New King of Veeky Forums?

Vote now. First 20 replies.

Yay or nay.

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yay. new king confirmed. politically correct hiring processes and slower block times btfo.

i’m ok with sergey being prince of Veeky Forums

yes from me

Who is this jew nigger?

I thought this already happened but ok yes

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am i fucking retarded for throwing 800 bucks at EOS right fucking now?

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This. Next time OP, put the person's name in the thread title.

EOS spam/fanboys are cancer

retard sighting. no for me because nobody should be king. if we had to have one i would say yes to dan but i vote no because oligarchies aren’t decentralized.


I vote yay. Feeless free Ethereum. Long live the new king.

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Feeles and fast* sorry brainlet reporting for paid shill duty

Hey NEET faggot, I’m not on here 24/7 browsing. Therefore I can’t know who every random internet faggot that biz now claims is king of the board, is. I repeat, who is this jew nigger?

Yes. The others are dead on arrival.

Pic related.

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He invented DPOS and EOS brainlet.

Also no because I’m literally a mETH head. I secretly would have sold for EOS by now but I don’t want to make a tax event before 1 full year of holding for capital gains purposes.


Too bad EOS is a piece of shit centralized shitcoin

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Desperate and delusional Cardanewbies and mETH heads. 21 rotating nodes from a much larger pool that can only be rate limit interacted with if you have EOS is more DDoS resistant and less centralized than 3 mining farms.

Yay. Kneel before the new Satoshi and king of biz.

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yay! here here!

He already was king. Obvious choice.




He said he’s staying for the money. There’s a lot of it too.

1 EOS = 1 Chad coin

At least 500 to 1000 to make it

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Looks like it’s official

Link Marines are now also EOSupermen


Posting in epic thread. YES!!

Even the retard linkies are willing to accept it.
There's no return.
Dan deserves it.

It took Veeky Forums shamefully long to realize the Chad coin cometh. They aren’t worthy of their king.

He earned it. Long live the king.

i would feel like a retard buying in this high. well, Veeky Forums ??

In a month you bought it low as fuck pal. Nobody knows what EOS is yet. What the fuck do you think is about to happen dude?

i think i'm going to buy and it's instantly going to tumble, tbqh

This will be $35 to $150 EOY realistically maybe more. At LEAST $35 but this is a $100 chad for sure. It’s happening again. Veeky Forums found the next big thing before it ends up on coinbase. The next alt run will make us wealthy gentlemen of extraordinary prestige.

The reality is, Novogratz put $250 million actual dollar on this thing. Thats not a joke.
In addition to it, Dan acts like a savage, no fucking retarded twitter posts, hardest working team on the scene.
They do have a shot at fucking Ethereum up.

I have been relentlessly researching for the fast months sitting on fiat. EOS will be the winner this year. Im jumping in.

Hail the king

>posting in historic thread

Buy Ark. It’s the silver to EOS.

Actually I think that’s Ethereum.

Steem Dollars pegged to USD was the most brilliant invention of that autist.

EOS is definitely it. How’s the sodium level?