stabilized, which creates generational ghettos (your kids can inherit the frozen rent) Or they live project housing (600,000 people) that are sometimes located in prime Manhattan neighborhoods.

Tell me more user. How's the real estate there? Is it feasable to start a business in tourism like a b&b or glamping site, stuff like that? Say i sink $500-800k in there, will i see it back in a decent timeframe or is the area not that touristy?
How much for a nice 3-4 bedroom house and where should i look for one? How are the locals? Any schools that teach english or will my son have to learn nazi to get his education on?
Thanks desu

ABC islands, tobago, barbados are relatively hurrican safe I think.

vouch for what this guy said. But I live in a comfy 4 bedroom in brooklyn with my friends, and paying $900 a month at 26 years old is fine for me. My bud in Boulder is paying more for rent than me.

Now, owning property, that's completely different. My Jewish Brooklynite Ex Gf's older brother bought his apartment for 1 million dollars, in fort green.

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I've lived in MA all my life anyway so I'd probably just buy a nice place in Boston/Cambridge. I never understood the appeal of NYC, I went there once and it seemed awful. California could be nice too once it collapses and you can pay less money for real estate.

Probably Singapore because tax haven. I might live there... I don't know. I deffo need a tax haven country because I want to keep speculating in crypto even after making it.

They will never love you, Gaijin. No matter how much you pretend you don't want it. They know it, and you know it. And they will never give you what you want. Eventually, it will wear you down. The very culture that you love so much you will learn to hate. By all means visit. Climb Fujiyama, fuck QT628, make sushi, visit museums and temples and see the sakura in Tokyo. But never, never, never move there.

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Maybe Ukraine. Maybe Poland. I want to be in a place that has thin pretty white women and no crypto tax

There's literally no point. There's so many foreigners in Tokyo these days it feels like London anyway. Might as well go there.

8 spruce st. PH in NYC

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that's a comfy setup, nice view outside? Also what's life in NYC like, I'm from Austin but hate the geography here and how fake-urban it is.

Dublin, somewhere near Phoenix Park.

that's an amazing house

have you ever noticed lowlives tend to stay in their ghettos even in places where public transportation makes getting to the rich neighborhoods trivial? inertia is the most powerful force of human nature, especially in poor people as poverty only exists because of inertia. the chances of thugs driving dozens/hundreds of miles to get to some mansion lost in the forest is infinitesimal compared to cities and suburbia getting ransacked. user will be fine if he has guns, not to mention there's nothing saying he couldn't also build an underground bunker

it's ironic how the type of leftwing academic shithead who gets hired to work in singapore also hates it because they can't indulge in their degeneracy of choice. meanwhile i'd love nothing more than to live there, but i don't have the combination of psychopatism and autism required to have the skills in demand

Switzerland. I want to live in the mountains, it's always been my dream. I've lived in the same city my whole life, city-life is fucking boring. There's nothing to do, I'd fucking kill myself if I were to spend the rest of my life locked up in some apartment in NYC or some shit. Rather life in a comfy house in a small city in the mountains, being able to ski, mountain bike, mountain climb, parachute or whatever.

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I've seen people say their rent is as low as 600$ the apartment really aren't that bad, the only bad part is the odds of you living next a armed felon that just got out of prison.
That being said I would kill for a comfy night view of the city in Manhattan if I make it, that or LI
T. From a poorfag family in NYC

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Found the insecure lazy guy

Or something like this, as long as it is relatively close to the city.

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>goonies aesthetic
Based. Astoria or some small town in Oregon is a great move user.

I’ll be building a cabin down the road from my brother’s house back in Indiana. Clean up my act and be a part of the family. Making it or not making it.

Holy fuck, that's breathtaking beautiful

Living in the wilderness or far from society sounded cool when I was younger. Now I unironically think it would be lonely and depressing as fuck. I hate people but for some reason need to be around them.

If I get on some whale money I'll stick around NYC but if I'm on some Middle-Class money I'll fuck off to Pennsylvania.

Far away from the niggers

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If we make it lets meetup. i dont know much about switzerland but their flag is a big plus

sounds good

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Tfw you live in one of the darkest states :(

I'm going to keep living in my house in Vancouver.

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