The real fomo will start before 3 days

why youre not in yet?

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Too many bag holders, it's going to drop hard

The grey aliens are real...

tf is that thing

people keep saying this.

imagine being a hodler. You either didn't want to sell at a loss and have HELD FOR 4 FUCKING MONTHS...

or you're a believer.

Since we only need to worry about dumping coming from the former, imagine how stupid they would have to be to dump when they break even, and not even try to make money for having tied up their money in some project they don't even like.

Lol the market will gladly buy their coins.

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fuck shes ugly.. AY LMAO

The Game of Thrones dwarf

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>yes sirs
>sell sirs
>you will only make 300% sell before sir

I'm not buying this stupid chink scam coin


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Bought, it pnd'ed, and I sold for a loss. Bought BNB and making back the losses.

Not in because this is one of the shittiest coins to ever exist. Having 1 tron pisses me off.

>hodl in a shitcoin for 3 days while it pumps and dumps

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Why youre not using correct english?

Greetings, programs.

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Some guy named Assblaster on a racist anime image board said I should put my entire net worth into this. I think it's legit.

Is this the best board? It's about the greatest thing in the universe, ripping people off.

Is Tron about to crash and be worth less than your mom?

Greetings Pepe

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10-12 days

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Metal Pay is being pumped. It looks like a mobile payment system like PayPal.

Let's go boys

the perfect meme

Better get in

holy fuck you caught me eating user
what the fuck is wrong with you people, stop posting her - it's too much... uh

Isnt there a coin burn next week or something?

Thinking about throwing some cheese in tron myself.