This is not a bull, I repeat, this is not a bull, don't FOMO!

This is not a bull, I repeat, this is not a bull, don't FOMO!

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you are reported and saged.

Did you tether up and expected it to drop to 2k? Don't take it out on me. Remember: always buy low, sell high, not the other way around.

kys bearfag

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Good thing that fabric is there or this would violate our NSFW rules

This isnt nudity though

MMMMmmmMMmm, so tantalizingly close to that BRAPhole my dear

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who are you kidding, reddit

Thats the vageen this specimen doesn't have a brap hole

good lord almighty
I can't make rational trade decisions if all my blood is rushing to my dick!

>implying you are a heterosexual male

I can see her butt hole

you can see the surrounds of it yeah
but you cannot see the actual anus
because there is a thong in the way
hence it is not nudity
in the same way that low hanging jeans showing the mons is not nudity
cry more about it

example of such jeans pls


Don't try to hetero-shame me, faggot.

>hence it is not nudity
>t. (((intellectual)))

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I'll do what I want faggot, you should be used to the derision by now

>being such a brainlet that you interpret "hence" as a "big word"

u sound like a fag

>waiting for the thread to float past page 3-4 to come back and attack with a new IP
cry more brainlet

Big ups on the Beanie Baby in the background. That’s an appreciating asset

top kek my dood

keep bumping :)