Memes have become so blurred with reality that I can tell if Veeky Forums actually thinks ChainLink is good or not

Memes have become so blurred with reality that I can tell if Veeky Forums actually thinks ChainLink is good or not

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I’m literally half the link posts and I don’t even own any

I shill it just for the fuck of it.

If there are technical details clashing against each other and convincing the shill has a good chance of not being bullshit.

i literally own most of the LINK in circulation, hypothetically we're all made of cheese.

nobody actually thinks this shit will reach $1000
it's just a meme

$1000 Eoy

I really don't know if they can do what they say they're going to do. And I'm really confused as to why being an Oracle provider would even give the token value.

just enjoy the show m8

If you actually care enough to make a post about it, why dont you DYOR.

Even if you're not utterly convinced by what you find, just buy a 100 of them or so. After all theyre like, 50cents? I mean if it doesnt moon, then hey you lost 50 bux. But if it really hits 1k then you've got yourself 50k.

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It's hard to invest when after doing your own research you come on here and there's 6 threads dedicated to why Link is the greatest meme if all time.

It doesn't matter if it's a meme or not. If you've done your research and see that it's a solid product and has a potential, then that's all there is to it.

A meme is a meme. But real talk,this project has a high potential.

Biz is shilling link to fuck with itself and for the lulz because 60% of this board are NEETS.

idk i think link can hit $100 easy. biz may be autistic but the last time we were so obsessed with a coin it was eth. take it as you please

I post multiple link threads a day that usually get dozens of not hundreds of replies and I own 10k (every cent to my name) LINK


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i own link but i fud it just cause im tired of seeing the same threads

I do believe in the project for its actual case uses, but I've noticed massive parallels between the past ETH FUD and optimism and how they compare to LINK. Only holding 5K currently but I often think about bumping that to 10K and forgetting about it for a 12-18 months. I think I'll be rather pleased

should buy 10k just for all the dank memes 4channers think up for link like shadow fork/jason parser/mcdonalds/etc

Those FUDing LINK are accumulating
Those memeing LINKs already have LINK.
All of Veeky Forums owns LINK.

I'm so tempted to cut my losses on TEL and dump the rest into LINK although its another one of those memes that no one thinks it will ever go anywhere, but could also have a working product by EOY. So much potential surprisingly. Of course it will moon after I sell, but luckily I didn't buy the high. There is a Mcdonalds less than a few minutes away from their HQ. Lmao

Fuck it. I'm all in on link. 2years ago I didn't listen to Veeky Forums and buy eth and now I'm so poor I can barely afford my mom's cancer treatment.

I have invested every spare buck I could muster into link.

I only have 700 but if it really reaches $1000 EOY I'll be more than fine.

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Link has the most obvious designflaw I've ever seen. I'm duping ChainLink right now by just rightclicking them on binance and selecting 'save Link to Desktop'. Already have a 3 billion stack from my initial 2k investment.

How the fuck did you invest 2k when you could’ve just bought one and save the same one 3 million times.

I had the coins already when I started duping them. Am also writing a Visual Basic Bot to dupe them for me, but this shit is tough. WTF even is a Variable?

LINK is an ERC20 shitcoin with no future.
If it manages to do what it claims to do, platform tokens will just incorporate its tech.

If it was that easy, then why would it need a two people team instead of just one guy to implement decentralized oracles?

You got me, just bought 100k

$1000 eoy is a you are looking at is $14

let me guys help you

also M$ offers what link offers and EVERYONE will flock to it. regards decentralized meme there is another company that does that and if Link moons to $10 or more expect many others to compete. professional big companies will ALL use M$. only a few Pajeet apps will use LINK

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chain loops do not fight this, chain links do not fight. My boy BD unites Sergei, they are, they say they are not lasting An unexpected scary word! Y'all niggas Not hidden Not all mammals speak ChainLink ChainLink ChainLink and Fake FUCK UP You do not live in Nigga Everyone knows that nigga keeps Ratchet Shootin's and nigga's meat is provocative, I do not know the time! Mammals have stopped him in "playing". If another moon talks about ChainLink, I'll win them!

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I shill it and post memes but dont actually own any or know what it it

It's what this guy is talking about except what MS is offering IS ChainLink

Ohhhh shiiiit. I thought I was the only one. I traded it a while ago but haven’t touched it in atleast 6 months. Now I don’t even know why I shill it.

If you knew about this thread already then why the fuck did you start yet another Chainlink thread, you faggot

peak biz

No one actually does. We meme it as a trap for newfags.

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Bought like 100 link for the memes originally. Own over 1k now

fuckin ditto

Biz likes to pretend that it's just a meme to confuse newfags. Or maybe they do it as a practical joke so they can rub it in everyone's face once LINK actually moons.
Unironically LINK is one of the best projects in crypto and could become a top 10 coin easily. Ignore it at your own peril. It's not too late to buy some user. The next bullrun is coming.

Heavy fud and shill in bear season=good

Invest in a wooden stick. If it doesnt moon then hey you lost just the money for the stick but dude if the stick has magic powers you can make 1-100mill.


I don't own LINK but like to shill it daily and recommend it, it's at the point I feel like I should buy some. And Sergey is to Veeky Forums like shia labeouf is to /pol/ or Ian to /k/


Fuck this is much worse than I could have anticipated. I dont think anyone on biz actually holds link. I unironically know more about link than any of my other holdings due to the fact that i researched the fuck out of it so i could shill it to other anons, and I dont even own any link.


>just bet on the slow 1:1000 horse bro!who cares it's just 50 dollars

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>I'm so tempted to cut my losses on TEL
i'm shocked there's anybody still holding TEL at this point

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Then do your own research retard.


In southeast Asian countries that could very well be an years pay...


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Kek, this

I shill it to keep me occupied because I'm bored and it is easy to meme. I'd never actually buy it.

I dumped my tel but I still believe that it can achieve some form of success
I'm still keeping an eye on it at least

Same except i put unironically 10k€, wich make me sit on 22k linkies


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don't you find it a little suspicious everyone here claims to have 10k-500k Link?

wtf did i just watch?
Going balls deep into link

>making a photo of your screen to upload on Veeky Forums on pc
you're a special kind of retarded

i think most have around 2/10 k