What now?

What now?

FIAT pairing will be the first of its kind. Yes, other exchanges are doing this but COSS will be first.

What are we looking at? 2X? 3X? 4X? 5X? It's going to be something.

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if they actually deliver and it cracks the top 50 exchanges your looking at x30 min

You're looking at xJUST

Holding 4.5k will I make it

$11 per COSS token?
Christ I hope so.

t. holds 10k coss

Where did you get $11 from?

Bad mental math.

30X right now is $7.32.

I would take this.

Can't even fucking design their own UI. Coinmetro will literally remove this from existence and all of your investments will go to literally 0, lol. Leave it to actual people who can do things, not dumbass kids.

>FIAT pairing will be the first of its kind
>Yes, other exchanges are doing this
>COSS will be first.

God you guys are mentally challenged what are you even saying right now?? COSS is late and underdelivers on everything they do so chances are it will be delayed

>COSS will be first.

If by FIRST you mean deposits and withdrawals to CREDIT CARDS ONLY then yes, you may be right lol. This is some straight up autistic shit right here.

At the rate things are going, Binance is going to eat every dex's lunch before they've even ordered it.

You're going to need to offer more than promises to draw in new investors in a bear market.
What matters is COSS's prior track record, and they've proven to be slow and incompetent. With the recent Binance announcement, COSS now has no reason to exist.

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take the exchange volume and minus the coss token --- u get 200k daily volume..absolute horse shit...rip coss

100% for those that still believe I don't even feel bad. If it makes you feel any worse..check out bibox came out of the blue. Their site works just as good as kucoin or binance and their volume is 50x coss. Coss is rip

fuck im going to comment again with a serious question. Coss has been around longer than binance. What in the fucking world makes you think they will be successful? Dont say fiat this or that because they have an exchange and its dogshit...so if they do ever get something fiat it will be horseshit...you got it?

you know what...fuck it one more comment. I will bet anyone 10 eth that coss will exit scam in 2018 cap this

omg sorry one more..you know what chainlink's daily volume on coss exchange is?


tokens 74-87 don't even have a number because there is literally no volume...this coss shit is doa senpai

how bout going to $0 100%

wew lad


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Veeky Forums sure loves FUD'ing the shit out of this coin, so I'll be buying about $400 worth since doing the opposite of what Veeky Forums says has always been profitable for me

you must consider why they don't deliver is because they don't intend to deliver. i hate being invested in this but i'm glad my investment is small

don't get me fucking started about this shit again

If this fucking shit company behind this shit coin actually gets there heads out of there faggot asses then maybe just fucking MAYBE we could go somewhere

$10 EoY