What is KYS coin everyone speaks of and how do I buy It?

What is KYS coin everyone speaks of and how do I buy It?

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she prolly suck him up sooo gooood.

I think I watched this porno before


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I didn't know elon musk had a midget brother. He pulled a halfway cute fatty, too. Her only options were niggers or a midget, glad to see she made the right choice.

www.rope.rip ico now open

>Even a retarded midget can get a gf but I can't

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Maybe u need to invest in KYS user?

You seriously don't have a gf??? Please tell me you're joking

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One of her tits is nearly as big as his head. Good on the little bugger. I hope he made a nice picture with the crayons.

How is that even possible? I'm an ugly chubby black dude and I get girls all the time and could have had plenty gfs if I wasn't addicted to fresh meat


That is a correct assessment yes. Anything else you wanna get of your chest my nigga?

Do you have a monster schlong?

I wish. But sadly no. I can still bang your wife while you watch if you want though? We can upload the movie to /pol/ for fun times as well.

Why didn't Elliot Rodger have a gf?

Autism is one hell of a drug. Besides you know how sensitive those half Asian guys are.

>Whales News

Kek. Billie Baileys Bully Busters.