How you holding up Veeky Forums bros?

Anything you would like to get off your chest, guys? i am here to listen

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I am not well.

what happened user? ill? life not going well?


How are you doing, OP?

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Missing my ex so fucking much, very bad couple of days to be quite honest with you guys.

5 years long relationship, she cheated on me first, then begged for my forgiveness, then we came back yet I cheated a bunch of times too.

I thought she was the one... Will take time to move on I guess, thanks for listening bros.

sorry to hear that user.
i am doing well at the moment in terms of health and life.
not well in crypto, been half of my investment. 16k - 8k ATM but that doesnt matter much.
you mention illness, mind if i ask what?

Well but demoralized.

So many lies.

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i understand, user. you invested 5 years of your prime lifetime over somebody who isnt with you right now. hurts like a bitch i know.
keep it as an experience user. you learnt something from that relationship, use it for your future ones. there are other people you could meet. i understand you had a special connection with her but life has to go on. do not try to forget her but keep her as a good memory, that should help.
good luck user

Hey don't sweat it. I'm half my investment as well. $30k loans, I know stupid, now it's at 15k. Did really good the entire drop actually. Sold everything and bought and traded chainlink. Ended up with 80k links. Sold half 2 days ago to trade on BitMex for the first time. Liquidated. Lost half my money in a flash.

I really want to give you a big bro hug right now, thank you very much for your kind words, you don't know how much it means to me in this very moment.

my gf got mad at me today because i didnt buy her a chocolate cake.

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>not well in crypto, been half of my investment. 16k - 8k ATM but that doesnt matter much.

Sorry to hear that. I've taken a hit as well, but not that that extent. I can imagine though

>you mention illness, mind if i ask what?

I don't know what is it since I haven't been diagnosed by a doctor, but I feel like I'm on the brink of death. I've been going downhill the last 6 months or so, my skin is extra-sensitive and breaking out in random sores for no apparent reason, I can barely swallow food or pills anymore, despite a healthy diet and sleep I look like a walking zombie, I get weird heart palpitations, any kind of workout of exercise leaves me sore for days, and now I'm coming down with random mild fevers. I think I'm going to expire soon.

Tell her you needed her to venmo you the money first but she never did so

Go see a fucking doctor brainlet

My six year old sister died suddenly of septicemia last month.

user, the world isnt as pretty and pure we expect it to be. there are people who would try to knock you down every moment but you got to keep them off. i understand this isnt fair but neither is this life, nothing is fair. we can try to make it fair on our part.
do not get demoralized, find good people and stay connnected. do not feel awkward talking to anybody whom you find interesting, i found the best friends in my life this way, initiate talking out of nowhere ( i found my girlfriend-> fiance-> wife the same way too)

I cashed out in January then bought back in hard in February. I'm chilling at a cabin right just hoping for the best. I fucked up and rolled my profits into a market thats bearish. It's all fun money but I'm not rich, if I wasn't greedy in February I could have been in a great position financially. It might pay off next year but I could be making better moves right now. Nothing major but I could have went down a route that got me out of wage cucking, could have been a house flipper with a friend who makes gains that we'd all drool over.

she got mad at me last time becaue she told me to go buy a couple of things for her and i did a face gesture of tiredness. you can see what type of things my gf get mad at. when i met her first time she told me she wasnt like this. but i been giving her too much, i have good money, we go to restaurants almost everyday. she is nice, as a friend and as a partner but at some points she gets mad because stupid shit. im a little bit tired at this point. she gets mad for every small thing i do she doesnt like and make it a big deal.

started a new job and its been kinda rocky. My co-workers seem to not like me? I dont really know why. My guess is jealousy because i come across as very cocky. I'm a very confident person and i have a stoic nature to me so most people perceive that as cocky. Its been bugging me more then it should because i could careless about this job but i just wanted to get it off my chest

Stop trying to impress people and just come to work and socialize like a normal human being. Cut the "I have a stoic nature" and "I'm a very confident person."

Describing yourself makes you act the way you describe. Why not be humble?

i know. i am a pajeet who has seen too much poverty in life. luckily i worked hard and the money i invested was something i wouldnt need in near future but still it hurts. nvm user, we still have half the stack, all we need is to double it. and we all know it isnt tough in the market we are right now. all we need is a gentle push upwards. just play the game sensibly this time. good luck user. may you make 150k out of the remaining 15k asap
no problem user, bro hug always. i understand where you come from and it is tough to be in that situation. one cant understand if one hasnt been in situation ever. i am not saying it will pass or just get over it. it will take time, but rather than forgetting it, try keeping it as a memory and look for things that are in front of you in life because life never stops

oh user you amuse me. just get her a chocolate cake on sunday. because sunday demands sundae lol

no problem user. as mentioned before that i do not need that money in near future so i have time to make it again and i know i can do it.

you are not going to expire user, you need to get it checked by doctor first. it could be that you are feeling demotivated and life is taking a toll on you, skill problem is something that you should get checked asap. request you to go to doctor user. let us know how it goes. good luck user

user i do not have words to express. i am really sorry, i was 6 when i lost my elder sister to pneumonia and all because my dad did not have $10 to get her treated.
i know i cant compare my situation with you right now but i do not have words to console you. i hope you feel better. god bless, user. god bless you sister.

Im not trying to impress anyone. I really dont care if i look like a fool because i understand the fool is the precursor to the king. I just dont get stressed in situations that most people would because i have had way way more stressful jobs. Its hard to explain. Its like im used to stress level 11 and this job is a 3.

I'm been having ED problems for a year and I'm only 27. It's giving me a lot of anxiety and I'm thinking of kms.

Thanks dude. I've been really bummed out in life for the past month and just looking to get back on my feet. I've experienced a loss of identity and ambition from this. The whole family is feeling the loss. The worst part is that nobody who is 30 has lost a 6 year old sibling before.

dont touch your dick for 2 weeks. problem solved

think of this way, user. you are playing with house money. the worst that could happen is break even. i bet half of current Veeky Forums is losing their initial investment (including me) right now. do not let emotions come in way of investment. do not get attached to a coin, be wary of pnd and invest in what your mind and heart says so, you are smart. you will make money user. good luck

so sorry to hear this. god bless your family.

are you taking any medicines related to hair thinning/ hair fall? finasteride or minoxidil? life getting hectic? if it is out of nowhere it could be because of tension. you might want to get that checked user, it could be that you are too anxious about it and not able to perform.

explain the pic

I don't think you understand the fool>king thing. The King is the Konig or the Cynic. Rooted in philosophy, the basis of moral achievement. Confidence has nothing to do with stoic and cynical viewpoints. While definitely the same sort of ideas are present, you're definitely overthinking your position at some job that you don't care much for.

shes a big girl

you have to be more alpha, shes testing you

take arginine

those are some odds which we would never want in our favor but this is some curve ball that life has thrown towards us. we have to suck it, get up and get going user. you are 27, you have to be the man of family. whole family feels loss, you get them up, take time for them and help them get out of this loss and eventually help yourself. i know it may sound rude but losing one member doesnt mean we have to lose everybody. life has to go on. all the best user

Alternatively stop ciggarettes, eat honey, and look up crio bru. Also do squats even if its without weight. Circulation is key.

I want Veritaseum to dip back down way below the price of LTC so I can split my stack and buy up more Veri than I have LTC. Other than that I’m doing ok user, thanks for asking. Sleep isn’t the best so I’m trying to correct that. My job sucks but I’m looking at ways out of that situation as well. I’m also currently really wanting to bang a MILF. Just got a weird bug up my ass to unload inside of a hot one lately. Anyway that’s pretty much it, sup with you, user?

it will dip and you will buy and you will make profit and you will buy a lambo and you will drive it in front of a milf and impress her and eventually bang her.
although do not wait for VERI to come down, might want to look for other opportunities. STORM pull 180% today, TRX is moving, might want to check those for quick buck.
I am doing well user thanks for asking. just wanted to check how my Veeky Forums bros are doing as i see a lot of frustration on this board lately.

im having trouble following you

crio bru sounds interesting. Does it help with circulation?

I guess i thought it meant, in order to be good at something you have to be willing to suck at it to put it simple terms. understanding this i dont care if i look like a "fool" which comes across as cocky because most people would show anxiety in this situation. do you understand my thought process?

The Fool archetype is not a fool so to speak, but an apprentice in the moral arts.

The King (Root word Konig; Cynic) is the master of the moral arts during hardship.

The stoics were founded by a Cynic, who remained a cynic even after founding the stoics.

They're both material philosophical roots, however OP is living in TV Land and none of this really has any purpose. He needs to knock himself down a few rungs and get on his coworker's wavelengths.

I went all in on neo at 50 dollars but panic sold at 55 when it first dropped and never bought back in. It feels pretty bad knowing you bought the bottom but sold too soon

This is a really nice way to look at it user. Thanks, I needed it too.

it is at 68 right now and it will go back to 130 again soon. you can buy back, it is a good investment. do not worry you made money although not as much as you wanted but there are so many opportunities right now that you can look at. good luck user

you got it, user. god speed

Its pure dark chocolate which is an aphrodisiac, I mix honey in and brew it with cinnamon and I get fucking unagi power. I'm also 27. Also great for stamina as its the active stimulant is theobrohmine for a rising energy. Aztecs called it the drink of the gods, incredible for you. Only indirectly on the circulation though as its good for heart health but nonetheless I get raging boners when I consume, honey actually helps that more. Also just improving your diet in general, get that vitamin C and only natural sugars. Processed foods really are the death of us.

Cashed out in January as you should have done and sued funds to finish off mortgage.

the stoic nature im talking about is simply i dont show much emotional reaction to things. laymen terms i have thick skin. im still not following you.

I need to improve my life but I don't know where to begin. I'm sitting here drinking whiskey, lost.

What is the job you're doing?

i dont understand why thats relevant. Its a low stress easy job, its a joke compared to what im used to stress wise. For some reason the ease at which i can do this job is offensive to my co-workers. I have not been cocky (im a quiet person and introverted) yet im getting a similar reaction as if i was cocky.

enjoy it user. you got whisky, sip it and empty the bottle. let go of everything for the moment and go to the bed. but once you wake up, throw the empty bottle away and do not replace it until you get the motive of your life. set your short term goals, what do you want to do? get a job? do it. move to another city? do it. get a better job? do it. once you get this goal, what next? set bar for yourself, you should be at a position where you cant see yourself slacking, push yourself. and reward yourself if you achieve something. it would take a year maybe but you will feel that you are on track. all the best user

It's relevant because maybe you're doing things wrong? Maybe you're going against the grain by working too quickly? Maybe there's a hostile work environment that you're unaware of because you're not part of the social structure?

Im aware that i might be doing things wrong, im new at the job. Its not really my fault if i do it wrong is it? Working to quickly? whys that a problem? hostile work environment? not compared to what i'm used to. If that's "hostile work environment" then i work with some serious pussy's

Life is fucking good! After 5 years of training I'm finally really fucking Veeky Forums. Might even try to become a model in a year or two, turns out I actually had a nice, masculine face hidden underneath the fat. It means a lot to me honestly, I grew up as an obese outcast with no friends except my guildies on WoW and I got bullied for it a lot so it feels good to finally have made it.

As for crypto, I started in january so while I'm not up, I havn't lost very much. I'm not a daytrader though so I just invested in projects that I really believe in (Coinmetro and JNT) and hold. All in all, I truly feel like I'm on the path to truly making it and it feels fucking great.

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Ask more questions, my dude. Your coworkers may be used to a certain pace that you're breaking. I'm assuming it's waged work, which means for a worker that the slower you work, the more you get paid.

There's always bickering and argument among coworkers and management.

god damn user, 5 years is good time and a model too. good job. you will make money in crypto, no worries. let May come

Its not my job to ask questions it their job to train me. I cant work slowly, im just not wired for it. I understand this might make lazy people look bad but i really dont give a fuck. The whole point of this was to have some outside perspective on the negativity im receiving. Its water off a duck to me but its bothering me more then it should i guess

Just ended my relationship with a typical Veeky Forums fag you see on here... Goes to other countries, puts his dick on any hole he can and he gets escorts too! It's sad because I loved that fag but I have to love myself more.

Stop watching porn

That sounds like union speak, are you in a union? Doesn't sound like you're as good as you say you are. Sounds like you're fucking up your coworker's days by giving them more work fixing your fuck ups. You won't necessarily know that you're fucking up. Asking questions shows that you're interested in the job and starts conversation.

Honestly. Ask more questions, even if you know the answer. Ask questions to everyone. Be the social guy, not the introverted "confident stoic". Sometimes "looking good" doesn't look good.

sorry to hear that femanon. i know it is hard to revive yourself after investing so much of time towards a fag but life is life. you have to move on. you seem sincere and there is no way you would stay single for long. give it time and you will have someone better beside you walking hand in hand. good luck femanon

Probably because your autistic and therefore can't read social cues

no its not union. Im not making my co-workers jobs harder. I spend most of my time waiting around on them to help me learn my job. I'm not saying im "good" im just saying that im not stressed out or anxious over this job. Like i said its like a 3 when im used to 11 on the stress level. I have a introverted personality so i cant change that but I'm not a social retard. I know how to socialize and am very polite.

>> I spend most of my time waiting around on them to help me learn my job.

"In my downtime, is there anything productive I can do?"

or maybe im just not a pussy and used to more direct social situations

i know what i need to be doing but i dont know how to do it. I guess i could go sweep the floor for the 10th time while my co-workers fuck around on the computer acting like they are doing something.

trips and dubs back to back posts

They're doing something on the computer. You're telling me they're on the computer doing something and you're not paying attention to learn what they're doing? Get taught. Probably logistics information.

there not doing anything on the computer dude, i have eyes and they work.

Satoshi's vision conference and lightning denial of service attacks coupled with network graphs showing hub and spoke routing topology is starting to give me that uncomfortable cold feeling in the pit of my stomach like maybe I got fucked after all, and they were actually right all along.
If they are though probably everything is over because it seems practically everyone fell for the con.

+respect for this fit user, he shows you weak faggots the whey

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I lost $200 yesterday while buying groceries. I probably dropped it when I took my phone out of my pants to check my blockfolio. ;_;

I drunk my self to sleep last night and today I'm still very upset and sad. How do I get over it quickly?

Please help user.

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some girl having a really really shity day found that and was able to make rent for her self. you literally turned that girls life around dude and you didnt even know it.

Fuck her, I hope she gets hit by a truck. I'm a poorfag and needed that money. :/

she needed it more. we are all poorfags but some are borderline homeless. she also doesn't know about crypto trading

If you send me $200 in the mail I'll send you $400 back

you carry that much of cash user? i withdrew 500 in Oct last year and i still have most of it left. nevertheless, i know it is good amount user but eventually its money. you will make it back. just do not keep beating yourself over it.

Thanks man been going through a lot irl.

no problem user. if it helps, i researched about eth in May and helped a friend buy eth at $43 but dint buy myself. he sold at $1250 and travelling world since January.

stop watching porn. cured my ED (serious)

Got liquidated the other day, reversal happens 50 bucks below that

I'm bad anons, constantly stressing out about trades on top of anxiety and panic attacks.

>not posting the original

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i'm starting to lie on this Veeky Forums to pump my coins up. is that wrong? it's the crypto game of thrones, right? people knew what they're getting into, right?